June 27, 2016

Canada's Media Party hates Brexit — and thinks you're stupid and racist

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

At least 90% of Canadian pundits are outraged that the British people have democratically decided to leave the EU. It’s madness. I’ll show you some examples from CTV and CBC.

But would any of these sneering Toronto elites agree to the kind of political, legal and economic union with the United States, that the British lived under with the European Union?

Would any of these Toronto snobs accept Canadian laws being made, say, in a Congress based in Dallas, Texas, where Canada would have 10% of the votes? Would these CBC elites like a joint foreign policy, as the EU has?

Or how about a regional court of law, like they have in the EU — based, maybe, in Mississippi. With different views on same sex marriage or whatever?

The left and the media are calling Brexit a "crisis." I’ll show you what the financial numbers say, give you my theory about who is ACTUALLY behind this so-called “chaos”and explain how Brexit will really effect Canada as long as Justin Trudeau is PM...

NEXT: Tommy Robinson, head of PEGIDA UK, talks about his latest outrageous encounter with the police: They left him with a map of areas that he is no longer allowed to walk through!

Plus Tommy gives us his view on the Brexit vote, and what happened to our own reporter Lauren Southern in London, when she was attacked while police officers stood by.

THEN Marc Morano of Climate Depot reports the good news:

Brexit has put a monkey wrench into a bunch of globalist "green power" schemes in the UK.

Finally: Your messages to me!

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commented 2016-06-30 16:36:03 -0400
Not just the CBC. Huffington Post and all the usual haters on the left. Flies in Trudeau’s face as Cameron had the decency to take this to Referendum. Shiny Pony thinks you are all Joe and Jill Sixpacks, too stupid to vote on electoral change.
commented 2016-06-29 11:13:27 -0400
When Tommy goes to court again let us know so I can donate to his legal fund money talks in court
commented 2016-06-29 11:10:58 -0400
The MSM racists freedomphobes are at it again with their lies but then did anyone expect the cbc to tell the truth ever
commented 2016-06-29 01:27:22 -0400
Jay… Now don’t go “simple” on this one…. It’s not The Rebel that is calling its readers “stupid and racist”… The main stream media have done so, in effect, by first of all their numerous condemnations of pro Brexit voters in recent days, and by the comments of the anti Brexit “gurus” they have quoted… Get it"?… Five days after the vote the main stream media keep dumping on pro Brexit voters and give scant opportunity to pro Brexit voices… To use hippy talk, which you may be more comfortable with: – it’s the “gestalt” of who continues to get front page coverage and who gets ignored… Or is that too “nuanced” for you to grasp?…
commented 2016-06-28 23:45:28 -0400
And the headline reads: “Canada’s Media Party hates Brexit — and thinks you’re stupid and racist”.

You, dear reader, according to The Rebel have been thought stupid and racist.

No main stream media have used these terms to describe their own readers. The Rebel, on the other hand, feels free to use these terms.

Why would The Rebel use such strong terms to describe “you” — which means you and me.

“Stupid” and “racist”.
commented 2016-06-28 23:29:28 -0400
28 member states of the EU have been reduced to 27.
commented 2016-06-28 12:26:47 -0400
The Euro Union is the Project of Globalists, their vision that started with the Club of Rome in the 50s.
Their goal was to create a more powerful state than the USA. They of course forgot to factor in the inequities from Britain to Greece. Hence they are collapsing in their own Incompetence.
52% of Brits are smart !
No so for the Canadian Media Party . . . dopy leftist loons who prefer globalism and fascism to freedom!
commented 2016-06-28 11:51:29 -0400
It’s not surprising that the media party all think alike & talk alike – socialists have a hive mind. Their going to spew their talking points, the main one being “racism” which they use for everything. It’s a blow for globalism & that’s why they’re in a panic.

What’s happening to Tommy is socialism in action. The more power they get, the more they abuse it. Going after peoples families is standard practice.

“Green” schemes are designed to depress the economies of the countries they’re imposed on. If the UK abandons them, they’re just going show up their former EU partners economically.
commented 2016-06-28 09:52:29 -0400
pierre Chagnon commented 2 hours ago
I do not trust the MSM and above all the leftist pit CBC. good work Ezra,

Nice – the media party is the paid for by gummint spammer for the libranos – Media Party eats spam for lunch!!!

Hey Peter Mansbridige, would you like another spam sandwich, ya nazi fuck???
commented 2016-06-28 07:37:45 -0400
I do not trust the MSM and above all the leftist pit CBC. good work Ezra,
commented 2016-06-28 07:35:34 -0400
Of Course the Media party is against Britain leaving the EU. Liberals like taking power away from people and Britain is taking it back.
The Liberals want to water down any morality, any personal responsibility and centralize Gov’t. They think Abortion for example is a no brainer. I wonder if they ‘personally’ would use a vacuum to suck the brains out of a unborn child while its heart beats in the womb? Unfortunately, I think some of them would without any conscience.

Britain people made a big move. It reminds me of Christianity. This woman was caught in adultery and people brought her to Jesus. He pointed out they all were sinners and they slinked away. Then he told the woman to go and sin no more.
When you leave a life of sin, when you leave the EU, You do it cause you know you need to leave, but you don’t just leave, you continue on a new path, you put down roots, you build a foundation upon good principles and you build homes, you make plans. This is a great time for Britain. While their is turmoil, their is also opportunity to get it right. The Eu on many fronts like Canada is getting it wrong. And the fact that we are surviving doesn’t mean we are on the right path. Heck, even hookers live a few years till they are over come by their addictions.
Like Britain we need to distance ourselves from Justin style policies and do things a new way. Free ourselves from Debt, help the poor by giving them work not welfare, being moral and paying people good wages, and using Gov’t to help the people not hold them back. Build pipe lines, filter smoke stacks, built wind turbines in a competitive non-subsidized way and things of that nature and work toward leaving Canadians alone to live their lives.
Good Luck Britain. It takes backbone to repent and to follow the narrow way.
commented 2016-06-28 06:59:42 -0400
Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. Francisco Franco , Benito Mussolini , Adolf Hitler spewed their lies and hate in the 1930’s have a new life in the 21st century.The millennials and M.S.M. night after night for the last 5 to 7 years have doing what these three men did in the 30’s. How close are we now to gangs roaming the streets to beat victims for their beliefs? How close are we till people disappear and are never heard of again? How close are we when your friends or neighbours go to the police and turn you in for talking against the state? It is happening all over again and the people on the CBC and CTV political panels on the evening news are redoing the 30’s . and they dont realize they have sewn the same seed as 90 years ago. God help us!
commented 2016-06-28 03:09:21 -0400
Edward Jobin commented 4 hours ago
So much for the CBC’s “unbiased” opinion representing all Canadians.

CBC is paid $1.3 billion per year by government and in turn pays off the rest of the media party to create a single Canadian narrative produced by the libranos and repackaged as Canadian values.

Canada is a joke – stupid Canadians still watch the CBC and believe their `goebels agenda`.
commented 2016-06-28 01:39:22 -0400
AWWW the poor little commies are upset that people decided for themselves. HOW DARE THEY!
Also does being called a racist by these progressive fools actually bother anyone anymore, they do it so often for so many unrelated reasons it has lost its meaning.
commented 2016-06-28 01:05:45 -0400
I watched half of the CBC News Sunday night panel with Wendy the Mouse hosting it. It was much worse than Ezra described, as I couldn’t watch anymore. Like a true Limousine Liberal the Mouse actually said that Canada should bring large numbers of Refugees and send them to the Interior towns and cities which are the Hartland of the Country. In other words she wants large numbers as long as she and her friends don’t have to see them or put up with their rotten culture. Let the people that don’t want them, take care of them.
Yes, Harper’s big mistake was not breaking up and selling the CBC.
commented 2016-06-28 00:03:54 -0400
one hell of a useless monkey visiting ottawa, i just hope he keeps all his opinions n ideas to himself
commented 2016-06-27 23:54:30 -0400
What the MSM and governments fail to grasp is the people have no confidence in our politicians and complaint law enforcement to have our backs and uphold the laws for for all citizens and for demonizing anyone who questions their policies as racist. We have lost confidence in the MSM to try and give a fair and balanced coverage of these issues and for their lack of desire to report or investigate anything that challenges the narrative they are trying sell.
commented 2016-06-27 23:52:10 -0400
Anyone thinking that the EU is going to prevail – needs to read your KJV Bible again and rethink what the prophecies are really saying. It’s the same prophecy which disallowed Hitler from gaining control of Eruope, or Napoleon ! Not saying blood will not flow – but the story is well documented.
Worth considering.
commented 2016-06-27 23:48:06 -0400
The Left is worried because BREXIT proves that Socialism can not work.
commented 2016-06-27 23:36:54 -0400
Lee, by 2019 there won’t be anything left except a big hole in our lives & economy as the new wave of thieves have chinked their “no fault” bank accounts and insulated lifestyle – while the rest of us sweat our asses off to keep our country solvent! Well, no it ain’t solvent but us taxpayers will be picking up the slack – if we are lucky enough to have taxpayers left!
The NDPigger government is Tyrannical & Treasonous & Nutley knows this!!! Why else are we paying for the heaviest RCMP security detail?!?!? The heaviest of any political leader of Canada in history of Canada!!
Nutley lives in the most dangerous territory on the planet, all red necks know how to execute a head shot! And she has pissed off way too many decent redneck people’s in Alberta – history will tell it’s own story.
The West is being threatened by mad- scientist tyrants and people are being so stupid as to support it! Zombies – led by satanic forces are being leashed upon us because way too many have allowed themselves the insane luxury of Libtard thinking?!
Get your 3 Bs together everyone – Bibles, Bullets, & Beans!
So if you don’t get this, Oh well, you have been warned – and you are probably not even worth a sober second thought when the Fasiscts come & hold you accountable for your stupidity.
Now is the time to give yourself the luxury of second thought.
commented 2016-06-27 23:20:15 -0400
So much for the CBC’s “unbiased” opinion representing all Canadians.
commented 2016-06-27 23:20:15 -0400
So much for the CBC’s “unbiased” opinion representing all Canadians.
commented 2016-06-27 23:11:59 -0400
I predict that there will be another general election in the UK. Brexit will be the issue and the referendum will be overturned. I also predict that the Conservatives will be driven from power by a rejuvenated Labour and the LibDems. Brexit will be forgotten about and the UK will have even closer ties to the EU. May as well abolish the UK government at that point and let Brussels run everything.
commented 2016-06-27 23:02:24 -0400
My favorite line from the clips shown was “people have an innate distrust of the experts”. What experts is he talking about and where did they gain their expertise on Brexit? What specific examples of mass Muslim migration can these “experts” use as a point of reference that was successful?
commented 2016-06-27 22:37:24 -0400
The new world order will be run from the eu headed by Germany and backed by the Marxist pope . They will take over the anglosphere, but will have a big problem with the kings of the east - Russia, China and other Asian nations , that would be the last war on earth
commented 2016-06-27 22:33:18 -0400
Verbally abusing your customers is brilliant. It isn’t as if millennials would be paying for their copies or patronizing their advertisers.
Demonizing anyone who disagrees with them isn’t even a small part of the story. Hitler’s socialist party demonized the Jews in the same way. They’re so far gone into crazy land they really believe that people shouldn’t be able to vote unless they’re leftists and pro globalization. These are our new Nazis. These are our new Stalinists come back to life.
Brushing aside the rape and crime facts in Europe Like Iveson did isn’t just evil. It’s testament to how utterly bad they are at their job. Incompetent fools who can even begin to comprehend what fact finding or research is.
Disposable income belongs mostly to to people in that middle age category they’ve decided to abuse. The Globe and Mail and the National Post along with their local follow alongs all have advertisers. Their advertisers in the print editions need to know you feel. The advertisers in the 24 hrs free rag that supplements the money with ads need to have their advertisers know how you feel. Social Justice works two ways.
commented 2016-06-27 22:32:36 -0400
The National , with Peter CLICK (sound of channel changer)
That is the extent of my exposure to the CBC National for at least a decade.
commented 2016-06-27 22:31:48 -0400
It really is disgusting what Canada has become in the last 20 years. This is not the country I was proud of back in the 50’s and 60’s .
commented 2016-06-27 22:20:37 -0400
Back in the 80’s there was a lot of talk about the “New World Order” Well I think it has come about. And if anyone thinks the New Order will let the Brits go you better think again. I am afraid it can not be stopped . they are to powerful.
commented 2016-06-27 21:54:27 -0400
It’s interesting to see how many on the Brexit losing side are already crying for a do-over. As much as Albertans may long for the same, we understand that it just doesn’t work that way.
So let the dippers dig their hole good and deep. Come 2019, there will be no shortage of eager volunteers to help fill it in.