June 08, 2017

Liberals move from ignoring to bypassing spy agencies on Chinese infiltration

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

A few months ago we talked about a troubling case of a Chinese company wanting to buy a Montreal high tech company that’s a leader in laser-fibre technology with military and national security applications.

Canada’s spy and security agencies reviewed it and made a very strong recommendation to the Canadian government of the day — Don’t do it.

They said the sale could give China a military advantage over us and our allies, so the Harper Conservatives accepted their advice and blocked the sale.

Well, that was then, and this is now.

As we told you in March, Trudeau overturned the Harper governments’ decision, overruled the spy agencies' dire warnings, and sold our hi tech secrets to China, and now China wants more high tech secrets from Canada.

Last time, the story was Canada’s spy agencies begging Trudeau not to hand over military secrets to China. This time, the Trudeau government is allowing Chinese investors to buy a high-tech firm without even a formal national security review.

At least in the previous case, CSIS and other agencies were allowed to review things, and give a confidential report to cabinet, but not this time.

As we know by his own words, Trudeau loves China’s basic dictatorship, and he loves how they do business.

China lets Trudeau hold a panda, and they call him Little Potato, and he’s handing over company after company.

Trudeau took a free benefit from billionaire Aga Khan and there are lots of Chinese billionaires out there.

I wonder if he’s taking secret gifts from them too — or if handing over our high tech companies is something he’s doing just out of ideological fervour, and naivete.

I have more questions than answers.

Next, Conservative MP for Sherwood Park-Fort Saskatchewan, Garnett Genuis, joins me to defend his vote on the Paris Agreement.

Then, Toronto Sun columnist Sue-Ann Levy joins me to discuss Black Lives Matters' refusal to march in the Pride parade this year.

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commented 2017-06-11 12:39:40 -0400
If the Paris agreement means nothing, why did conservatives endorse it. Garnett Genuis took a fully deserved beating on this topic and he made the exact points that Rachel Notley has made. As Ezra said, “Stab yourself in the eye” to sell oil. That’s so stupid and has infuriated many conservatives, leaving us with no place to park our vote. The fact that Garnett was imagining himself able to make rational, a stupid performance in the HoC, is very sad to me. Thanks for giving him, and his party, a chance to explain themselves, too bad he wasn’t more prepared.
commented 2017-06-10 01:54:48 -0400
China needs carbon fuel resources and they just bought a PM who stupidly threw away his own nation’s oil industry – China does not want Canadas exports, it wants to OWN the source. The cuck in the PMO will sell them Alberta for 10 cents on the yen.
commented 2017-06-10 01:02:12 -0400
Hi Again,
When are Sheepo Going to Get It – If They Have Any Smarts to Get It, That “BLACK LIES MATTER
Is a “TERRORIST FRONT” for Violence, tt is NO Different Then Radical Islamic Terrorism – a Terrorist Religion at That. Time for the Gay Community to Tell Black Lies Matter that They Will NOT Dictate Policy When it Comes to the Pride Parade and They are NO LONGER WELCOME at the Parade. While Were at It, Time for the Gay Community to Tell the Boys in Blue that They are Welcome to Take Part and IN FULL UNIFORM to Go With It.

commented 2017-06-10 00:47:13 -0400
I absolutely agree with Ezra. I’m so disappointed with Sheer!
commented 2017-06-10 00:12:04 -0400
Hi All,
As I See It, We Should B Very Suspicious of What the Chinese are Really Up to. Trade is One Thing. We are Really DUMP if We think the Chinese are in it for Trade Only. The Chinese Want Trade so They Can STEAL Trade Secrets at the EXPENSE of CANADA and Other WESTERN COUNTRIES! Make NO Mistake About It Time to Take Some TOUGH STANDS When it Come to Trade With the Chinese.
commented 2017-06-09 20:51:40 -0400
“They could be labeled Trump-lite”, OH MY GAWD,not Trump lite. That’s worse than being called just about anything, gawd, don’t call us Trump lite, pleeaasse don’t call us Trump lite.
What a freakin joke! Who cares, who cares who cares what the Liberal globalists call true Conservatives. There are worse things than being called a ‘bad’ name by a liberal….oooooh scary. Do you know what is worse than being labeled Trump lite by a bunch of Laurentian elites? Do you know what is worse, than being labeled Trump lite by a liberal OR a conservative Laurentian elite? Actually modifying true conservative values to be accepted is far more loathsome. Becoming a liberal lite for a conservative would be the biggest, vilest, most sickening and revolting move. The conservative party no longer has any integrity and have proven themselves untrustworthy.
That Canadians are jumping onto the hate literally everything, Trump bandwagon is sickening and only shows how absolutely ignorant they are. Bunch of lemmings!
commented 2017-06-09 19:11:12 -0400
It would be quite something for the CPC to be anti-Paris like Trump. They could be labeled Trump-lite, and never have a hope of winning. The whole thing is non-binding, so why waste any effort talking about it.
commented 2017-06-09 15:31:04 -0400
Garnet noted that the Conservatives tried to add an amendment. That’s evidence of a good faith effort to get along. When the amendment was defeated, that’s a sign that there is not good faith from both sides. At that point, a no vote is the best representation of the Oil and Gas industry. Aiding and abetting the anti-oil mindset through legislation is different from showing up to protest pipelines, but both hurt OUR industries.
commented 2017-06-09 13:44:41 -0400
Ron Voss, it does seem clear that Garnet was doing damage control for Scheer. I most certainly hope these politicians really do study these, accords, motions, and understand the repercussions for Canadians before they echo the popular talking points. I suspect none of them have done any indepth homework regarding the theocracy of Islam for example, while they are allowing our society and values to be reshaped by its accommodation. (If I am wrong I would like to see proof).

With getting behind this Paris Accord, we will be allowing bending to the ‘climate change’ fabrication to reshape how we live and do business with more concern to ’social license ’ than logic. Not binding, but very bullying. And no one bends to a bully like the Canadian government does. Debate climate change? Garnet, how about you just concede that it is no premise on which to base legislation which will reshape our economies and societies, how about that much concession? It has been decided by a bunch of control freaks and you are caving to the bullies! The U.S. was a formidable ally in the fight against that bully. We could have won.
commented 2017-06-09 13:15:53 -0400
Your last question to Garnet was a very pertinent one Ezra. Scheer NEVER would have won in that close an election had he given an inkling of any support for the Paris accord. He won under false pretenses. Andrew Scheer misrepresented himself to us. What else did he ‘omit’ to tell us plainly and honestly?
Spitting mad, spitting!
I’m not buying it either Ezra.
commented 2017-06-09 13:05:11 -0400
Garnet was very very still when he said, yes, to Ezra’s question which was, ‘did you read the Paris Climate Accord?"
A very interesting example of questionable body language, or lack thereof, and it’s probable meaning.
commented 2017-06-09 12:45:16 -0400
Here is the reality Garnet, you and your party have just lost a whole big chunk of your base support. I have been a life long conservative, but it is now time for a divorce. Lets see how that reality plays out the next election. Maybe the intentions of most of the cucked were good, but this is a whole big bunch of Canadians you and the party are ’agreeing to disagree with " Garnet, because we most decidedly do NOT agree to disagree.
commented 2017-06-09 12:30:22 -0400
This is pretty simple. Way back to the Cretien days, the Liberal Party has been the handmaiden of the ChiComs. Don’t expect them to do anything to rock relations with China.
commented 2017-06-09 12:26:37 -0400
Garnet and the rest of the whipped conservative party actually believe that licking the boots of, being bullied by the UN, and responding like the cowards we have become, to the European Union’s threats, will actually allow us to get our oil to alternative markets, now that our government has decided to give the U.S. the finger.

Do they not realize that being a part of that disingenuous ‘club’ only insures their control over our production and export. We will be shut down. If we ever want Europe as a market for our oil and gas, or even develop our domestic markets properly, we have to stand up to Russian and Saudi bullying. The only way to do that is to compete on their playing field. Not the manipulated false one the UN is lying to us about. You cannot get oil to market on the back of the lie that we can do anything about climate change. Is that how Russia and Saudi Arabia do business, do they give two shits about climate change? The Accord is nothing short of a control mechanism to keep competition (us) in line. The Americans will do deals the way they were meant to be done. Using what leverage they have, smart negotiating and not caving into demands. Had we been a united force with the Americans we could have made great strides.

Being a defeatist and an apologist gets you nothing.
Garnet ask your constituents this week, what they want from you, and listen this time. You and your peers and your leader and his leader don’t have a clue what you are doing. We counted on you and you are selling us out! None of you are listening to those who put you in office.
commented 2017-06-09 12:21:06 -0400
Why do these politicians continue to treat us like idiots. " we don’t understand m-103 is not a bill" “we don’t understand the difference between Kyoto and the Paris Accord”. Garnet we know the Paris Accord is not binding, but the ‘bully’ factor is big. We should not be buying into this on ANY level, we should be fighting it. I do not want anything to do with a conservative party who would sell us out this way. What else will you sell us out on?
commented 2017-06-09 05:07:15 -0400
Garnett Genuis just confirmed my decision to void my cheque to the Conservative party. We are in big trouble when an Alberta MP supports such a bogus initiative.
commented 2017-06-09 02:42:59 -0400
The issue was supporting the Paris agreement not about carbon tax you dimwit.
I sorely hope that this comes back and bites Andrew Scheer in the arse so badly he will not be able to sit for a month, traitor that he is.
I am so done with the conservatives. They have not proven to be the party they claim to be since the election. Mr. Harper must be so disappointed in this once strong conservative party. Rona was in my opinion the downfall of the conservatives.
However that does not excuse Scheer and the rest of them kissing Liberal arse.
commented 2017-06-09 02:28:14 -0400
Oh no, BLM is not going to march in the pride parade. How will I fall asleep at night?

As for all the conservative MPs that voted in favor, you can kiss my vote good bye. It is pretty obvious that you care more about yourselves than us the voters.
commented 2017-06-09 02:14:09 -0400
One thing I know is, there is a populism wave and the Conservatives do not see it. They better wake up to the realities of 2017. And all of the leftist bla bla language about climate change, genders, social acceptance, diversity and so on is down in the toilets ready to be flushed by millions.
commented 2017-06-09 02:09:20 -0400
The Conservatives want to have their cake and eat it too. Ezra, have you read that Paris scam agreement? I am confused since Trump specifically mentioned the huge cost of it on the U.S. and also future legal liabilities. I also heard another commentator mentioning that it was a cost directed at North America, not just the U.S., meaning Canada too. I don’t know. But I doubt that there would be no money expected from Canada if we are in. So even if the Conservatives do not want to impose a carbon tax, that doesn’t mean Canada would not have to pay anything. I don’t believe for a minute that the UN would let us determine our own levels of emission and not expect a penny if we don’t meet them or something else (like future liabilities). I believe instead that the CPC is under the management of the globalists and/or UN and are trying to please the left with their social BS license.
commented 2017-06-09 01:30:15 -0400
Ezra, we need to denounce poddle Trudo to the American authorities. Canada is now a rogue nation working actively with the U.S. enemies to destroy the national security of the U.S.. This also needs to be sent to the U.S. media and alternative media. Forget his foundation, Trudo has surely received millions in a fiscal paradise.
commented 2017-06-09 01:01:14 -0400
Genuis was dutifully sent out in a desperate attempt at damage control by Scheer and the Conservative Party on this issue, like when he talked to Ezra earlier about Motion M-103, and he was equally pathetic on both occasions.
He laid out similar arguments at his Facebook page for why the Paris Agreement Motion was supported as he presented to Ezra:
I posted the following comment there in response to his arguments, “Nice attempt at spin, but I’m not buying. Pathetic that you roll out the social licence argument as Alberta socialist NDP premier Rachel Notley has done!” I made the comment about his making a social license argument based upon the following in his post, “Pulling out would put a big target on their back, and make getting market access that much harder.” As Ezra picked up he is using the same talking points as Notley, Trudeau and McKenna. Pathetic.
Genuis is a strong supporter and close to Scheer. At Genuis’ Facebook page there is a picture of Genuis with the notation “Garnett Genuis, MP – Supports Andrew Scheer”. In essence he is a mouthpiece for Scheer. One expects to have heard the same kinds of arguments if Scheer had been interviewed by Ezra. Baffled by the kind of bizarre arguments used by Genuis, Ezra came across as having the same kind of perplexed look as one gets from Fox News’ Tucker Carlson.
commented 2017-06-09 00:54:58 -0400
Peter Babich:- quote “The yellow race will rule the world. Thanks to Justin Trudeau. I don’t think these people understand these politics.”… And that’s OK with the Boy Blunder… The Chinese have assured him that he will be able to keep his daddy’s Mercedes-Benz 300SL, so that’s all that really matters..
commented 2017-06-09 00:15:39 -0400
What is important to a Conservative? A true Conservative wants secure borders, extreme vetting of immigrants, balanced budgets and to stop giving away billions to countries and organizations that don’t benefit Canada. Not to mention pulling out of anything run by the UN. They are nothing but a criminal slush fund of unelected elite dictators that requires billions in donations to participate. Canada has low CO2 already and we don’t need to be part of the UN to do that. All these Conservative Politicians would rather be Liberal Lite than take a stand on true Conservative values. I think they are to afraid of any kind of backlash, like Trump gets daily, so therefore we have NO real Conservative party. Shame on them for calling themselves Conservative.
commented 2017-06-09 00:05:15 -0400
Tweedledum Dumb TruDope is about to have this pp whacked by the USA for his TREASONOUS bullshit!

As for Mr Genius – I think he needs to be bitch slapped for his ignorant stance on his “constituents” – who are leaving faster than the dumb SOB can talk! His belief in the Climate scam and his ignorance regarding the UN scam – is enough for him to be looking for a new job.

BLM are about to be designated as a terrorist organization – and their lives matter no more than anyone else! The very fact they are demanding “funding” is beyond the pale! You want funding – go out and make your own – you -bit lazy BLMs!
commented 2017-06-08 23:37:22 -0400
Garnet Genuis, you should just put the lipstick away and stop with the immature and ridiculous rhetoric, the pig is still a pig and you still do not have a leg to stand on.
commented 2017-06-08 23:16:06 -0400
Gay Activists CAN NOT be Conservative, It’s an oxymoron.

Conservatism is not whatever you think it is. If the definition for conservatism changes every couple of years then it’s definitely not conservatism. It’s quite common in the modern western world to change the meaning of words to suit ones own ideology.

Conservatism is based on Absolute Truths, Community, Realism, Wisdom of the Ages, Common Sense, the Natural Family, Traditions, Celebration of Ancestors, and Reverence for the Past.
commented 2017-06-08 22:37:25 -0400
Muslim infiltration!
commented 2017-06-08 22:12:01 -0400
Black Lives Matter is a domestic terrorist organization! They will disrupt the parade, and, it will be defended, how sad! I think the Pride Parade is no longer relevant in North America.
I would like the Pride organizers to support a charity without any taxpayer money. Find a cause the gay community can stand behind, and raise money to support it!
commented 2017-06-08 22:04:52 -0400
Kudos to Mr. Genuis for trying to explain his stance and you Ezra for showing restraint.
Let’s put the argument over climate change and the Paris Agreement aside for a moment. This vote was NOT about the credibility of the science nor the means to address dealing with it.
1. This motion is about sticking it to Trump because Trudeau despises him. There was no reason to put it forward because it changes nothing.
2. The CPC is in opposition, they are NOT government and therefore this vote would NOT have made the least bit of difference to the PA.
3. The most important reason for a “no” or abstention is because this motion is purely Liberal virtue signaling against the POTUS and NOT legitimate.
4. This motion was also a scheme against the CPC leader and MPs and they completely fell for it.
5. The “yes” vote only succeeded in badly dividing the CPC between the believers and skeptics and likely just guaranteed Trudeau re-election. I don’t even think Trudeau was expecting such a fortuitous result from this ploy.
Mr. Genuis avoided your last question and is playing us for fools. Of course Scheer would NOT have become leader if he voted “yes” to this motion several weeks before the leadership vote.
The CPC will not get any more of my money. I’m looking for a new conservative party to invest in.
The Reform party came about after Mulroney abandoned his membership. Scheer has just done the same.