March 27, 2017

“Marketplace” and McLaren: More #FakeNews from Canada’s Media Party

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Two crazy stories for you today. Very different at first glance, but part of the same theme — how the mainstream, liberal media gets away with unethical and false stories every day.

The first stories is one of the craziest things you’re going to hear. It’s by Leah McLaren, a “star” columnist for the Globe and Mail, allegedly Canada’s leading legacy newspaper, owned by Canada’s richest man.

McLaren’s latest column was called, “The joy (and politics) of breastfeeding someone else’s baby.”

I’ll read you some of it. It’s gross.

But nobody at the Globe & Mail thought this column was bizarre.

Only when the public reacted with shock was it taken down.

Leah McLaren got her job at the Globe because her mom worked there, so they probably won’t fire her for confessing to inappropriately touching another family’s baby.

But that’s normal in Canadian media.

Remember Catherine Porter? She’s the child of publisher Anna Porter and top lawyer Julian Porter. She and I had a run in when I was covering a protest, then she falsely claimed in her Toronto Star column that I’d harassed her daughter. 

Even the Star’s public editor was shocked by her false story.

(You can watch all the details at, a website I set up for the rest of time, to show what an unethical reporter she is.)

Now here's more fake news:

Remember the disgraceful episode of CBC Marketplace, the state broadcaster’s investigative TV show?

The CBC used your tax dollars to hire actors to shout racist things on the streets, and to entrap passersby into buying “white power” shirts.

Well, even the CBC’s ombudsman was disgusted by that segment, noting in a just-posted official statement:

"The mixing of fiction and fact in a current affairs programme is high risk.”

That’s the mainstream media.

They’re fake news.

NEXT: Toronto Sun columnist Lorrie Goldstein talks with me about the 10 promises Justin Trudeau has broken since his election.

THEN: Scholar Daniel Pipes, president of the Middle East Forum, joins me in the studio to talk about the London terrorist attack, and much more.

FINALLY: Your messages to me!

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commented 2017-03-27 21:28:23 -0400
Canadian Mongrel; Bravo! That’s what I’ve always thought. Just think about all the peace processors considered to be the middle east “experts” . Can we name even one who has brought one days worth of peace? Crickets.
commented 2017-03-27 21:25:53 -0400
For me, Professor Pipes sounds a little too professorial. Saying that Trump “failed” with controlling immigration, when Trump’s orders were blocked by extreme leftist judges!
commented 2017-03-27 21:25:12 -0400
Canada’s public funded fake news continues to gas light Canadians – just today we see another installment of their defamatory narratives to demonize lawful gun owners by trotting out that old worn and utterly confuted false statistic about “child gun deaths” – of course the “children” they claim in the stats include 17-20 year old gangsters using Jane and Finch for an illegal shooting gallery and they use this to give the false impression these are legal guns owned by their parents and improperly stored – complete and utter BS! – this used to be the type of hysterical sensationalist fake news super market tabloids peddled to make a slimey buck – CBC has sunken much lower than that.
commented 2017-03-27 21:23:52 -0400
Ezra Levant is a convicted liar.

As always, his characterisation of every one of these stories is completely false.

How long will any of you pay any attention to this self-important lying idiot?? 😐
commented 2017-03-27 21:21:50 -0400
So much fake news being spewed out by the media I no longer watch much news anymore. I watch Hamilton news ,it’s a little less fake.
commented 2017-03-27 21:14:53 -0400
If only that was all there was to this depraved woman.
When ever you hear about some otherwise normal child or toddler declaring that he’s a girl, or she’s a boy, and then ponder the obvious question; How much of is this is the parent’s influence? Ponder no more. Here is the one and only Leah McLaren telling us (about one year ago) that she’s going to convert her young son, little by little she says, “into a proud princess whether he likes it or not.”
commented 2017-03-27 21:14:30 -0400
EZRA , liked your interview with DANIEL PIPES , and you covered the LUGENPRESSE , allways good when you uncover the LUGENPRESSE , and you covered the lying promises of our venerable beady one , the CRIMEMINISTER
commented 2017-03-27 21:08:29 -0400
I always enjoy Prof. Pipes. However, I disagree with him in his comment about ‘amateurs’ appointed to middle east affairs by Pres. Trump. I was disappointed by his use of a solipsism, comparing Trump’s appointments to a heart surgeon. A heart surgeon is a technical expert, for which he has been trained in a scientific method proved out by empirical data. Diplomacy, particularly in the middle east, is not a technically refined science and a fresh look by an amateur is probably needed, because the trained experts have accomplished sweet tweet. From what I remember of history is the British Empire was noted for its talented amateurs, who both built the empire and then let the empire gracefully fade.

Who knows, the next leap in heart surgery might be by a talented amateur, as often happens in science.
commented 2017-03-27 21:07:01 -0400
Leah McLaren, “a ‘star’ columnist for the Globe and Mail, allegedly Canada’s leading legacy newspaper”. Ezra, did you mean a “star” writer for Harlequin Romance or something of even racier genre?
McLaren self-righteously speaks of “Watching the spirited moral fumbling match that passes for the Conservative Party leadership campaign these days”. Moral fumbling? What in the world does this gross woman understand about morals?