June 28, 2016

Environmental activist Indian chief suddenly BACKS oilsands project. What will Trudeau, Notley do now?

Rebel Staff

A few years ago, the Fort McKay Indian band sued oil companies and the Alberta energy regulator, claiming that oilsands development encroached upon its traditional hunting territory, and they weren’t consulted thoroughly.

But they didn’t really want to stop the oilsands — it was a negotiating tactic to extract millions of dollars in concessions from the oil companies.

Today this band of only 700 members earns more than $70 million a year from the oilsands, on top of transfers from Ottawa.

Now the band's Chief Jim Boucher is in the news again:

Proposing a new, Indian-owned oilsands mega-project.

Boucher’s shakedown of the oilsands company back in 2014 was a disgrace. But this guy knows how to operate.

If he can target the main enemy of his peoples’ prosperity —  every whining eco-activist blocking pipes, especially Justin Trudeau, who couldn’t be any whiter if he was in the Klan — well, maybe this Indian chief is my kind of guy.

WATCH to see how I think this story will end…

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(Photo credit: Fort McKay First Nation)

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