June 27, 2016

Canada's Media Party hates Brexit — and thinks you're stupid and racist

Rebel Staff

At least 90% of Canadian pundits are outraged that the British people have democratically decided to leave the EU. It’s madness. I’ll show you some examples from CTV and CBC.

But would any of these sneering Toronto elites agree to the kind of political, legal and economic union with the United States, that the British lived under with the European Union?

Would any of these Toronto snobs accept Canadian laws being made, say, in a Congress based in Dallas, Texas, where Canada would have 10% of the votes? Would these CBC elites like a joint foreign policy, as the EU has?

Or how about a regional court of law, like they have in the EU — based, maybe, in Mississippi. With different views on same sex marriage or whatever?

The left and the media are calling Brexit a "crisis." I’ll show you what the financial numbers say, give you my theory about who is ACTUALLY behind this so-called “chaos”and explain how Brexit will really effect Canada as long as Justin Trudeau is PM...

NEXT: Tommy Robinson, head of PEGIDA UK, talks about his latest outrageous encounter with the police: They left him with a map of areas that he is no longer allowed to walk through!

Plus Tommy gives us his view on the Brexit vote, and what happened to our own reporter Lauren Southern in London, when she was attacked while police officers stood by.

THEN Marc Morano of Climate Depot reports the good news:

Brexit has put a monkey wrench into a bunch of globalist "green power" schemes in the UK.

Finally: Your messages to me!

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