May 30, 2017

How BC's NDP/Green coalition will create a national recession

Rebel Staff

Nothing lasts forever, and the moderately pro-business B.C. Liberal Party had a good run. Elected in 2001, they kept on winning — until this month.

The final results were this: Christy Clark’s Liberals got 43 seats out of 87, one short of a majority. The NDP have 41 and the Green Party have 3 — that’s 44. That’s a majority.

The problem is the NDP itself has been an extremist party when it comes to the environment and the economy which is likely the reason Clark won last time. British Columbians were just plain scared by an NDP leader threatening to shut down every jobs mega project.

But, four years later, fatigue outweighed fear, and now the Frankenstein coalition is even more extremist — all the bad instincts of the NDP, combined with the ideological extremism of the Greens.

Add in Trudeau, who wants all the same projects dead too (he wants an economy built on feminism or something) and Alberta’s premier whose carbon tax was all about taking Alberta down a peg, and this spells trouble.

What a shame. With Alberta being euthanized economically, and with Trudeau going to war against Saskatchewan with its carbon tax, and threats to cut off hospital funding too, B.C. was Canada’s last, best hope.

Not anymore.

This is bad for B.C. It’s a disaster for Alberta, and the national economy. But to Justin Trudeau and Rachel Notley — everything is just proceeding as planned.

Our B.C. bureau chief, Christopher Wilson, covered the election for us closely. He joins me to discuss this coalition and what it might mean.

Next, Senior Editor at Large with, Joel Pollack, joins me to discuss how accusations of collusion with Russians against Trump resemble a classic Russian disinformation campaign themselves.

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