March 06, 2017

Media, Trudeau out of touch with Canadians on immigration

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

[NOTE: All this week, broadcaster Jerry Agar is guest hosting for Ezra Levant, who is in Israel with other Rebel correspondents.] It is a weary task to have to defend President Trump, because most of the attacks against him are hateful and dishonest. I constantly have to point out to other media people that their opinion is out of tune with you, the public.

Here at home, the same holds true with some of Prime Minister Trudeau’s policies.

Recent polling showed that Canadians, while believing that Trudeau is smarter and nicer than Trump, would pick Trump to run the economy and national security.

Canadians also want tougher vettingof refugees and immigrants, and say immigrants have an obligation to become more like the rest of us, not the other way around.

Politicians and much of the media set up a straw man argument by repeating the story of the immigrant who came with 47 cents in his pocket and built a business, sending his children to university.

That is great. Many people have lived that story.

But that has nothing to do with the people coming illegally across the border to be welcomed by RCMP, who seem to be there to carry the luggage.

We are a welcoming country to immigrants and refugees.

But illegal aliens are to immigration what shoplifters are to shopping.

And to those of you who tell the rest of us that we are Neanderthals for worrying about terrorism and illegal immigration:

Until you try to understand why Trump won, you might not be of any use.

Tonight, I’ll also share a story from Mark Towhey, who was chief of staff to former Toronto mayor Rob Ford. It’s about Toronto pot holes, but it’s really about the twisted way bureaucrats think about spending your money. I swear I’m not making it up…

Tonight’s guests: Peter Shurman, a former Progressive Conservative MPP, talks about party leader Patrick Brown, and his chances of winning the next Ontario election.

Then the Rebel's David Menzies was at a rally supporting the Liberals’ “anti-Islamophobia” motion in Toronto, when a bunch of anti-M103 protesters showed up and things got heated.


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commented 2017-03-08 15:13:51 -0500
Just wait for summer. The trickle of welfare shoppers will become a flood. The majority who are crossing never intended to stay in the US in the first place. This “Trump fear” BS is just that. L’il Puto is gonna selfie the living shite out of this and very, very few are gonna be deported. The flood coming this summer will seal the Trudeau regime’s fate for 2019.
commented 2017-03-07 12:54:05 -0500
The posters proclaiming free-speech with a drawing of Mohammed on their placards , were oh so very clever ………. Let the islamofauxbic rage begin…… the blasphemy was magically delicious ………
commented 2017-03-07 12:29:44 -0500
David White quoted that idiot Ralph Goodale;"….these folks are seeking asylum, so they are not breaking the law. "
So Goodale thinks that the USA is a country that people flee from, to Canada, seeking “asylum” ? !!!!
David White, thanks for another confirmation that this country is in extremely serious trouble under the Goodale /Trudeau leadership. Am I dreaming all this ? holy fu…in shite!!!!!
commented 2017-03-07 11:50:41 -0500
Ontario is in so much pain, how can it be that there is nobody who can lead the province other than Wynn and Brown? Their hydro bills are soon going to be mortgageable, they’re so high. It’s like owning a nice car, driving it and sending the bill to the grandkids. When do leaders start to live within their means?
commented 2017-03-07 10:50:43 -0500
One good side effect from this border debacle….the rcmp bellhops can be kept busy and this may curtail and put a pause in their gun thievery policy. Poor High River. What a joke.
commented 2017-03-07 10:43:41 -0500
I happened to catch slimy Ralf Goodale in his shiny red Canada jacket on Saturday at his Emerson news conference photo op. The usual babble but one comment tweaked my interest. He said we are following all our laws as this border fiasco unfolds. They are using the old liberal slight of tongue bs….these folks are seeking asylum, so they are not breaking the law. What I would like to know, is after processing if any of these folk are not asylum seekers and proven too be otherwise, are they being arrested then, because they are definitely breaking the law? I doubt it but if any of you down east could track this somehow, I sure think we should know. Otherwise Goodale is a F&#@^&G liar….which we already know he is…..ADSCAM!!!

METTE REED…..You can bet you would find some of the money in Soros greasy hands.

SALLY DUNBAR….Hang in there as best you can. I’ll be looking for a soup kitchen before long the way things are going…We have to keep fighting though, others fought for us. Best of luck…faith will prevail.

SPACE MOOSE….You confuse me so. You either infuriate me or get my attention in a good way. All good today so far.

As usual a plethora of great comments except for 2. They would be by jc….not the JC I know though.
commented 2017-03-07 09:08:37 -0500
Mass immigration from muslim countries,M-103, the freedom for imam,s to preach hate and genocide without repercussions. Now we know what Justin and the imam,s were talking about when they had those private meetings during the last election. I would imagine that sharia law will be on the table in time for the next election. Hopefully some extra medical coverage for all the muslim women here in Canadastan who are about to enjoy all the benefits that come with it. Peace be upon you ( as long as your the right type of muslim )
commented 2017-03-07 08:18:50 -0500
The loser left behave like spoiled babies. They lost, suck it up. Lose with grace & dignity already, that’s what the right would do. Furthermore they are constantly attacking the integrity us right leaning people & I am sick of this Alt right label. The tolerant left is creating more hatred & division than the right could ever possibly create.
commented 2017-03-07 08:16:12 -0500
Sally Dunbar, I am heartbroken that our government considers outsiders more important than Canadian citizens. I hosnestly don’t know how PM Justin sleeps at night. He seems to have eyes only for immigrants and seems to figure his own people should jump on board his commie train. There is not much we can do but wait for the next election, hopefully we will never see the likes of Trudeau or Butts in control of this great country ever again. God Speed to you Sally Dunbar!
commented 2017-03-07 04:10:27 -0500
Sally, have you kept up with the fake refugee who lost his fingers? He has now been given a group home to live in. The home is getting renovations, to accommodate the fake refugee’s disability. Good to see that the fake refugees are getting such great treatment on our dime.

The good news is, it is getting colder this week in southern Manitoba. With luck, it will slow the fake refugees down for now.
commented 2017-03-07 03:17:02 -0500
Bill Elder,

What polls are those – because the candidate who is most behind that – Kellie Leitch will NEVER win an election.
commented 2017-03-07 02:34:18 -0500
I am a senior living in Vancouver. I have to choose between rent and food. Rent and medication, medication or a bus to the doctor. That is all I do is make life altering decisions. All day every day. When the invaders come in force I will make a decision between life and death. I cannot afford to pay for illegals who do not belong here. I will choose death because I have not been given a choice.
commented 2017-03-07 02:17:30 -0500
It seems like the mainstream news tries its best to not differentiate between legal immigrants and those border crossing fake refugees. The CBC will not shut the hell up about how great immigrants are, and how those border crossers are not cutting in front of others.
commented 2017-03-07 01:52:01 -0500
And then there is Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen who defended Bill C-6 which is a reinstatement of Canadian citizenship to convicted terrorists. Of course, one can’t go against Justin or the party, that would be using your head.
commented 2017-03-07 00:26:05 -0500
Jim Schulz-agreed. I’m not convinced that there are any true conservatives left in Canada. They all live in the same bubble and it’s a very sad thing because I’m also convinced that come the next federal election the ‘fringe’ is going to be the majority. We just need the right leader to gather them together and double back down real conservative policies. Anything the opposite of Brown will be very close. And look how Kenny folded like a cheap suit over the backlash against m-103. Pathetic.
commented 2017-03-07 00:15:26 -0500
The real prime minister of Canada. This is from Anthony Furey’s column in today’s Sun.
“However when Conservative MPs called for efforts to halt these illegal crossings, Gerald Butts – Justin Trudeau’s main advisor – tweeted out dismissively that “this will not age well”.
This will not age well. ”">
— Gerald Butts 🇨🇦 (@gmbutts) February 20, 2017
This is the same man who Liberal MPs refer to, according to The Hill Times, as Prime Minister Butts. And yet he’s criticizing politicians who want to see federal laws enforced."
And Patrick Brown is a liberal eunuch.
commented 2017-03-06 23:50:33 -0500
All the leadership on the right in Canada is spineless, weak and incompetent. They are all scared of the left sided media and are to busy trying being Politically Correct instead of having the balls stand up and call a spade a spade. Canada does not have a Trump that I have seen, We are in big trouble.
commented 2017-03-06 23:36:23 -0500
Yeah cloverdale (lame handle considering the failed horror series), your political compass is so honed you probably said the same thing about Trump and Brexit.
commented 2017-03-06 23:23:21 -0500
Patrick Brown is a stumbling spineless weakling. We’re screwed in Ontario!

Gerry – good job! Great explanation on Lefty-speak regarding employees and costs. I’ll definitely remember that!
commented 2017-03-06 23:20:25 -0500
The polls have consistently shown that Canadians want immigrant assimilation – that fact explodes the myth of multiculturalism. – this confrontational difference between popular will and the Trudeau regime agenda will clash and it will sweep Trudeau from power sooner than he expects.
commented 2017-03-06 23:13:46 -0500
Good job Jerry. I look forward to hearing shortly after 9am tomorrow morning on 1010 CFRB for more common sense.
commented 2017-03-06 23:12:41 -0500
“President Donald Trump signs revised travel ban, halting entry to U.S. from six Muslim-majority nations … The new one leaves Iraq off the list of banned countries — at the urging of U.S. military and diplomatic leaders — but still affects would-be visitors and immigrants from Iran, Syria, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen and Libya. … Trump officials say the goal hasn’t changed: keeping would-be terrorists out of the United States while the government reviews vetting systems for refugees and visa applicants from certain parts of the world. Tillerson said, “It is the president’s solemn duty to protect the American people, and with this order President Trump is exercising his rightful authority to keep our people safe.””
commented 2017-03-06 22:58:51 -0500
Rebel staff, if possible please make the last several minutes available on youtube.
commented 2017-03-06 22:50:30 -0500
When Patrick Brown won the Leadership, Brian Lilly had one of the first interviews. I was so disappointed with Brown that I wrote some of the worst things that I could think of. A few hours later Brian eliminated my post. This was 1.5 years ago and it turns out I may have been quite rude, but I was right about Brown.
commented 2017-03-06 22:49:42 -0500
Yes, that’s why Kellie Leitch doesn’t have a chance in hell to lead the conservative party – never mind becoming PM.
commented 2017-03-06 22:29:31 -0500
A Rebel Fan commented
“John Tory, Kathleen Wynne and Justin Trudeau are as phoney as three dollar bills. They let street thugs silence anyone who doesn’t agree with them and they take funds and resources that were meant for Canadian citizens and hand it all over to fake refugees. What is wrong with people in this country for allowing this?”

To paraphrase Edith Han Beer, a Jewish woman who escaped the Nazi Death Camp by living as a U-Boat in the heart of the Third Reich, “To be totally ignorant of what was going on all you had to do was listen to nothing but the government radio”.
commented 2017-03-06 21:47:21 -0500
John Tory, Kathleen Wynne and Justin Trudeau are as phoney as three dollar bills. They let street thugs silence anyone who doesn’t agree with them and they take funds and resources that were meant for Canadian citizens and hand it all over to fake refugees. What is wrong with people in this country for allowing this?
commented 2017-03-06 21:38:00 -0500
I wish Ontario had someone better than Brown to stand up against Wynne. I don’t want to see her do anymore damage.
commented 2017-03-06 21:32:57 -0500
- The Liberals & their mainstream media lapdogs are more interested in telling Canadians what they think than actually finding out what Canadians actually think.

- Leftists project their failings onto others. They are the ones acting like Nazi brown shirts.

- The Ontario PC party seems to be determined to never hold power again. Patrick Brown is a disgrace & should just cross the floor & sit with the Liberals. Under Brown Ontario has no opposition party. If this is the best the PCs can do there needs to be a new party.

- The reason we have such a bloated government was summed up by the word “socialism”.
commented 2017-03-06 21:29:33 -0500
It’s too bad people don’t know history. 700 ad. the middle east was Christian until 2/3 had been eliminated. 1000 ad. The crusades were implemented to save lives of people in desperation. 4 of the 5 cities fell but Rome was spared by the 40’ x14’ walls. The pope said build bridges not walls but without the walls there would be no papacy. Thanks menzoid, your work is formidable. Proves how evil Soros nazis are the enemy after all this time and that the battle is between good and evil. I hope this isn’t Armageddon because it’s hyped right now. Glad you’re on the right side. Ontario is a huge drain on Alberta. 90% of us working 4x harder but they don’t consider these “Real jobs”. I’d like to layout every schiff. I think normal people have had enough. Defend yourselves. God bless