June 01, 2017

Trump pulls plug on global warming scam — Environmentalists, globalists go nuts!

Rebel Staff

Today, Donald Trump pulled the plug on the global warming scam — not just the junk science, but more importantly, the entire industry built up around it. Bureaucrats, diplomats, politicians, lobbyists and people seeking grants for this and taxes for that. 

But did he go far enough? Either it’s a scam or it isn’t, and you can’t Make America Great Again if you believe economic decisions should be made by the UN — and that’s what the global warming agreement is.

It’s an economic plan of taxes and penalties and subsidies that doesn’t have anything to do with the weather and anyone who thinks a carbon tax will change the weather, doesn’t believe in science, they believe in superstition.

Not even the UN's own IPCC argues their plans will change the weather.

Trump went far enough in a wonderful sign that despite media insanity, or their insane Russia conspiracy theories, or the diabolical shrieking of pop culture mascots, Trump still remembers who elected him and why.

He was elected by West Virginia coal miners, Pennsylvania frackers, Ohio steelworkers and Michigan autoworkers, but it’s not just that he remembers who won it for him. It’s that he’s from New York. He’s on alert for scams and cons.

Kyoto was a scam, rigged against America from the start. OPEC countries were exempt so it was basically a tax on North America.

The head of the European Commission couldn’t contain his anti-Americanism, saying Trump didn’t "comprehensively understand" the terms of the accord but I think Trump completely understands global warming and understands it’s a scam.

If Kathy Griffin’s severed head gambit won’t convince Trump to change course, maybe a bloodless EU bureaucrat sneering at America will do the trick?

And the worst are globalist corporations like Apple, Google and Walmart, and fossil fuel companies who all say the U.S. should abide by the deal.

It’s the Left's final long march through our institutions - academia, the media, the courts, industrial companies, oil companies and even the Pope.

Canada’s climate cultist, Catherine McKenna, is in denial saying Canada will keep marching on like the rest of the world, like zombies, like cult members — the last to leave, the last to get a message.

It doesn’t make sense to stay in if America pulls out, but she’s a cult member like the rest of Trudeau’s senior advisors. They're going to hurt our country with carbon taxes, cap and trade, banning of cheap, clean, plentiful power, and subsidies for wind turbine schemes and solar panels.

They’re going to hurt all of us. But they’ll be just fine — and you bet they’ll keep marching, or rather jetting, to the next luxurious UN global warming meeting.

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