May 05, 2016

SICK: Eco-freaks celebrate forest fire — even blame fleeing residents — while Fort McMurray burns

Rebel Staff

Fort McMurray is ablaze, and now the fire is spreading to other northern Alberta towns. Thousands of people are homeless.

And yet environmental extremists are cheering and laughing about this fire.

Online, they’ve proclaimed it to be a moral judgment on a city, and its people, because these eco-freaks hate the oilsands.

(They reminded me of that weird Westboro Baptist Church that liberals claim to hate so much. You know, that fake church that protests everywhere, with signs saying things like “God Hates Fags.”)

For instance, Tom Moffatt, the former NDP candidate from southern Alberta, said the fire was “karmic.”

I’ll show you more comments, from the Dogwood Initiative’s Dave Mills, news writer Blake Siefken, anti-oil activist Tzeporah Berman, Canada’s drunken cat lady Elizabeth May, and Maclean’s. That official magazine of Canadian dentists’ offices asked, "Why didn’t Trudeau want to link the Fort Mac fire to climate change?”

Well, maybe because most forest fires are caused by lightning, not “global warming”?

Notice that these cultists are silent on OPEC oil. Could you imagine someone, when the oil train exploded in Lac Megantic Quebec a few years back, making political hay, let alone blaming the victims? Of course, that was a train full of U.S. oil, not Canadian oil, remember?

But when it’s Fort McMurray? Have at it.

NEXT: We talk to Fort McMurray’s great ambassador and “I Love Oil Sands” campaigner, Robbie Picard. You'll remember him as my tour guide when I visited “Fort Mac” last year.

Robbie talks about the destruction of his home, the evacuation process and what the situation looks like right now. He says the government didn’t take action quickly enough to save the town.

(Remember: We're still accepting donations to the Red Cross through, after reaching our $100,000 goal in only ONE day, thanks to all of you.)

THEN: Don’t be fooled by recent media reports and the pack of lies you’re hearing from the company:

Earls Restuarants’ war on Canadian beef continues.

Danny Hozack, past chairman of the Alberta Beef Producers, says that Alberta cattle ranchers are already ethical and humane and don’t need any extra phony “certification.”

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