June 20, 2016

CBC unveils plot to assassinate Alberta Premier Notley? Here’s what REALLY happened

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Rachel Notley, the NDP premier of Alberta, was warned by government officials last November that a carbon tax could kill 15,000 jobs, reduce GDP by up to 1.5%, scare away billions in investment and generally kick Alberta families when they’re down.

All in a document the NDP hid, illegally. They are required by law to disclose documents under access to information laws.

We here at the Rebel specifically requested any economic studies relating to the carbon tax — and we were given a propaganda brochure instead.

At least someone in the civil service wouldn’t go along with that unethical conduct. They leaked a copy of the real documents to the Calgary Herald.

But that’s not what dominated media coverage over the weekend. I’ll show you what did:

A novelty item at an oilmen’s golf tournament. A cardboard picture of Premier Notley at a hole in one contest on a putting green. Get it? Hit a golf ball at the premier. A pretty mild form of protest.

But the CBC assigned three reporters to this story.

They also found a failed NDP candidate, Janis Irwin, to condemn this example of “violent discourse” and “sexism.” (But the CBC didn’t happen to mention who Irwin works for now…)

Either Rachel Notley is a real premier, or she is a token.

By whining, fainting and pretending to be a gentle little flower, she’s confirming the stereotype that girls can’t do everything men can.

And shame on the media for enabling this...

NEXT: Lorrie Goldstein is in studio to explain how carbon tax plans will destroy Ontario and Alberta.

(For one thing, these taxes are not “revenue neutral,” despite what proponents claim.)

THEN: John Carpay of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms has an update on a story of anti-Christian bigotry we’ve been following since the beginning.

Watch to find out how you can help Trinity Western University fight back.

FINALLY: Your messages to me!

Justice Centre's Factum at the ONCA:

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commented 2016-06-23 11:43:01 -0400
ndp Involved in illegal activities, while that’s a surprise now. And what, only 15,000 jobs in the 1st round, what’s the problem, when offset by the enjoyment that nutley and the goons that follow her will have, one can only conclude this is well worth it.

As far as the cardboard sign goes with cbc, no contest, this incident wins out over the killing of 50 people.

nutley, obviously enjoyed what she did to the farming community of Alberta. Said it before, what a sadistic bunch of low life psychopaths.

Wondering where we can get the cardboard cut outs mentioned, need a small one for my dartboard.

Following up on Mr. Goldstein’s comment there’s nothing complicated with what’s going on here…..it’s a tax on consumption. Since the reason that the tax is being imposed is a boldfaced lie, this boils down to theft, pure and simple, just theft.

So where is all this hatred towards Christians going, further, what about the resurgence of the hatred towards Jews where is that going? Will it eventually sink to the very lowest levels that we’ve seen in relatively recent history, in some ways we already see that, death, don’t doubt it’s happening now. Maybe, this will become more efficient, camps can be opened up to take care of these undesirables, we can perfect the Nazi solution.IF WE DON’T GUARD AGAINST TOTALITARIAN BARBARISM WE ARE DOOMED TO REPEAT IT, FURTHER, THE SAME IS TRUE WITH OUR RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS.
commented 2016-06-21 15:50:44 -0400
How about a bumper sticker with an outline of Alberta with Notley’s picture and a not circle and cross slash. The caption would read “Alberta – Rat free in 2019”
commented 2016-06-21 12:50:43 -0400
Just because taxpayers are on the hook for over a billion dollars a year to prop up the CBC is no excuse for us to expect them to report actual news. They have a narrative to protect. Cry-bullies is a good description.

Carbon taxes on carbon taxes. This is what climate fraud has been about from the beginning. It’s a wealth redistribution scam & we’re going to get to see it in action now.

Trinity law school is an example of just how much things are screwed up now. Freedom of religion unless you’re Christian.
commented 2016-06-21 12:26:07 -0400
More on the radical-left, sentinels of the mysogenic western culture……
Setting the mood in our uber-feminist , JUST-IN’s { big-doll-house } cabinet the dullest knife in that cabinet, Maryam Monsef , made this declaration in her sappy defence of attorney general Jody Wilson-Raybould  .  Maryam claimed any criticism of judge-Jody would be perceived as a racist assault on a brave aboriginal womyn ……….. so watch your criticisms…. CAPICE !
commented 2016-06-21 12:08:38 -0400
Trudeau self-righteously claims to be making decisions “based on science”. What a joke, when the truth is that the bogus man-made global warming is nothing less than pseudo-science!
commented 2016-06-21 12:04:32 -0400
There has to be at least one NDP MLA that is vulnerable and could be convinced to resign. Thousands of letters personally addressed to the Member demanding they resign would be a start. What are the opposition riding associations doing? Has to be something they can do at the local level.
What about the Stampede? Anybody organized a Rebel T-shirt event at the Stampede? I think everybody is just sitting around waiting for the next election. To me that’s surrendering.
commented 2016-06-21 12:01:05 -0400
@ kelly , are you worried i didn’t put a capital in your name ,that’s intentional ,as for being a troll as usual you are wrong ,i am a member of rebel and i am a conservative who loves his country which i see being destroyed by the likes of brain deads like you,nutley , dyke winnie and pansy turdo and all his muslims invading Canada ,so kelly i am not a troll i am a patriot for Canada and i spent 7 years in our armed forces ready to defend her if necessary, what have you ever done for your country you despicable liberal troll.
commented 2016-06-21 11:33:19 -0400
On the Notley story put out by the CBC, Ezra asks “are you crazy?”. Yep, moonbat crazy.
commented 2016-06-21 11:02:59 -0400
Carrie Dodds put it in a rural area, it will look like swiss cheese in a few days.
commented 2016-06-21 10:46:51 -0400
I want FIRE NOTLEY signs to put up all over. and use it for target practice!!!
commented 2016-06-21 10:32:32 -0400
make it simple…get rid of trudeau & LIBS and each province be their own country. we have to get rid of the bitch that got voted in Alberta.
commented 2016-06-21 10:27:20 -0400
Professor PLUM may be the first tenured professor to lose his position
commented 2016-06-21 10:02:17 -0400
The 23 rd of June , that’s this Thursday is a " hi holy- day " for the ramadamers, so be careful out there
commented 2016-06-21 09:58:21 -0400
Happy birthday

I’ve witnessed all that crap too , I even warned people along the way how it would end up , and here it is , we’re in it - the slow boiling frog thingy, older than you by 3 years
commented 2016-06-21 08:32:30 -0400
born a long time ago June 21 1950 I have lived through a lot of changes and fads.The beatnik era the hippi era and the protest times of the 70’s We lived and I still do by the code do your own thing.So no one from the Premier of Ontario to the P.M. of Canada will tell me what to buy or how I should act or like or dislike. I also wear a 2 1/2 inch crucifix so all can see every time I leave the house.I will not hide or succumb to others That is me and the same with the friends I grew up with .
commented 2016-06-21 08:31:48 -0400
what a fragile little ego that is shattered by a cardboard cutout and a golf ball.
that is hitler-like narcissism. alberta, you have a very dangerous basket case at the helm.
commented 2016-06-21 08:18:57 -0400
Just wondering if there had been a poll lately with regards to the popular vote standings for the NDP. We certainly need that party GONE!!
commented 2016-06-21 07:14:21 -0400
These Far-left radical NDPee-ers would not recognize endemic , systematic, state-sponsored violent misogyny if it stat on their face. They are gleefully importing that mind-set into Canada by the truck load ~!?!
NDPee-ers are infested with fainting couch feminists and their beta-boy-toys , led nationally by our uber-Feminist, JUST-IN and his big-doll-house caucus !
The CBC wrote the manual on SMEAR/Yellow journalism .
commented 2016-06-21 04:26:08 -0400
TheRebel should put this illegal action in the leftist press by suing the Notley government over it.
commented 2016-06-21 02:47:30 -0400
Which does bring up thoughts of similarly embossed toilet paper, but I will leave that to the entrepreneurs…
commented 2016-06-21 02:43:42 -0400
And, remember, there is nothing to stop millions of Albertans from Cold Lake to Milk River, taking out a big, black, thick marker pen and marking their catcher’s mitt THE NOTLEY
commented 2016-06-21 02:13:09 -0400
Maybe the rebel can start selling cutouts of Rachel, and hold a contest on who can destroy it in the best way.
commented 2016-06-21 00:55:10 -0400
Professor Plum did it on the 9th hole with a 5 iron.
commented 2016-06-21 00:32:52 -0400
This just goes to show you that Notley does not give a hoot about AB. She is totally heartless in my opinion & is working against the people instead of for the people. She may have looked like she cared when Fort Mac was burning, but it was all a show to make her look good. CBC is absolute scum for not reporting this story, but then they never report anything substantial & when they do it’s only bits & pieces, never the whole thing. Their lack of truthfull reporting plus the sickening political correctness with everything is actually dangerous to those who watch that network.
commented 2016-06-20 23:36:36 -0400
Oh come on vajay jay…..you can do better than that. Lets be clear, i am only reading one troll on this thread. Guess who? Hint – take a selfie.
commented 2016-06-20 23:31:03 -0400
Lawrence O’Byrne, are you back to your trolling again? Please, at least try to use capital letters properly and form complete sentences.
commented 2016-06-20 23:18:54 -0400
The evil, traiteress ndp msm is helping and abetting this sub-human witch in Alberta to destroy everything we work so hard for. These oilmen should have never apologized for a no-nothing piece of cardboard. The left can dish it out but what a bunch of wooses when it comes time for us to have a little say. Nothing said about the destruction she has already done in one short year. The remaining 3 years will be unbearable and unbelievable, especially with this garbage, pure thievery carbon tax. We have the cleanest air and the propaganda that’s already on their climate change crap is hard to listen to. Just pure lies and pure evil.
commented 2016-06-20 23:12:02 -0400
kelly actually what is stupid is you , you don’t have a working brain or you are being paid to post your retarded crap, either way you are a traitor to canada
commented 2016-06-20 23:08:21 -0400
@ Steve, you are right about shutting us up , but Steve i am one person the libtards and dyke winne and nutley and turdo the coward pansy will not shut up, i just wish more of the sane majority would stand up and refuse to be intimidated by the Canada destroyer liberals . if we don’t it will be to late and the millenniums don’t seem to give a shit even though they will be the ones that pay the price , but they have been indoctrinated since kindergarten by the brain dead liberal school system and they are unable to think for themselves
commented 2016-06-20 23:02:29 -0400
What a stupid headline.