March 24, 2016

“Trudeau has chosen sides. He sides with Islam”

Rebel Staff

Almost alone in the western world, Justin Trudeau and his Liberals are not only unconcerned about Islamic terrorism, they’re dismantling what protections Canada already has. It’s nuts.

In Europe, some people are waking up. As Daniel Pipes told us the other day, anti-Islam parties are on the rise. Meanwhile, the central issue in the U.S. Republican primaries is border control.

But Trudeau is starving our counter-terrorism agencies of funding, cutting our military and relaxing anti-terrorism laws.

(It's not just Trudeau. Liberal Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan wouldn’t even make a statement after the Brussels attack, saying he was too busy getting pizza for his kids...)

And then there’s the Muslim migrants: 50,000 a year for four years, coming from the most sexist, anti-Semitic, violent places in the world, and Trudeau doesn’t care, because he’s on their side. He told us that himself.

You can’t do this for long without a taste of Brussels coming to Canada.

Tonight, my guest Claudia Rosett, Forbes columnist and expert on the UN,  reveals just how corrupt the United Nations is.  She talks about Justin Trudeau’s intention to get Canada a seat on the UN security council, and why this process frequently involves “favours and bribes.”

Geoffrey Clarfield of the Mozuud Freedom Foundation talks to me about the ISIS rape slavery crisis. He explains that freedom is at an all time low in Muslim countries, which is one reason young men join ISIS — it offers them sexual and other outlets.

He also criticizes the Trudeau government for favouring Syrian refugees over the persecuted Yazidis; his group is lobbying to bring more of them to Canada.

These are the kinds of conversations you just won't see anywhere but at

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