November 02, 2016

Your tax dollars at work: CBC “government comedians” cause trouble at Trump rallies

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

The CBC was created to promote Canadian values and culture. And yet they are spending their time (and our money) mocking — not the US election in general — but Donald Trump and his supporters: traveling down to pick fights at Trump events, making fun of his supporters and putting them on the internet.

As we’ve learned from Project Veritas undercover videos, “bird-dogging” is what Democrat dirty tricksters call infiltrating a Republican rally to undermine it from within.

But unlike Hillary Clinton’s dirty tricksters, the CBC government team actually recorded themselves doing it. They were proud of it, because they knew they would please their patron, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

It’s strange for a democracy like Canada to have a state broadcaster. Normally that’s the sort of thing you see in Communist China or North Korea. But even stranger is having government comedians.

I’m not against jokes about Trump. But it’s gross that Canadian taxpayers have to pay for them, and to send government workers to the U.S. to make fun of Trump supporters, to their faces.

But you know what the worst of it is?

For $1.5 billion a year, you’d think it would all be funnier...

TONIGHT'S GUESTS are Daniel Pipes, President of the Middle East Forum and Jennifer Breedon, a human rights attorney at Clarion, to discuss an influential left wing group's blacklisting of Pipes, Aayan Hirsi Ali and other freedom fighters as "hate mongers."

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commented 2016-11-07 20:16:50 -0500
22 Minutes is a bad joke. And no, Ezra, I wouldn’t expect CBC’s $1.5 billion subsidy to produce funnier material. That’s likely a big reason it isn’t funny. Its “comedians”, just like the rest of the CBC, are pampered, lazy, clueless, political partisans. Any other media company would have given them the axe long ago.
commented 2016-11-03 23:25:13 -0400
Most of my life I have been forced to vote for the least of the evils. The only times I have voted enthusiastically were when the Reform Party was in operation.
commented 2016-11-03 13:16:10 -0400
Could the CBC be charged in the US for political interference?-CBC being a state run organization! I wonder if Trudeau or Notley have any ties to Soros and what kind of Voting machines were used in the Alberta and Federal elections. There are certainly HRC connections in these two Governing bodies and it would be interesting to have a look at their emails!
commented 2016-11-03 12:14:16 -0400
Looking forward to hearing more from Jennifer Breedon.
commented 2016-11-03 12:12:01 -0400
Hillary is the impeachable one not Donald.
commented 2016-11-03 12:09:17 -0400
Daniel Pipes’ never Trump protest voting strategy seems self serving and stuck up to me, (but he says he’s rooting for Trump?). If he can’t give his vote to Trump on ‘moral’ grounds but doesn’t want Hilary to win, then he is cutting off his nose to spite his face. I simply cannot understand this illogical thought process. He won’t survive In a world of survival of the fittest, which is the world we live in like it or not. His sort of logic is helpful to no one.
Just lost some of my respect for the man.
commented 2016-11-03 10:47:13 -0400
This a insult to Canadian tax payers.Shame on you.My American friends will see thru this bullshit.Will not watch cbc any more.It is not even funny. Trudeau loves Hillary.SAD
commented 2016-11-03 10:42:02 -0400
I can’t turn CBC off because I never turn it on .
commented 2016-11-03 10:35:38 -0400
Pipes doesn’t live in the real world…intellectuals have this problem and he reads too much into Trump’s persona…but impeachable? Give me a break! All his complaints about Trump are based on media spin. The guy is 70 years old, is paying his own way, when he could be basking in the sun at a resort for the rest of his life, and has no chance of being a dictator when all the money in America and the left is against him…face reality, Pipes! Trump may be rough around the edges (he has been in construction all his life…what else is new?) but it seems to me that the Americans need someone constructive, rather than a self-serving thief who has sold access to her position in government to massively enrich herself personally and who has endangered American sovereignty and American lives…she WILL be impeached unless Obama pardons her, she pardons herself, or the Justice Department owes one of them too much to block the impeachment, no matter how much evidence there is. I regret that we can expect Obama’s influence to continue in Canada, as it did when he sent operatives to get Trudeau into power. The leftist tentacles are all encompassing and as those who feed off government influence increase in number (entertainment, media, welfare, food banks,unions, government workers, etc.,) there will come a day when there will be no way for the brakes on government triumphalism to exist (in the form of a conservative movement). When people find they are finally irrevocably dependent on their government, as in Cuba, and they have no other recourse, than a revolution, they will find that there is little chance of succeeding when they have given the government all the cards!…and that is why Trump must win or the end is nigh.
commented 2016-11-03 09:20:31 -0400
Hi Ezra, this past summer there was a golf course in AB using NDP members pic for target, maybe they should of used this strategies….. Stressed voters can swing at Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump at a driving range in Texas where photos of the presidential candidates are displayed as targets for speeding golf balls. Alpine Target Golf Center in Longview has hung the portraits (Clinton on the left and Trump on the right) on round hay bales since late October. The photos show the Democrat and Republican candidates for the White House with mouths wide open, as if ready to catch a ball. It’s hard to tell if golf balls count as votes for or against the candidates, but the balls amassed around Clinton’s hay bale indicate more people have teed off in her direction. Clinton and Trump targets will be up until the election is over. Owner Mike Williams said he might add the Vice Presidential nominees Tim Kaine and Mike Pence.
commented 2016-11-03 09:15:17 -0400
AMAZING interview with Jennifer Breedon! Cried when she told of the Christians that were held for 4 weeks & told convert to islam and go home & they would not was amazing. One day plan to meet those brave men.
commented 2016-11-03 08:51:18 -0400
Justine Trudeau doesnt pay cbc bills…we do..the little prick uses our money to pay off these pieces of shit and uses our money to pay off dictatorships as we fight to keep our heat bills and power bills paid.
commented 2016-11-03 08:43:09 -0400
sell that shit cbc… they are NOT FUNNY!!! They are no threat to anyone and certainly not to Trump. no one watches them.
commented 2016-11-03 08:31:24 -0400
Al Peterson commented
“Jay, the CBC has been around a lot longer than the 1950’s Who do you think the war correspondents were working for in WWII? What a dunderhead. Don’t you ever get tired of being wrong? You must be a glutton for punishment.”

The troll of several aliases (best known as Jay/Sean) is greatly amusing at times, when he shows his ignorance by firmly sticking to his talking points he is hilarious. What these leftwing propagandists can’t seem to grasp is that their talking points hold no weight in this day and age because information is at everyone’s fingertips with the click of the mouse. It is no wonder that select governments and select groups want to control the information on the internet – control the information you control the people (the National Socialist German Workers’ Party understood this tactic very well).

“No, Ezra, that is not strange at all. When broadcasting began it was quite clear to Canada and the United Kingdom that we would have state broadcasters. We have had state broadcasters since the 1950’s.”

LOL, Jay, type the question into your browser’s search engine “when was CBC founded” the answer that immediately pops up is “November 2, 1936, Ottawa”. Far cry from your talking point. Are you referring only to television programming? If so then your talking points does have one tiny correct fact (1950s for television programming). It was all about control, nothing more and nothing less.

The Beginnings of Public Broadcasting in Canada: The CRBC, 1932-1936:
“….The act created the Canadian Radio Broadcasting Commission (CRBC) as the federal broadcaster and also gave it the major responsibility for regulating all Canadian stations. While the 1932 Act envisaged the eventual government takeover of all stations, in the short and medium term it provided for supervisory regulation of ongoing private stations and for their use as vehicles to carry the programs developed by the CRBC. The CRBC was thus primarily a program-creating, network-organizing, and regulatory body, quite unlike its putative model, the BBC, in that it functioned in a competitive marketplace side by side with both Canadian and American private stations. …”
“The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (known in French as (la Société) Radio-Canada or SRC), is the government owned national network in Canada. It was originally a national network of radio stations founded in 1936. It was founded as the successor of the Canadian Radio Broadcasting Commission founded in 1932 which was, in turn, the federally-mandated replacement for the Canadian National Railways radio network, established in 1923. Indirectly, this makes the CBC the second-oldest broadcast network in the world, after the BBC. The first CBC television broadcasts began in September, 1952.”
commented 2016-11-03 05:25:39 -0400
Perhaps the CBC find the latest news out at Fox and other outlets funny
US Presidential Election
Breaking: FBI sources say with 99% accuracy that Hillary Clinton’s server has been hacked by at least five foreign intelligence agencies, and that information had been taken from it.
Insiders say FBI, DOJ, NYPD have Weiner’s laptop, desktop, router
-Classified Top Secret Emails were on found Weiner’s computer
-There is a treason espionage investigation as copies of special access files were offloaded to a third party
-There is a sexual investigation involving a Sexual Blackmail Network found on Weiner’s computer
commented 2016-11-03 01:46:25 -0400
Egil Lomeland—2 hours ago—-The Conservatives—“what a waste of a majority Gov’t; the Liberals are new and they seem to know what to do with a majority Gov’t.” Ever since the election , I think of what they could have done.
Rid the CBC
Rid the Senate, The NDP was willing to help all the way.
Pipelines, Use Non Withstanding Clause over the Supreme Court
Less Middle East Immigration-Kenney got the ball rolling on this disaster.
No funding to biased Universities; they must be neutral
No Income Splitting for the rich-4 billion wasted.
If Harper didn’t like dealing with the press, he should have hired a press secretary like the US.
Egil, you are correct, what a waste!
commented 2016-11-03 01:30:13 -0400
Canadian liberal arrogance. Contemptible.
commented 2016-11-03 01:11:48 -0400
Bill Elder, were Wayne and Shuster really behind the “pay wall”.

I liked their program and I laughed at their jokes.
commented 2016-11-03 00:56:17 -0400
Kelly really isn’t qualified to comment on these items because he does not know what is said behind the pay wall.

BTW Kelly, Free states have private independent media, statist oligarchies have “state broadcasters” dependant on state directives and funding- Free states get news, oligarchies get propaganda

Canada joins great tradition of state-owned broadcasters like N.Korea, China, Russia, Cuba, Venezuela, Angola, Iran, Iraq, Sudan And similar free speech nations
commented 2016-11-03 00:54:24 -0400
I haven’t watched the cbc since i got the internet. I have netflix and youtube so i don’t have to watch biased garbage. The cbc like so many things should cease to be funded at all.
commented 2016-11-03 00:52:59 -0400
Yes, I certainly recall Wayne and Shuster. I found it funny and did not see the anti-semitic element.

Come to think of it, was CBC ever against us?
commented 2016-11-03 00:18:34 -0400
Jay, the CBC has been around a lot longer than the 1950’s Who do you think the war correspondents were working for in WWII? What a dunderhead. Don’t you ever get tired of being wrong? You must be a glutton for punishment.
commented 2016-11-03 00:18:34 -0400
Jay, the CBC has been around a lot longer than the 1950’s Who do you think the war correspondents were working for in WWII? What a dunderhead. Don’t you ever get tired of being wrong? You must be a glutton for punishment.
commented 2016-11-03 00:11:27 -0400
One of my great irritants is having my tax dollars going to support the CBC (Pravada North) and this report adds salt to the wound. Ugh!
Pipes is a loser! CINO. Like you say Ezra,look at the policy! I don’t know why the Rebel keeps him in their entourage. Little appreciation for his commentary on previous shows. Carries a supercilious air.
commented 2016-11-03 00:08:27 -0400
Jay Kelly,
Once again you have shown everyone just how stupid and uninformed you really are.
So Jay, how did Canada end up getting a State Broadcaster in the first place?
Do you even know?
How many Western Democracies spend 1.5 billion a year on their " State Broadcasters "?

Go ahead and enlighten us……..
commented 2016-11-02 23:53:22 -0400
The item purportedly by Ezra Levant says :“It’s strange for a democracy like Canada to have a state broadcaster.”

No, Ezra, that is not strange at all. When broadcasting began it was quite clear to Canada and the United Kingdom that we would have state broadcasters. We have had state broadcasters since the 1950’s.

The State broadcaster is charged with the responsibility of reflecting the current and overall reality back to the people. Thus the BBC and the CBC have proud heritages of producing quality programming for their people.

Documentaries, dramas, comedies and satires have served our nation well.
commented 2016-11-02 23:45:06 -0400
Daniel Pipes is too proud to admit he supports Trump. Pride goeth before a fall
commented 2016-11-02 23:29:01 -0400
@rebelation Rebelation…“There’s laws against interfering or trying to influence elections in another country no?”

The threshold of offence is far beyond what “the wicked wits of the east” (the original name of this commedy troop)has done.

Most of Trump’s enemies are people who assume that America is already a Marxist state won by creeping gradualism.

Jennifer Breedon knows or aught to know what she is dealing with….Trudeau and McAllum were dragged to this like sand bags. It completely belies their own policies. Justin’s brother produces propaganda films for the Islamic Republic of Iran….the folks who disinterred every Bahai grave as an exercise in toxic waste remediation….and hanged teenagers who defied the edicts against teaching anything other than Islam…

She danced on the gallows platform and kissed the rope…..Prime Minister Trudeau…you and your brother disgust me.
commented 2016-11-02 23:04:57 -0400
We had a chance to get rid of the CBC but, apparently, conservatives still think it has a place in our culture. Now, can someone please define the Canadian culture? Complete waste of a majority government. I see the liberals have no trouble making use of their majority.