June 05, 2017

Will wave of deadly terrorist attacks in U.K. cause Brits to change course?

Rebel Staff

Muslim terrorists careened a van on the sidewalks of London Bridge, the one that is the stuff of nursery rhymes, its first version dating back to the Roman era.

I wonder if ever in that bridge’s long history such a slaughter was committed, if even the most brutal of attackers were barbaric enough to deliberately choose to kill civilians?

I suppose Hitler's Luftwaffe killed more civilians through indiscriminate bombings. But, they were just bombing “the city”, they weren’t deliberately aiming for civilian pedestrians or deliberately aiming for a concert of teenaged girls.

The Islamic State is as bad as the Wehrmacht except their soldiers wore uniforms and bore their arms openly, part of a chain of command.

Not these terrorists, who are not by any definition soldiers, and who hide amongst the UK population they despise.

But "hiding" is the wrong word. They openly show their hostility to the UK, with their rejection of British law and sovereignty in favour of Islamic sharia law and Allah’s sovereignty, openly calling for jihad.

We don’t need a crackdown on vans, or knives. We need a crackdown on Muslim extremists, which is an awfully large number in the UK.

Police looked the other way in Rotherham due to political correctness as Muslim rape gangs destroyed a generation of the town’s girls. And it's not just the police. Everyone’s in on this cowardice and cover-up together. 

This terror won’t stop. Westminster bridge, Manchester Arena, London Bridge. What’s next?

And there will be a next time. Hundreds of ISIS fighters back in the UK, not under arrest. Thousands of jihadis, and borders still open, with no willingness to call out Islam as a pernicious ideology.

I speak with Professor Salim Mansur about the London terror aftermath and the implications .

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