March 25, 2016

When bureaucrats are the real bullies: Saskatoon bylaw would outlaw “gossiping”

Rebel Staff

Bullying is bad. But imagine trying to make a law against badness. Not against crimes, or against what the law calls torts — that is, when you cause measurable damage to someone, say, in a car accident. We already have those laws.

How could you possibly define "bullying" under the law?

Which brings us to the massive anti-bullying bylaw considered this week by Saskatoon’s city council. It comes with hefty fines and everything. Fines for “name calling, ridiculing, insulting, mocking.”

And fines for “shunning” — that is, not wanting to be around another person.

So say an ugly fat guy is in a bar, but beautiful women over there are shunning him. That is now against the law. Saskatoon city council says so.

This new law would apply anywhere in the city: Any building, any public vehicle like a taxi, on any street or sidewalk or even any ditch. Any restaurant or store or bar.

Oh, except inside the city council chambers itself. They’re still free to bully people. Isn’t that funny?

We can laugh at this story, but this is part of an international “anti-bullying” movement that poses real threats to our freedom. WATCH and see what I mean.

Saskatchewan broadcaster John Gormley joins me to talk about this insane bylaw and what it tells us about society of large. We also discuss premier Brad Wall’s chances in the upcoming provincial election.

Jackson Doughart of the Atlantic Institute of Market Studies explains how the CBC with its $1 billion a year subsidy, is actually helping put newspapers out of business. Now we’re hearing calls for government newspaper subsidies, too. Imagine how that would slant media coverage of the Liberals then…

Finally: I read your messages to me, good and bad!

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