June 14, 2017

It’s Pride Month, and queer children are the new status symbol (Guest host: Faith Goldy)

Rebel Staff

I'm Faith Goldy, sitting in for Ezra Levant. I’ve been so busy keeping up with terror attacks and “Islamophobia” here, I almost forgot that it’s World Pride Month. 

Yes, what began as a parade and then morphed into a week-long event has now become a month-long celebration of the sexual alphabet soup.

This week, one video out of Montreal made waves across the internet:

An interview with an eight-year-old drag queen.

This young boy who impersonates females goes by the (rather odd) stage name “Lactatia” and he vogue dances and catwalks in front of hundreds of adults in nightclubs and bars across the city.

Where did he get the idea? Well, let me introduce you to his mother…

Meanwhile, did you know that all across this country, in PUBLIC libraries, there are drag queens leading story time for little tykes, teaching them gender-bending nursery rhymes?

I looked into the background of one of these performers, and it wasn’t pretty.

There are only two reasons to do this to a child:

The first is grooming.

The second is because queer children are the new status symbol in North America.

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THEN: Dan Lyman, foreign correspondent for Infowars, joins me to talk about the EU’s ultimatum, telling the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland have 24 hours to start taking in refugees — or what?


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