May 31, 2017

Kathy Griffin “normalizes” idea of decapitating a president, ISIS style

Rebel Staff

You can love Trump or hate him, but there’s a level of hate out there bordering on mental illness that I call Trump Derangement Syndrome. And now we’ve seen an outbreak of a new strain of TDS beyond anything ever seen before.

“Comedian” Kathy Griffin did a photo shoot, holding a simulation of Donald Trump’s severed head in the style of Islamic State terrorists who glamourize their murders in the Mohammedan way — a knife to the throat, posing for their victory shot holding up the severed head just so.

It’s one thing to blurt out a joke, an awful joke, but this wasn’t blurted out. There was no joke here. It was a symbol.

It was conceived; planned; staffed; constructed; staged; photographed, touched up; published; promoted.

Surely many worked on this with her, from beginning to end and not one said, “this is wrong; this is morally wrong; this makes me too uncomfortable; this makes me sick”.

You might not know Kathy Griffin, she’s a bit obscure but she was a celebrity who made millions, a political hero who CNN had on every New Years Eve ringing in the new year with Anderson Cooper.

What did CNN do when she came out with this decapitation video? Their first reaction was to think things over, not just fire her - they had to meet about it, weigh the pros and cons.

Trump himself tweeted about it saying that his children, especially 11 year old Barron, had a hard time with this.

But the offence isn’t to Barron Trump, or to Donald Trump. It’s to all of us — that a leading cultural figure, a shaper of ideas and of norms, has normalized the idea of decapitating a president.

Not a joke made with a smile. A carefully scripted and staged photo shoot.

That’s the cultural left with their embrace of violence — Islamic violence in particular.

And the shrug from the political-media establishment because it was only Trump, shows just how deep this rot goes.

Investigative Journalist Laura Loomer joins me to discuss the incredible hypocrisy of the left in the blatant double standard they apply to politicians on the right.

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