May 06, 2016

What made the Fort McMurray fire so destructive? The answer: Environmental extremism

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

In Fort McMurray, it seems like history is repeating itself. In 2011, another city in northern Alberta, called Slave Lake, also had a massive fire tear through town, also in May, the dry season. A massive evacuation. Damage totaled $800 million.

So 18 months later, the province produced a report. Their very first recommendation to prevent another fire like that was that municipalities cut down trees near buildings, roads and hospitals.

And the report was ignored, by the PCs, then the NDP. So they’re partly to blame.

But so are environmental extremists.

You see, they think cutting down a single tree is a shameful act.

In Fort McMurray, they didn’t cut down trees next to highways and buildings. Under pressure from eco-extremists, they planted more of them, in the name of “eco-tourism.”

The town also adopted a “green plan,” ensuring “that natural features of development sites (trees, vegetation, wetlands, etc.) are not removed or filled.”

Then of course, when the fire did come, the NDP government had cut the firefighting budget by 80 per cent, and Notley literally laughed at any “fear mongers” who dared question that.

What happened in Fort McMurray was a natural disaster. Lots of politicians bear the blame.

But it also happened, in part, because environmental extremism came ahead of evidence-based forest fire policy — and people’s property and lives...

NEXT: Candice Malcolm is in the studio. Sun Media columnist is now the author of a brand new Amazon #1 bestseller, called "Losing True North."

The book exposes what she calls the “radical changes” Justin Trudeau’s Liberals are making to Canada’s immigration and citizenship laws. Malcolm says Trudeau is lowering the standards and requirements for newcomers, for blatant political gain. The implications for Canada — in terms of everything from national security to our health care and pension programs -- are truly scary.

THEN Tony Clement, a former cabinet minister in Stephen Harper’s government, comes on to answer the burning question:

Is he planning to run for the leadership of the Conservative Party? And what are the most important issues facing Canada today?

And how can any candidate compete in the face of the Media Party's Justin Trudeau love fest?

FINALLY: I read your emails, tweets and other messages to me, mostly about our campaign.

(One fellow said our studio should be fire bombed for raising money for Fort McMurray! I explain why so many leftists are hostile towards our fundraising for the Red Cross.)

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commented 2016-05-09 14:56:41 -0400
Ezra nailed it.

It is so true that people on the right are actually nice, good, generous people and the left is sneering and anti-everything. Case in point, look at the violence at some Donald Trump rallies in the US – left wing activists literally screaming in the faces of elderly Trump supporters, threatening women with rape, blocking ambulances, throwing rocks at police…..and at Clinton/Sanders’ rallies: NO violence, ever.

Fascinating – and they pretend to care so much.

Great show, Ezra.
commented 2016-05-09 13:31:19 -0400
You folks should be aware of the federal and municipal police officers going to the private residences of citizens of canada who have written negative comments concerning the present Prime Minister of canada in blogs and posts.
Citizens are being interrogated by the police. That’s right questioned as to their motivation in writing about a blithering idiot who couldn’t count above ten with out removing his socks. A bi sexual pinko who has more concern for a bunch of sheep farmers from Syria infiltrating our country at the taxpayers expense than our own people who can barely exist in today’s economy. A Prime Minister who gives away billions of our hard earned dollars to the unwashed of the world
as he laughs his ass off at the hard working people of this country all the while spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on his own personal pleasures and perks.
Prime Minister Trudeau is not to be trusted by the majority of the people He has never attained anything in his life that required hard work and concentration.A life built on theatre and drama unlike the people who have had to work for every dime they ever had.
In short, any opposition to Trudeau will be stopped by the police states of Canada. Or so they think. The people are so upset with this moron with his hands on the public purse I am certain his days will be short in office. no one in their right mind could ever
support this pinko.
Be afraid people ~ Be very very afraid when the police are interrogating the folks who oppose this moron. What is next ? Internment camps for the opposition to this jerk?
commented 2016-05-09 12:37:32 -0400
Notley reports of widespread devastation to Ft. McMurray from the wildfire.

I don’t think so.

There is a probability that the fire was deliberately set by SJWs, but the satellite images display that much of the city is unscathed. It appears that the false flag operation to wreck the Oilsands fell short of it objective. So, Notley steps in an establishes the narrative that Ft. McMurray is completely devastated and completely unfit for human habitation over the long term, perhaps for months on end. This Chernobyl narrative establishes that the city will not be a place for any human activity over the very long term, further impairing the continued operations at the Oilsands projects. With the security curtain around the area, no other parties can determine what the real assessment of the situation is.
commented 2016-05-09 10:35:17 -0400
Jay Kelly: Constructive suggestions? I gave you one the other day. Pack up your buddy Ron C and take that vacation to Venezuela. Grab those other couple of leftist trolls (tools) infecting the Rebel and be on your way. If in fact, though,if you are one in the same, go fuck yourself.

Governments responding well?? If they had responded well to anything, major pipelines would have already been under construction. In times of disaster and need, we should all band together for the common good. This is happening, but already the eco climate lib bullshit propaganda is taking over. SELL THE CRIMINAL CBC AND PUT THE PROCEEDS TOWARD FT. MAC.
commented 2016-05-09 05:54:05 -0400

Ezra doesn’t quite get to probing the slow response to a fresh fire in the vicinity of an urban area. The fire that grew from the southwest of YMM and fed on Beacon Hill and Abasand was a few days old. THE FIRE STARTED MAY 1. By May 4TH (!) there seems to have been no concerted effort to contain the blaze. By concerted effort, I mean, well, a concerted effort. A focussed wildfire effort. Leaving it to the urban crews is tragic. In the light of lessons learned from 2011 in Slave Lake, shouldn’t anyone sort of put two and two together?

Shouldn’t there have been a concentrated effort to contain this blaze? Especially with YMM being at the confluence of two large rivers. For it to have been left to the local emergency services to deal with reeks of indifference on the part of the people tasked with combatting wildfire disaster, especially with some foreknowledge.

That being said, an examination of the early stages of the YMM conflagration must (and will) ensue. All one can hope for is that it is sooner rather than later. It needs to be brutally “hindsight is 20-20” in scope.

Something is distinctly wrong with the YMM wreck. Clues arise from the broadcasting of “karma” reasons for the conflag. Or some link to Climate Change. Or imagery of the Knotley Crüe protesting the oil patch. One could nearly imagine some smug hack saying “let it burn”. How else could one explain the dismissal of a fire burning for days beside the reviled source of dirty oil?

Elsewhere I have squawked about some of my possibly inappropriate comments while the disaster was so fresh. Well now it is getting stale.

While playboys and glib politicians gambol.
commented 2016-05-09 05:07:57 -0400
Pandemoniously hilarious!!!!! “let’s buy Greanpeace Credits….” BAHAHAHA….so true, Ezra. Over the friggin’ top, but so true. Another waltzing trudge into the morass of enviro-dorkism.
commented 2016-05-08 23:07:50 -0400
It seems like leftists have the upper hand in everything just like sand interfering a couple having sex. They are in our governments, media – especially CBC, social media, EVERYWHERE!
commented 2016-05-08 21:55:19 -0400
MARYANN KENNEY you are a complete imbecile. Are you related to that idiot- Jason Kemmy?
commented 2016-05-08 21:52:40 -0400
Notley is doing a fine job and Ezra Levant is still an asshole looking for people with at least two brain cells to send him money.
commented 2016-05-08 00:55:34 -0400
The Alberta Government and the Government of Canada seem to have responded well to this challenge. Have you any constructive suggestions?
commented 2016-05-07 22:41:48 -0400
“Oh sad to hear about liberal insanity in Canada. I was looking to Canada as a refuge from Obama’s liberalism.”

Funny, I have long felt that the US should be my backup plan if Canada goes too far left, but at the end of the day, I also can’t help thinking that all this talk of moving away over politics is a simple case of the ‘grass is greener’ syndrome.
commented 2016-05-07 19:26:01 -0400
If Notley in fact lied to her Legislature by stating that she did not cut the firefighting budget by 80 per cent, and stated that comments to the contrary by the Opposition were lies, why is there no accountability in Alberta regarding speaking the truth in the Legislature? Are there in fact no consequences? What is the use of having a Legislative Assembly in Alberta?
commented 2016-05-07 15:10:03 -0400
To be honest and fair to both Notley and Junior, I wonder if this is going to be a wake up call to them that governance is actually about doing the best they can for the people and not just following the ideological whims of their Senior staffers, Topp and Butt. Junior did not support the Twiggly-puff, Elizabeth May, rant but seemed to actually roll his eyes at her statement much to the chagrine of the elite media. Notley, is not evil, even though I will continue to work against her the best way I can: I am going to be interested in her interaction with Jean when they next meet across the aisle, I am hoping it will be with remorseful embarrassment.

So I wonder if this will be the wake up call to break free of their minders and govern. Sadly, I am pessimistic.
commented 2016-05-07 13:34:29 -0400
Sorry Doug Canada is more liberal then the US even with Obama running the show. As a Fort McMurray resident I’m terrified of what the government will do with my town, because we don’t fit in to their aintioil, ecoteroirist, agenda.
commented 2016-05-07 10:56:47 -0400
Oh sad to hear about liberal insanity in Canada. I was looking to Canada as a refuge from Obama’s liberalism.
commented 2016-05-07 10:42:38 -0400
“Then of course, when the fire did come, the NDP government had cut the firefighting budget by 80 per cent, and Notley literally laughed at any “fear mongers” who dared question that.”

That statement right there isn’t just misinformation, it’s an outright lie. They cut tanker contracts by 5.1 million and its base wildfire management budget by 9.6 million to about 100 million. That’s about a 13% cut, far from 80%. At the end of the day the budget cuts mean nothing for the Fort McMurray fires. The cost of fighting these fires will go waaaaay over budget and that money will come from Emergency funds. The 13% cuts would not have stopped this fire from happening. Blaming Notley and/or Trudeau for this is rediculous.
commented 2016-05-07 10:07:10 -0400
I can just see the scene at the CBC HQ right now….the building in lock down, the sirens sounding, the red lights flahing, the damage control parties frantically running to their posts and in the “war room”, the CBC brass plotting how best to spin the story. I wish I was a fly on the wall.
commented 2016-05-07 09:36:37 -0400
And where is Just a True dope? Meeting with Tory and Atawapaskat leaders.
He needs to get his ass out to Edmonton to at least show his support for the evacuees.
Totally heartless and conceited boy.
commented 2016-05-07 09:30:25 -0400
commented 2016-05-07 09:16:32 -0400
This is a prime example of how pandering to the looney left eco-radicals has horrendous real world consequences. In Ontario it has cost hundreds of thousands of jobs. All of this loss for absolutely no good reason.
commented 2016-05-07 09:04:49 -0400
commented 2016-05-07 09:01:05 -0400
If everyone in Fort Mac had been driving an electric car as is the fervent wish and goal of the eco- nutbars, imagine the carnage. In this massive evacuation, fossil fuels in the convoy saved the day and thousands of lives.
What caused this fire? Obvious to me…..
commented 2016-05-07 04:51:11 -0400
this is so very insane… That’s like screaming fire when your house is on fire and some crazy person is yelling at same time “stop the fear mongering” as you watch the house burn…LITERALLY Shes so stupid or she thinks we are.
commented 2016-05-07 02:19:14 -0400
At this rate, it will not be long before the NDP get you tube to take off the video of Notley dismissing the cutbacks as fear mongering.
commented 2016-05-07 01:54:23 -0400
Ezra, Why don’t you invite Trudeau, Wynne and Notley to appear on the Rebel?

You could talk to Justin about psychopathic Muslims and Prime Ministers.

You could ask Wynne about Wynned Mills.

And Notley could talk about Movies, like ‘The Fire Down Below’

You could then sing to them that old WW2 RAF and RCAF song, ’The Bells In Hell Go Ding A Ling A Ling…
commented 2016-05-07 00:32:45 -0400
Most every bit of crown forest land in or near urban centers is horribly managed – dry deadfall never cleared – a fire waiting to happen. Some of the best managed forests I’ve seen are private wood lots or reclaimed select cut projects
commented 2016-05-07 00:19:03 -0400
Lots of great posts here. The support for the people of Fort Mac is remarkable but typical of Albertans. This is going to cause all those hateful comments coming from the ecoextremists that much more repulsive as they should be. James makes a good point about billions for 70,000 Bombardier employees rewarding incompetence and greed kind of puts it in a different perspective. This crisis is real. And the little people showing genuine compassion with their OWN money pushing the self serving politicians off the centre stage for a change. Alberta will rebuild and survive with or without Ottawa and in spite of the naysayers.
commented 2016-05-06 23:19:37 -0400
It is truly remarkable and powerful to see people helping people. Leave the politics and politicians on the bench if you want stuff to get done well. True power lies within the “little people” as Mr. Hauk describes. This is where the benefit of positive change will be seen.
I share your hope for the rest, but, unfortunately, as a Realist, I don’t share your level of optimism for this bunch. It won’t be long before everyone (except the people of Ft. Mac) are back to the usual.
Based on historical facts and clinical psycho-analysis research, it would be very naive to believe that the narcissists, elitists, apologists, appeasers, usurpers, teat feeders, delusional ‘me-myself-and-I’ crowd will ever change.
The fire must stay burning in the “little people”, for that is where true power lives.
commented 2016-05-06 23:08:26 -0400
Glen Reid commented 30 mins ago
Has anyone suggested this fire was deliberately set, maybe by eco terrorists.

The answer is yes. This story made it to the Watts site today. Lots of discussion going on there about it. Most blaming the government.