March 01, 2017

Highlights from Trump’s first address to Congress

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

I have to be honest: I find Donald Trump’s speeches full of meaning. They’re not just cliches and buzzwords.

President Trump’s last night’s speech to a joint session of Congress was substantive, but it was also stylish. I think it cemented for people, even more than his inauguration did, that he’s president now.

I’ll go over some highlights tonight (and make some predictions, too.)

Trump talked about jobs that have already been created or brought back. But of course, the media doesn’t care about industrial jobs in flyover country. Those jobs aren’t cool. But these "uncool" jobs are why millions of factory workers voted for him.

(And Trump isn’t “bringing back jobs” the Trudeau way: giving cash to Bombardier, who will lay off workers anyways.)

And there was the amazing, touching reference to a dead soldier and his widow. But did you notice? The whole of Congress applauded, except Nancy Pelosi, the most prominent Democrat in Congress. It shows you how extremist and tone-deaf the Democrats are in 2017.

The soaring language. The hope.

That’s the president for the next four years.

And, failing an assassin’s bullet, that’s the president for the next eight years.

NEXT: The great Raheel Raza of Muslims Facing Tomorrow, comes on to explain why she strongly opposes M-103, the Trudeau Liberals' anti-Islamophobia motion.

THEN: Our own Barbara Kay joins me to talk about the "Implicit Association Test."

The CBC has just adopted this test as "a tool for identifying and measuring unconscious biases among its senior executives," but she says the test's credibility is now under attack.

FINALLY: Your messages to me!

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commented 2017-03-04 15:43:41 -0500
I think every democrat member of congress who spoke to the Russians since Obama came to power should be arrested and held at Guantanimo until a full investigation can be completed….oh and include Hillary and Podesta.
commented 2017-03-02 13:06:42 -0500
A transgender-issues activist and Democratic candidate for Congress says the advent of the space tourism industry could give private corporations a “frightening amount of power” to destroy the Earth with rocks because of the Moon’s military importance.

Brianna Wu, a prominent “social justice warrior” in the “Gamergate” controversy who now is running for the House seat in Massachusetts’ 8th District, suggested in a since-deleted tweet that companies could drop rocks from the Moon.

“The moon is probably the most tactically valuable military ground for earth,” the tweet said. “Rocks dropped from there have power of 100s of nuclear bombs.”Wow you can’t make this stuff up
commented 2017-03-02 12:58:03 -0500
Great women and great show! I love the fact that we get to hear everybody’s opinion that isn’t shown on mainstream medias. Keep it up!
commented 2017-03-02 12:15:29 -0500
I would like to know what is the point in having a Russian Ambassador if any conversation with him , even at a well attended event, is the kiss of death on a political career.
commented 2017-03-02 12:11:02 -0500
@space Moose…Donald Trump did not send the seals on that mission Obama did. The mission got delayed until Trump took office. When Trump got word that the seal was killed without fanfare or even telling the press where he was going he met the family on the tarmac when the body was returned.

No miliary personnel were even permitted in the West Wing of the Shame on You Whitey House during the Obama presidency.
commented 2017-03-02 12:11:01 -0500
This silliness by our virtue signalling class is obnoxious.

Ahhh the infamous blasphemy laws , anti-islamophobia legislation …….. sweet Motion-103 submitted , deliciously ironic, by a Pakistani immigrant .
The largest # of victims of ‘islamophobia’ is perpetuated by Muslims against other sects of Islam….. This type of Islamophobic violence is a vicious violence, sectarian bloodletting , internecine slaughter , where mosques/shrines/madrassas of the ‘others’ are targets of choice …. Yet it is westerners, non-Muslims, who need to be shackled & silenced  with anti-Islamophobic laws………… Blasphemy laws to curtail western ‘islamophobia’ ….. Here, again , we see sharia drop it’s velvet glove and expose a bloody iron  fist ……
 Pakistan: Islamic State jihad suicide bomber murders 100 at Sufi mosque
commented 2017-03-02 11:28:02 -0500
Just saw on CP24 that Sweden is reintroducing the draft to deal with security concerns.
commented 2017-03-02 10:33:04 -0500
Sally said, “BAM! Super smack down by Ezra to our resident troll Jack. Thanks for that.”

Yea, I rather enjoyed his response to Jack as well.
commented 2017-03-02 10:00:44 -0500
When I see Trump do his speeches, all I think is, “I want one of those”. I want a leader who will stand up for his own first. I want a leader who will encourage investment. I would like to see our rich leader to do like Trump & take NO SALARY. Trump is President because he wants the USA to be the best it can be. Trudeau is PM because…….. he has great hair, he wants to follow in dad footsteps, he wants to help everyone OTHER than his own people? Not sure why Trudeau wants to be PM, but I wish he would take a moment & think about why he wants to lead our great country & what role he plays in making the lives of Canadians the best it can be. I have had enough with the broken promises & regurgitated talking points, it’s time for PMJT to understand people are suffering because of his policies.
commented 2017-03-02 09:02:20 -0500
BAM! Super smack down by Ezra to our resident troll Jack. Thanks for that.
commented 2017-03-02 08:11:23 -0500
Idiot Boy Trudeau doesn’t watch the news, so I hope someone passes this video on to the Moslem pedophile. Trump has given you a training video on “How To Be A Leader”. If Canada’s Moslem leader, elected by only 39% of Canadian’s & with an approval rating of only 15%, watched this video he might learn something about being a real leader to the People that elected him. Idiot Boy Trudeau must do the HONOURABLE thing & denounce Islam, quit the ideology of death & subjugation, submit to Sharia Law & allow your Imam to cut your head off for being an apostate. All bigotry against the LGBTQ community is now coming from the Islamic community following the Quran to murder all gays.
commented 2017-03-02 07:20:30 -0500
Daryl Herman YOU SAID IT PERFECTLY!! Human pride is lacking in these liberals that love everything evil and HATE everything good. I thought that most of them are mentally unstable, but just being proud of our country and ourselves seems to be the root of alot of the liberal insanity.
President Trump is the only ray of hope for anyone with any self respect and pride in our country to help save it from a one world government and us all living under sharia or headless in a shallow grave.
commented 2017-03-02 03:28:48 -0500
And just what the hell did the Americans get from that mission? Nothing that they could not already get.

It is because of stupid shit like this, that I do not have anything good to say about the military. If you are a soldier, you are just a pawn.
commented 2017-03-02 03:25:58 -0500
Space Moose are you for real? Doesn’t always go perfect.
commented 2017-03-02 02:30:17 -0500
That soldier died in a mission that got the Americans nothing. His death was in vain. The soldier’s father wanted nothing to do with Trump.
commented 2017-03-02 01:55:17 -0500
Gotta love the dems showing their ignorance when it comes to the widow. I also loved the Education comment , and another one that will trigger the left and have them frothing at the mouth is the announcement of V.O.I.C.E. , so people can actually report crimes by illegals and the numbers cannot be hidden by neutered police and officials. A stroke of sheer genius.
commented 2017-03-01 23:23:17 -0500

Nice tie Ezra you covered all the bases Blue, Red, Orange. Conservative, Liberal, NDP
commented 2017-03-01 23:00:51 -0500
@ Rebelation Rebelation commented 6 mins ago
A very positive solution to this problem – is – let’s get rid of all the “different” people – problem solved!
commented 2017-03-01 22:58:20 -0500
In listening to the whole Congressional address – my mind wondered back to a time – when I was young and listened to a Winston Churchill give a very similar speech over the BBC on a shortwave radio! – think it was about the Bay of Pigs issue? – was a very impressing speech for a 13 year old – the world desperately does need some straight thinking people at the helms of all governments – or we are about to see the annihilation of the human race – simply because many peoples have bought into the lazy, arrogant ignorance of Lieberalism – and in doing so lost every once of true human pride – not to mention rational intelligence.
commented 2017-03-01 22:52:10 -0500
Everything in life is a double edged sword. If every single person is racist, then we might as well accept it and stop trying to force a change in human nature that clearly just isn’t going to happen.

Lefty’s think they can change Human Nature. You can’t change ppl. They were supposed to learn that in their dating years. But, as we know, Lefty’s are “incapable of learning”.

In the US, they expect judges to be biased, they just want to know up front what that bias is. In Canada, we try to pretend there’s no bias and provide “sensitivity training” for those that get caught. What I was trying to say in my first paragraph is, we’d just be switching to a US style approach. But not jsut judges, in every day life. Except government services. Everyone pay taxes and has a right to those services.
commented 2017-03-01 22:47:05 -0500
@canadian Mongrel commented 2 hours ago
The Demoncrats were off to his right. You can watch the complete – unedited -speech on Rightside Broadcasting – and yes – many time he pretty much pointed at them – and then after watching the whole speech I checked out a couple of mostly whiner types critiquing the speech – one recording of a clip – a booing was heard when President Trump paid tribute to Service man Owens & his widow – from the demoncrat section! – Kinda takes a sub-human to be so disrespectful & disgusting! …and it is those “people” who still think they NEED to be running the country?!?
commented 2017-03-01 22:00:30 -0500
I love Raheel Raza, she is one extraordinary person!

Here’s a great example of hypocrisy, as she points out. No one bothers to consult experts on a subject, and as a matter of fact (because I know this defending parental rights) the Liberals intentionally go out of their way NOT to consult anyone who might know anything if it appears that may not fit the narrative (or be “helpful” like our weird friend Nuttal at the UN once said)

Where’s the hypocrisy? … because PMJT has on several occasions claimed that his government would be “evidence-based” in their decision making… I guess it depends on who’s “evidence” is being presented, doesn’t it? I rest my case.
commented 2017-03-01 21:52:55 -0500
I sat through the whole $%th POTUS state of the Union address – I have not heard unpretentious meaninful concepts espoused in Congress for 30 years or more – Maybe Kennedy, Goldwater and Reagan had these type of moments but Trump totally dominated his detractors with this speech.

When Trump said: “The number one civil right should be an education” That was a Kennedy moment.
commented 2017-03-01 21:21:07 -0500
EZRA great show tonight , yes I agree with you about RAHEEL And BARBARA

Just for fun , you should play the ( foaming at the mouth rant ) by Rosie Odonell in New York while TRUMP was giving his speech
She was hanging out with a bunch of u c l a slayers and lawyers — what a contrast !
commented 2017-03-01 21:17:18 -0500
Hi Peter Babich, been a long time.
commented 2017-03-01 21:15:55 -0500
I’m worried about the next memo, M-104 against Trudeauphobia !!! It’s coming
commented 2017-03-01 21:13:40 -0500
Unreported news. Trumps directives have arrested 1500 pedophiles in one month, compared to 400 in 2016, freeing 200 children. God bless him. Ezra and Barbara make me laugh. I wish I could sit in a room with them. Barb reminds me of my mom but my mom says pray. Raheel is an asset, God bless. I don’t think I should take the IAT. I’d blow up that supercomputer
commented 2017-03-01 21:09:32 -0500
- Trump is looking more & more presidential every day. As he does, the Democrats, their mainstream media lapdogs & elitist pals are making themselves look worse & worse.

- The Liberals want to divide everyone up into tiny warring tribes. Divide & conquer. Their policies don’t stand up to scrutiny so they want to kill any debate.

- “Progressives” spend a lot of time & effort using pseudoscience to try to legitimize their BS. A lame racism test – I’m sure all the elitists have taken it by now.