June 09, 2017

One of Trudeau’s Syrian refugees who beat his wife, didn't know it was against the law

Rebel Staff

Trudeau’s open-borders, mini-Merkel approach to Muslim migration gives him a special place in left-wing dreaminess and makes him the toast of the globalist, leftist jet-set.

His announcement that he’d bring in 25,000 then 30,000 Muslim migrants from Syria in a single month was shocking, dangerous and logistically impossible.

He basically said, anyone can come, no matter what. A hundred people a day can’t be vetted but it was the very absurdity of it that made the left love it.

An Australian film crew came to Canada to bask in the glow of this dreamy prime minister and his decision to airlift 30,000 Syrian migrants to Canada — no language skills, no job skills, no culture skills, just bring them over for a photo op.

Their documentary about Mohamed and Raghda Rafia and their four children called, “Canada’s Open House” starts off so lovingly — loving of Canada, critical of Australia; loving of the refugees, loving of the friendly townspeople of tiny Chipman, New Brunswick, who came together to sponsor the Rafia family.

These Aussies came to praise, but they’re honest enough journalists that pretty soon, they started noticing the fantasy they came to tell, was just that: a fantasy.

Rafia doesn’t speak English or French, only Arabic. He has no real job skills and few social skills. How on earth is he going to find work? Mohamed just stays home all day. He’s getting irritable.

But look at the news today. Man who beat his wife said he didn't know it was against the law.

It’s Mohamed Rafia.

At the court hearing, Rafia said officials didn’t inform him of differences in Canadian laws and more should have been done to educate him.

Yeah, how come you didn’t say it wasn’t OK to take a weapon and smash your wife again and again. How come you didn’t tell him that!

Former Liberal Immigration Minister John McCallum had plans to bring more Syrian migrants to Atlantic Canada, to dump tens of thousands of illiterate men with no education or job prospects into a community.

When Kellie Leitch ran for Conservative leader, she said in addition to testing immigrants for economic skills, we should be testing for Canadian values.

Mohamed Rafia has no economic skills, and he’s a wife-beater too.

But Trudeau has a fantasy answer for that and if you don’t like what happened, Trudeau and his media allies say you’re the bigot, not Mohamed Rafia.

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