June 07, 2017

Backstabber: Scheer whips MPs to vote for UN instead of Canadians

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

All but one Conservative MP voted for a Liberal motion called “Paris Agreement”, and in doing so, voted against every single thing the Conservative Party and these MPs had ever said and done.

Why did Andrew Scheer allow this?

The motion talks about a “global solution”, which is another way of saying the UN will make decisions for Canada. Since when do Conservative MPs think their constituents are better represented by the UN?

The CPC never thought the Paris deal was a good idea when Obama had America under it, but after Trump pulls out, they suddenly think it’s a good idea?

Michael Chong I can forgive - he campaigned on it in the leadership race, but Scheer ran as the “true conservative”, the guy from Saskatchewan where Brad Wall is the only Canadian still fighting against this global warming scam.

Not only did Scheer support the motion himself, but he ordered everyone in his party to do so on pain of being disciplined.

The Liberals used it as a slap in the face to Donald Trump, a slap in the face to Brad Wall, a slap in the face to the oil industry, but mainly, a slap in the face to any conservatives or global warming skeptics, or carbon tax skeptics so for Scheer to not only sign on personally, but force his party to do so, is a disgrace.

Consider me a non-fan of Scheer and the Conservative party and all of its politicians, save Cheryl Gallant.

At The Rebel, we’re not a party, we’re journalist-advocates, loyal to our consciences and our viewers so we’ll rise to the occasion to make sure the Conservative Party stays conservative, and that our viewers’ interests are served.

Andrew Scheer thinks he can make friends out of his enemies by making enemies out of his friends, like Ontario’s Patrick Brown has done by committing his PCs to the carbon tax in that province.

They think there’s no other place for Conservatives to go, but there is. You can stay home, not volunteer for the party, and not donate to the party. You can cut off the party when they call you for their fundraising.

MPs stabbed their own people in the back, so I’m asking party members who feel betrayed and who never would have supported Scheer had they known he'd do this, to sign a pledge by going to Backstabbers.ca to sign the petition.

If you want to fight against the UN’s global warming scheme, do it through us. We’ll pick up the slack and we’ll keep holding Andrew Scheer and his cowardly MPs to account until they become true conservatives again.

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Then, it’s my favourite part of the show, your letters. I’ve been receiving quite a lot of feedback about our BoycottPorter campaign - wait until you see what some of our viewers think!

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commented 2017-06-12 16:33:41 -0400
This is at once incomprehensible, depressing and infuriating. We’ve just elected a new leader who almost immediately forced a vote in favor of the useless, UN globalist, Liberal excuse for a carbon tax, something most candidates (all but Michael Chong I think) campaigned against. That Scheer and his “brain trust” were suckered into supporting their motion doesn’t bode well for the party’s fortunes.

Some have suggested that the Liberal motion was a trap to screw conservatives. This is plausible since the motion was entirely unnecessary – the Liberals had already signed Canada on to the Paris Agreement. It was a win-win set up for the Liberals. If Conservatives voted against Liberals go all out, with full MSM support, howling that Conservatives were climate “DENIERS”. But If the Cons voted for the motion the grass-roots base would go ballistic and split the party. So if that was the plan, IT WORKED!

Scheer and company have some serious ‘splaing to do. They could easily have explained Conservative “Opposition” to the Liberal motion – there’s no shortage of reasons – a no-brainer. Instead they foolishly took the cowardly route.

Don’t know if it was posted elsewhere in the comments but here is the full Vote result, “Yes, No and Didn’t vote”:
commented 2017-06-09 23:32:36 -0400
If Andrew Scheer wants to repair the damage with CPC members, he needs to e-mail every last one of us to explain what he was up to. This should prove easy, I’m constantly getting e-mails and phone calls looking for money – they have a pretty efficient data base to work from!
I came across a comment from another Rebel and totally agree with the option he outlined, Scheer could have handled this much better.
BILLY HOWARD commented 4 hours ago
Elton Braun, you missed one option Scheer should have taken: mass CPC abstention based on the fact that the motion meant nothing. The only reason this inconsequential motion was brought forward was to attack the policies of the president of a very powerful nation, a nation which happens to be our best friend and #1 trading partner.
It was a childish attack by Trudeau, and Scheer should have said to Canada: “Our party will not participate in unnecessary and childish antics of the PM”.
Scheer was either foolishly duped by Trudeau, or he was doing his own virtue signaling as a strong proponent of the dubious religion of man-made climate change.
So Scheer is either too stupid or too Liberal to lead the CPC.
commented 2017-06-09 17:47:28 -0400
Elections have become useless and futile fully because the system has played out under the 150 year old rules as I outlined, Liza, and because of the “me first” attitudes of the people elected. Elections are functionally required, theoretically useful, and are physically provided for within the mechanism of government; so we have them, because that’s what has been provided.
What they have become, in practical terms, is what you suggest – a futile useless exercise in deception, where the so-called elected representatives have become more concerned with acquiring / holding power and with their own personal enrichment rather than acting in accordance with the wishes of the people they have been elected to represent.
commented 2017-06-09 17:25:04 -0400
I don’t get the gist of this tactic. Makes no sense to agree with something you disagree with in order to get going with the Real Business of the day.
Winnie Bourne, are you privy to the goings on of the Conservatives behind the scenes?
commented 2017-06-09 15:50:55 -0400
“He wants to get on with the REAL business of government” Scheer has said those words or similar words before the election, to be fair. What exactly is ‘real’ business to Scheer if not giving in to the globalists (if only on a superficial level(?)) is not considered ‘real’ business? I am trying to wrap my head around your explanation Winney Bourne, but it barely explains what happened. It makes a good theory though but isn’t that all it is? Why didn’t Garnet say that was going on, or Scheer somehow prepare us for such a move he knew would anger his base and catch them off guard. What else will Scheer ‘skip’ over to get to what he calls ‘real’ business? I anxiously await his next move. I didn’t realize I was voting for a government whose main agenda was to get along to go along. I thought I was voting for conservative values, not liberal lite.
The CPC is doing a hatchet job on itself, they don’t need any help from us. They are doing a fine job of their own destruction.
commented 2017-06-09 13:32:41 -0400
It was a trap set by the liebrals to show we had no interest in climate discussions. By the election they would have morphed it into a major campaign point against us. This was simply a motion. It means nothing. No legal binding. A simple talking point. Bait to draw the CPC into useless, time wasting debate. Scheer whipped it so no one would misconstrue what he was trying to do. He wants to get on with the REAL business of government. The liebrals wanted to stall parliament until the summer recess and this is how they were going to do it. Scheer beat them to the punch and took all the wind out of their sails and plans.

Perhaps the Rebel should employ political commentators that actually know politics. Either that or just flat announce that you’re now working for the liebrals and are going to continue bashing Scheer until Trudeau wins again. Talk about turning on your supporters. Your accusations that Scheer betrays the Conservatives pales in comparison to the hatchet job you guys are doing on the CPC.
commented 2017-06-09 09:21:43 -0400
When the Conservative train left the convention and headed back to Ottawa ,they left our railcar at the station without so much as a wave goodbye suckers.
commented 2017-06-09 02:52:01 -0400
Why do we even waste the time, effort and money on elections then Jim Webb? They seem to be futile useless exercises in deception anyway. I am tired of bold faced lies to get elected. Sick to the back teeth with these disingenuous politicians.
Right you are Yvette, and being treated with such disrespect is never forgotten.
commented 2017-06-09 01:53:48 -0400
KUDOS to you Ezra, this is by far your best show & I applaud your passion for Conservative values & I agree with everything you said. I emailed my MP this morning & told him how I felt, now I’m not sure if he abstained from the vote or not but it doesn’t matter because he did not stand up for me who has voted for him for years now. Well I told him come the next election I may just stay home because my vote doesn’t seem to matter. If I wanted Liberal policies I would not be voting Conservative forever & ever. Those MPs treated us like suckers.
Keep the fight on Ezra, you might beat some sense into them.
commented 2017-06-09 01:22:44 -0400
Jim, here is the short version of what you said:
“In those days there was no king in Israel; every man did what was right in his own eyes.”
Judges 17:6

Diversity is our destruction. It was great while it lasted.
commented 2017-06-08 22:59:32 -0400
Ultimately folks I think it all comes down to what I’ve said before, which is Canada is getting less and less workable as she ages.
In order for ANY party to get enough votes to form government, they have to appeal to a hugely diverse national base. That generally means parties stand for everything, and nothing.
Most of country’s population lives in a relatively smallish area of the country in Southern Ontario and Quebec.
The diversity in views between East / West, and rural / urban is ever increasing.
There are NO current methods within the 150 year old mechanisms of government that can overcome simple rule by numbers, and allow for any meaningful input from any region but the more heavily populated regions of Southern Ontario / Quebec.

Ergo, to get (and keep) power in Canada you have to align with the views of the Southern Ontario / Quebec majority. If that view is already represented by the governing political party, the only way the party out of power is able to chip away and get back in is to butt up against the governing party by adopting similar talking points. So really, why is anyone surprised the Conservatives folded like a Walmart tent in a hail storm on the “settled” Climate Change fallacy? Harper,arguably the most successful (in terms of keeping power) non-Eastern Conservative PM ever did not fulfill a fraction of what he might have, because he had to keep an eye on his seats in Ontario and Quebec to retain power. So no, he didn’t massively de-fund the CBC, or amend the Senate so it was actually useful, because to do that may have tipped the scales against him. Too “controversial”. Plus it’s oh-so-bothersome for any of these governments to address anything constitutionally oriented, much better we concentrate instead on matters equal to the intellect of the MP’s, like amending the words to “Oh Canada” or worrying about fabricated (but trendy) concepts such as Islamophobia or trangender bathroom rights.

The country as constituted is built with a perpetual slant towards the center. Fair enough, the BNA Act was set up that way, because in 1867 the center (and Nova Scotia and New Brunswick) WERE Canada. But the Act was created when the rest of Canada was populated by a few thousand people and a few million moose and buffalo. That situation has changed a bit I think, but the basic underpinnings of Confederation have not; and although still a minority population versus the numbers in the Windsor – Quebec City Bubble, there is nonetheless a sizable enough population today whose views will always only be “allowable” if they also happen align with the views of those in the Bubble.

Any party with a national scope, if they want to feed a long time at the trough, is doomed to continue to find out the hard way that regional principles and regional concerns get thrown out the window as soon as they enter the Bubble, . Absent any enlightened approach by a real statesman within the Bubble concerned for the future of the country, eventually the realization will dawn from those outside the Bubble that representation sent to a central government may just as well be purely regional (like the PQ), because even though there’s no shot at forming a majority government at least the regional party will speak for its constituents, whereas a party of national scope will always have to bend and twist to conform. And, sooner or later, an organized and experienced regional party may be asked by its ever more disenfranchised electorate to throw forward a referendum as did the PQ (because the Clarity Act applies to all jurisdictions). Then the real fun will begin.

So rinse and repeat as often as you want, but don’t be surprised or outraged when this divestment of principles happens again and again, regardless of leader or regardless of party. The rules of the game here in Canada have been set up to demand it.
Personally, the next party I vote for federally will not worry about appealing to a national base.
commented 2017-06-08 22:16:34 -0400
Wildrose and Alberta Conservative Party, be advised.
commented 2017-06-08 21:56:06 -0400
I emailed Scheer but I also cut up my membership card and am mailing it with a note to the party. I am so done with being deceived.
Conservative Party of Canada
1720-130 Albert St.
Ottawa, Ontario K1P 5G4

or call
commented 2017-06-08 20:45:21 -0400
Please fly the red Ensign flag to protest Justin Trudeau and his illegal government and to remind Canadiens when we were
“The true North strong and free”
and very proud of it.
And not very many years before they took this flag down and replaced it with the current one, our very best young men and women had just recently return from war where they had given their lives in support of the charters and freedoms which we were supposed to keep sacred for the future generations.
“They paid for our future in the past”
commented 2017-06-08 20:30:53 -0400
During the campaign for leader I gave money. Because of that they called last week looking for a donation, I said for them to send me a package and I would give them more money no problem. But that was under the understanding that the new leader was going to have a Conservative platform in the house and not “Stab Me In The Back,” you Traitorous Scum Sucking Liars. NO MONEY FOR YOU, BAD SPINELESS CONSERVATIVES. What is going on in the Conservative Party, first in Ontario that Lying Traitor Patrick Brown got the leadership of the Provincial Conservatives by hiding his true colors. And now in the Federal Conservatives it’s Andrew Scheer who got the leadership by doing the same thing.
Listen up Conservative Betrayal Party, I haven’t made up my mind yet but failing that a new common sense party doesn’t rise up I will be voting for one of the other parties, Liberal or more probably the NDP. Yes, I know they’re both anti Canadian Parties, too concerned about rights for everybody else that’s not Canadian. But I will vote those Traitorous Scum Sucking Microbes in before I will vote Conservative, because at least with them they haven’t misrepresented themselves to me and taken my money while doing it. Conservative Party, the key part of that is the CON part, because that’s what they did, was CON all of us into believing they were for Canada and Canadians. This keeps up, we will be enslaved very soon or up to our asses in a Civil War in order to make this country right again.
commented 2017-06-08 20:10:25 -0400
CHP.ca…they are worth checking into..
commented 2017-06-08 19:58:38 -0400
I’m Done. F you Scheer, F you CPC. If I’m gonna be ruled by cultural marxists no matter who I vote for I’ll just vote for some nut party or not vote.
commented 2017-06-08 19:49:44 -0400
We the people have no one to vote for in the next election …. we need a new party …
commented 2017-06-08 19:16:03 -0400
Tammie Putinski-Zandbelt: I just did send an email of gratitude to Cheryl Gallant and I hope all the other Rebel followers do the same. Thanks for the suggestion!
commented 2017-06-08 19:03:29 -0400
liberals corrupt everything they touch, it has been obvious to me for many years that liberals control the conservative party, how many times can you be lied to by the same people before you smarten up? People who want truth and freedom don’t exist in any of our political parties, time to start a new one, there is no face left to save on this one, we’ve been betrayed too often, call me ‘not falling for it anymore’
commented 2017-06-08 18:49:55 -0400
LIZA ROSIE commented, “Mac Cummings, I believe you are correct. If they leave before the vote, they are not counted as having abstained which could have career consequences. I would have had more respect if they had abstained on record though.”
The Hansard has no record of an abstention, meaning that an MP did not vote even though present in the House. For example, when I watched a video of the vote, I noticed that the two recently elected MPs from Calgary just sat there when it came time to vote. Not impressed. They were elected by their constituents to make decisions. If they want to be passive observers, then they should move up to the visitors’ gallery.
commented 2017-06-08 18:47:51 -0400
Rebels, please e-mail Cheryl Gallant to express how proud you are she stood up to the fake Conservative.
commented 2017-06-08 18:46:44 -0400
To everyone reading these posts, I encourage you to email to Andrew Scheer at andrew.scheer@parl.gc.ca
While what I wrote to his email address is not exactly Shakespeare, I wanted to share what a couple of other true Conservatives said that they had emailed to Scheer, the turncoat:

Hello Mr. Scheer:

I guess I should say “congratulations” on your ascendancy to the leadership of the Canadian Conservative party, but I must admit that during my and my husband’s voting process, you were absolutely nowhere near the top of our choices.

When you won, I thought…hey, maybe he will do alright.

Since I discovered on Ezra Levant’s video show, “The Rebel”, that you whipped your MP’s into voting into keeping Canada into the Paris accord, I was wondering if you are not a mole for the Greens, the NDP’s or the Liberals, all parties of which are noxious.

DISGUSTING!!!!! My husband and I have been Conservatives all our voting lives and NEVER once expected the treason that you have just effected.

Our first choice on the leadership ballot was Kellie Leitch and I wish to God that she had won. She would NEVER have pulled the idiotic, nonsensical, economically disastrously move that you did.

Guess what, Andrew Scheer, in 2019, you and your party will LOSE monumentally and, thanks entirely to you and this ludicrous whipped vote, Canada’s economy will suffer hideously at least until 2023 under the childlike and fatuous rule of Justin Trudeau and his incompetent cohorts.

Thanks again!

Edward and Marilyn Neilson, Edmonton, Alberta (P.S. We don’t expect a reply from a politician who is as lily-livered as you.)

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commented 2017-06-08 18:35:16 -0400
Andrew Scheer in his campaign for the leadership railed against those who would want to turn the Conservative Party of Canada into ‘Liberal Lite’ and claimed to have the capacity to unite the MPs. Well he succeeded with the unification. In short order he has united the Conservative caucus as the the ‘Liberal Lite’ party.
commented 2017-06-08 17:49:04 -0400
To all conservatives on the Rebel – Keep on fighting, after all it really looks like we are the only true conservatives, the official party has bitten the dust.
commented 2017-06-08 16:18:54 -0400
I can’t tell you how devastating this betrayal is. Like others, I had planned to vote Conservative in the next Federal Election. Now, fahgeddabowdit!
commented 2017-06-08 16:04:35 -0400
I was going to vote Conservative (again) but now I am not going to. I’ll vote for a REAL conservative party if one comes along. I will NOT under any circumstances vote for these shameless id10ts. Kudos to Cheryl Gallant.
commented 2017-06-08 15:45:00 -0400
I just phoned the main Conservative office and demanded that they cancel both my wife’s and my membership in the party that was renewed about two months ago in time for the vote for leadership and that I wanted a complete refund (which of course they claimed they don’t do – we’ll see). I told them that I was betrayed and that every conservative in Canada was betrayed by Andrew Scheer and the conservative party yesterday, by their support of the Liberals and this climate BS. I did not vote for Andrew Scheer (I voted for Brad Trost), but was not too disappointed when he won because of the things he was claiming regarding this issue and others (now I wonder how he will vote when it comes to firearm issues?), he completely betrayed conservatives and that unless by some miracle this decision gets reversed by Andrew Scheer and the party (which I believe will never happen) I will never again support the conservatives in any way shape of form.
In addition I called my local conservative office for local MP Todd Doherty and told them the same thing, he is in Ottawa at the moment, so I called his office in Ottawa and related the same thing to them.
I encourage every conservative to do the same. If they see that we are serious they will not pull this stunt again – I hope.
commented 2017-06-08 15:44:48 -0400
This will bring some kind of action from the CPC, remember for everyone of us who posts a thousand more read here. Judging by the immediate and harsh reaction from conservatives ya better have a leader ship review now. Unfortunately it is true a new party will only split the vote and give turdo the next election. Pick a new leader fast. This one has really pissed off the electorate. Just look at the amount of money and support you just lost. Sheer him off from the party.
commented 2017-06-08 15:10:58 -0400
Canada is no longer the Canada i knew and loved and was proud of. It is a liberal joke. Prosperity is no longer a hope unless your corrupt or work for the socialist governments. Progressive Conservative Party IS A JOKE!