June 14, 2017

It’s Pride Month, and queer children are the new status symbol (Guest host: Faith Goldy)

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

I'm Faith Goldy, sitting in for Ezra Levant. I’ve been so busy keeping up with terror attacks and “Islamophobia” here, I almost forgot that it’s World Pride Month. 

Yes, what began as a parade and then morphed into a week-long event has now become a month-long celebration of the sexual alphabet soup.

This week, one video out of Montreal made waves across the internet:

An interview with an eight-year-old drag queen.

This young boy who impersonates females goes by the (rather odd) stage name “Lactatia” and he vogue dances and catwalks in front of hundreds of adults in nightclubs and bars across the city.

Where did he get the idea? Well, let me introduce you to his mother…

Meanwhile, did you know that all across this country, in PUBLIC libraries, there are drag queens leading story time for little tykes, teaching them gender-bending nursery rhymes?

I looked into the background of one of these performers, and it wasn’t pretty.

There are only two reasons to do this to a child:

The first is grooming.

The second is because queer children are the new status symbol in North America.

NEXT: I’ve been reporting extensively on Canada’s border crisis.

Tonight, Rebel Australia contributor Claire Lehmann is in studio to compare notes about the impact her country’s migrant policy is having “down under.”

THEN: Dan Lyman, foreign correspondent for Infowars, joins me to talk about the EU’s ultimatum, telling the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland have 24 hours to start taking in refugees — or what?


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commented 2017-06-15 15:41:05 -0400
Liza said, “Whoa. Boy did troll ever tell us!”

Yes, yes for sure. I was so ashamed when I read his scathing response.

Liza, don’t you feel ashamed of your beliefs now too?

(sarcasm alert)
commented 2017-06-15 15:28:54 -0400
Whoa. Boy did troll ever tell us!
commented 2017-06-15 15:07:06 -0400
Peter Netterville,

That’s not an answer. That’s bullshit to cover up your bigotry and hate. The Pope for fuck sake is more accepting of gay people than you are. Compared to him, you are nothing.
commented 2017-06-15 15:05:05 -0400
liza Rosie,

Being able to reason – that’s fucking rich coming from you. Reasonable conservatives left this place a long time ago, because of people like you.
commented 2017-06-15 14:47:45 -0400
Jimmy said, “Give me a real answer. Not some bullshit answer that includes your religion in some capacity.”

I do not have a religion. I am a Christian. And Christianity is not based upon a set of rules as is religion, it is base upon faith in Jesus.

And my answer is based upon my beliefs. That is what is real, even if you do not think so. Your opinion on what I believe is completely irrelevant.
commented 2017-06-15 14:42:37 -0400
Daryl said, " … if we believe something be rest assured Troll Jimmy will not & raise child like arguments against our beliefs …"

Yes, Jimmy does seem to take the opposite view point on everything we believe regardless, simply because he does not like us. Opposition just for the sake of opposition. No middle ground. No concession that some things (or even parts thereof) of what we believe is correct. Always 180 degrees opposite on everything.

It is just his 4-year-old mentality, not unlike many of today’s leftists/socialists.
commented 2017-06-15 14:01:31 -0400
Jimmy Reece from the Idiot Club – it is highly recommended that you go have yourself neutered – we have more than enough Idiot Libtards to deal with already – you have no rational excuse for being as stupid as you come off here @ the REBEL.
commented 2017-06-15 13:52:00 -0400
Peter, that Jimmy Reece – from the Idiot Club – is pro anti-normal. He thinks his perverted science is always right, wether it’s the climate, gender, religion or Islamists – if we believe something be rest assured Troll Jimmy will not & raise child like arguments against our beliefs. Too bad he exalts in being an ignoramus!
commented 2017-06-15 13:43:26 -0400
With this deconstruction of literally everything, people are losing their ability to reason. What do these people think that will lead to, peace and harmony, mental health and happiness, a world where everyone is accepted for who they are and society grows and prospers? Look at the Romans before their empire fell. It would be like looking in a mirror.
commented 2017-06-15 13:07:27 -0400
That is a whole lot of supposition troll. You don’t get to tell us what we think, and we don’t all think the same way anyway. I can’t imagine a parent disowning or shaming their child for being gay.

If however they come home from school one day, say after a ‘drag queen library’ event, or after a sex ed class, and announce they want to start transitioning to the opposite sex or become an ‘otherkin’, I would haul them out of that school and away from such persuasive interference. Parents have a duty to protect their children from sexual interference. I am shocked troll, that you would submit your children to such abuse and think it is okay. Good thing you live in Wynnie land where being a perv is celebrated and child abuse in the form of immoral sexual interference has become legal.

This is the sicko sexual revelation of the 21 st century. Too much entitlement and too little hard work of any value. This is the work of bored spoiled academics and career politicians and has not one thing to do with child welfare. Post modernist punks who want to normalize and promote deviant behavior.
commented 2017-06-15 12:47:54 -0400
Terry MacLeod,

If my child was born gay, I would be supportive like a good parent should be. I wouldn’t shame them or disown them like some shitty parents do.
commented 2017-06-15 12:45:08 -0400
Peter Netterville,

What impact do gay people have on your life. What do you care if a man found love with another man or a woman found love with another woman. You should be happy for them at the very least as a caring human being,

Seriously – how is your personal life impacted by the existence of gay people. Give me a real answer. Not some bullshit answer that includes your religion in some capacity.
commented 2017-06-15 11:51:01 -0400
Jimmy says, " Don’t be afraid – join the the 21st century". I take it you’re dutifully grooming your children. Or are you just content to watch other people’s lives destroyed?
commented 2017-06-15 11:14:50 -0400
When they allowed gay marriage in Canada, I said at the time that now they would try to normalize it. I just didn’t think that they would make normal heterosexuals the deviants. Jesus said that he would give them up to their ways, and that is exactly what he’s done. When he takes the Christians out of this world in the Rapture, it will become even more evil and degraded. Come quickly Lord Jesus, your way is the only way through this mire.
commented 2017-06-15 10:51:02 -0400
Troll is a perv from way back.
commented 2017-06-15 10:50:24 -0400
Is a child showing overly sexualized behavior or using sexual language that is inappropriate for the child’s age? There really are no laws to protect children anymore until a parent refuses to buy into this perversion. Now with bill 89 in Ontario, thanks to Kathleen Wynne who seems to want to promote sexual aberrations starting with the very young, kids can be removed from the care of their parents if they do not comply.

Seems a little off balance to me, and started years ago.

This is sexual grooming for a post modernist world. Of course this is sexual grooming. It is preparing children for the next step, preparing them for even more exploitation at the hands of those in a position of trust. It is a travesty and the definition of child abuse and interference. This is government over reach of the worst kind. They are coming for our children folks.
commented 2017-06-15 10:24:56 -0400
Those who insist on calling those who disapprove of the act of homosexuality should use the more accurate term; homonefas or homoturpissimus.
commented 2017-06-15 09:08:39 -0400
Jimmy Reece said, “Oh look! The Rebel homophobic and bigots club has gathered together for a meeting to discuss how much they hate gay people and everything associated with them.”

- I am not homophobic. I do not fear gays, Jimmy. They disgust me, make me ill, and I feel sorry for them that they are so confused. But no, I do not fear fags at all, not even one whit.

Jimmy said, “Don’t be afraid – join the 21st century.”

- This phrased is used by the immoral to claim that as the years proceed along they are defined by the degree of immorality that the society indulges in.

Sorry Jimmy, but to live in the 21st century does not mean we have to accept the filth that the regressive immoral left loves to wallow in.

Jimmy, I am fully part of the 21st century without being part of all the scum and filth you lust for so much.
commented 2017-06-15 09:02:17 -0400
Thanks for the article, this just confirms what I have been stating for years, the gay lifestyle is a LEARNED behaviour and is not immutable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
commented 2017-06-15 08:56:49 -0400
Derrick Horst said, “It’s like the left has successfully coerced so-cons into accepting homosexuality.”

Not this “so-con”.
commented 2017-06-15 07:52:28 -0400
OH LOOKJIMMY Reece – from the IDIOTS CLUB – I gueuss not all be are capable of reasoning – go ahead -swing your dick where ever you want – but keep it the hell away from me & my kids!! – that would be a sure way to loose it.
commented 2017-06-15 07:47:24 -0400
Drew Wakariuk,

The same reason why nudity is allowed at Mardi Gras and other events. It’s a one day pass. Hell,, cops even look the other way when it comes to Spring Break.

I hope that answered your inane question.
commented 2017-06-15 07:09:43 -0400
Hyacinth, thank you for the Bible quote. The Bible states that sexual immorality is one the worst sins on earth. “Vengeance is mine,” sayeth the Lord, “I will repay.” Amen.
commented 2017-06-15 04:11:29 -0400
Raised me what? The part about Hungary being sued by the fake refugees comes straight from the Hungarian news channel. They go one step further, and say the refugees can’t be located. This means the money goes to some George Sorrows group that backed the lawsuit.
commented 2017-06-15 03:49:41 -0400
“the EU’s ultimatum, telling the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland have 24 hours to start taking in refugees — or what?”

Take a flying leap……..
commented 2017-06-15 03:48:29 -0400
This story is sickening.
Ok. We get it. You want to celebrate your sexuality. Stay off the streets while doing it.
No other words.
commented 2017-06-15 03:34:25 -0400
“Sexualizing children and encouraging gender confusion is now considered acceptable. So will pedophilia be the next normal? I wonder how low we will go?”

We? No, they as in Wynne, Trudeau, Notley et al.

Isaiah 5:20King James Version (KJV)
20 – Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!
commented 2017-06-15 01:54:00 -0400
“Drag Queen Story Hour (DQSH) is just what it sounds like—drag queens reading stories to children in libraries, schools, and bookstores. DQSH captures the imagination and play of the gender fluidity of childhood and gives kids glamorous, positive, and unabashedly queer role models. In spaces like this, kids are able to see people who defy rigid gender restrictions and imagine a world where people can present as they wish, where dress up is real.”

I feel sick. How is this not criminal?
commented 2017-06-15 01:52:48 -0400
I wonder what Michael and jimmy will say about the shooting in VA? How much you wanna bet they will not post on the story or make up some ridiculous hogwash to deflect from it.
commented 2017-06-15 01:35:41 -0400
Michael and Jimmy please tell me why someone at pride can swing their dick around on a public street and not get arrested while i would be arrested in a second for doing the same thing? How is that not a double standard?