June 07, 2017

Backstabber: Scheer whips MPs to vote for UN instead of Canadians

Rebel Staff

All but one Conservative MP voted for a Liberal motion called “Paris Agreement”, and in doing so, voted against every single thing the Conservative Party and these MPs had ever said and done.

Why did Andrew Scheer allow this?

The motion talks about a “global solution”, which is another way of saying the UN will make decisions for Canada. Since when do Conservative MPs think their constituents are better represented by the UN?

The CPC never thought the Paris deal was a good idea when Obama had America under it, but after Trump pulls out, they suddenly think it’s a good idea?

Michael Chong I can forgive - he campaigned on it in the leadership race, but Scheer ran as the “true conservative”, the guy from Saskatchewan where Brad Wall is the only Canadian still fighting against this global warming scam.

Not only did Scheer support the motion himself, but he ordered everyone in his party to do so on pain of being disciplined.

The Liberals used it as a slap in the face to Donald Trump, a slap in the face to Brad Wall, a slap in the face to the oil industry, but mainly, a slap in the face to any conservatives or global warming skeptics, or carbon tax skeptics so for Scheer to not only sign on personally, but force his party to do so, is a disgrace.

Consider me a non-fan of Scheer and the Conservative party and all of its politicians, save Cheryl Gallant.

At The Rebel, we’re not a party, we’re journalist-advocates, loyal to our consciences and our viewers so we’ll rise to the occasion to make sure the Conservative Party stays conservative, and that our viewers’ interests are served.

Andrew Scheer thinks he can make friends out of his enemies by making enemies out of his friends, like Ontario’s Patrick Brown has done by committing his PCs to the carbon tax in that province.

They think there’s no other place for Conservatives to go, but there is. You can stay home, not volunteer for the party, and not donate to the party. You can cut off the party when they call you for their fundraising.

MPs stabbed their own people in the back, so I’m asking party members who feel betrayed and who never would have supported Scheer had they known he'd do this, to sign a pledge by going to Backstabbers.ca to sign the petition.

If you want to fight against the UN’s global warming scheme, do it through us. We’ll pick up the slack and we’ll keep holding Andrew Scheer and his cowardly MPs to account until they become true conservatives again.

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