June 06, 2017

A green energy scam so stupid, only a government would buy it

Rebel Staff

I’m going to show you a video that seems like it must be a spoof, with some Euro-men talking about how they’re going to save the world by extracting carbon dioxide from the air with a contraption that looks like a massive factory. 

You’ll notice how much steel and plastic is needed for this massive factory.

They claim they’re commercially capturing CO2. You’d think a commercial company would tell you how much a unit would cost. I wasn’t able to find out.

So by commercial they mean they’re ready to accept government money, probably extracted from taxpayers through a carbon tax.

Based on the size and number of the monster units they’re building as seen in their pretty video, you’d need an enormous power source. So what’s it powered by? Coal? Natural gas?

No. The power to run the facility comes from burning garbage.

They’ll spend millions on machines to try to suck CO2 out of the air, which they’ll then pump into a greenhouse for plants to breathe in for photosynthesis.

They’re burning garbage, emitting enormous amounts of CO2, to power a machine to inefficiently capture a fraction of that CO2, that will then be released anyways.

This. Is. A. Scam.

I thought it was a joke, it was so stupid. I thought — it’s junk science, junk commerce, nothing makes sense about it.

But look how pretty it is.

Do you doubt that Justin Trudeau and Catherine McKenna are reading over the brochures for these abominable contraptions, wondering how many thousands to order at taxpayer expense?

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