May 24, 2017

Police silence free speech — then get censored, too

Rebel Staff

I have three Canadian stories for you today about the central battle of our time. No, not the battle for western civilization, the latest in the 1,400-year war between Islam and the west. But a preliminary battle that shapes that battle.

I’m talking about the battle against free speech. 

Let’s start in Quebec. A by-election candidate put up an election sign on a street post, which is legal and commonplace in that province. 

But his poster showed two young women: One wearing a toque with a fleur de lis on it. And the other, wearing a niqab.

Canadian police, with no warrant, no court order, no mandate, just took it down.

There's more: I'll tell you about the city that wants to ban protests outside an abortion clinic, and another where the Gay Pride Parade gets over a quarter of a million dollars from taxpayers, and has now decided to ban the city's police from marching with them.

Actually, there's a fourth story, and it concerns Rebel contributor Barbara Kay...

NEXT: Christine Van Geyn, Director of the Ontario Taxpayers Federation, explains that Ontario Premier Wynne's scheme to "help" citizens suffering under her own misguided energy policies is to spend $45 billion (taxpayer dollars) to "save" $24 billion.

THEN: Marc Morano of Climate Depot comes on to talk about Trump's "huge" plan to cut waste at the Environmental Protection Agency.

FINALLY: Your messages to me!

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