June 08, 2017

Liberals move from ignoring to bypassing spy agencies on Chinese infiltration

Rebel Staff

A few months ago we talked about a troubling case of a Chinese company wanting to buy a Montreal high tech company that’s a leader in laser-fibre technology with military and national security applications.

Canada’s spy and security agencies reviewed it and made a very strong recommendation to the Canadian government of the day — Don’t do it.

They said the sale could give China a military advantage over us and our allies, so the Harper Conservatives accepted their advice and blocked the sale.

Well, that was then, and this is now.

As we told you in March, Trudeau overturned the Harper governments’ decision, overruled the spy agencies' dire warnings, and sold our hi tech secrets to China, and now China wants more high tech secrets from Canada.

Last time, the story was Canada’s spy agencies begging Trudeau not to hand over military secrets to China. This time, the Trudeau government is allowing Chinese investors to buy a high-tech firm without even a formal national security review.

At least in the previous case, CSIS and other agencies were allowed to review things, and give a confidential report to cabinet, but not this time.

As we know by his own words, Trudeau loves China’s basic dictatorship, and he loves how they do business.

China lets Trudeau hold a panda, and they call him Little Potato, and he’s handing over company after company.

Trudeau took a free benefit from billionaire Aga Khan and there are lots of Chinese billionaires out there.

I wonder if he’s taking secret gifts from them too — or if handing over our high tech companies is something he’s doing just out of ideological fervour, and naivete.

I have more questions than answers.

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