November 10, 2016

“Sore loser freaks” are protesting Trump’s election — and it’s about to get even worse

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Hey, remember the third presidential debate, when Trump was asked if he would accept the election results? 

Hillary Clinton was “horrified” that Trump wouldn’t instantly concede, in advance, without knowing any details.

In the end, though? It was Clinton who refused to concede on election night, after all the news agencies had called the election for Trump.

Now, I think 90 per cent of Americans who voted Democrat are normal liberals. But ten percent are hardcore, well-funded activists, and they took to the streets.

Meanwhile, celebrities took to Twitter.

Katy Perry, the multi-millionaire pop star, tweeted after the election, “The Revolution is Coming.” 

Lena Dunham tweeted: "@ladygaga let me into her vagina for safety when I cried. And that's beautiful.” Huh? Lady Gaga herself was chauffeured away from a protest, in a Rolls Royce.

And remember: These people were literally chosen to be the face of the Clinton campaign.

It’s all connected:

Refusing to accept a democratic rejection, and failing to understand that all of the cool stuff the Clintons love — Lady Gaga, Lena Dunham, Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street — that’s not actually America. That’s a few zip codes in Manhattan and Hollywood. In which 90 per cent of reporters spend their whole lives.

Real journalists might do a moment’s introspection and say, "How could I have missed the most surprising election result in memory?"

But most won’t. CNN, the New York Times, the CBC?

They’re going to get worse.

NEXT: Our own Gavin McInnes joins me to talk about Trump's meeting with Obama today, and what to expect in the days ahead.

THEN: Rebel co-founder Brian Lilley comes on to discuss elite reaction to the election, such as Kellie Leitch's positive comments about Trump, and the blowback she's received. 

FINALLY: I respond to your messages, good and bad!


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commented 2016-11-12 10:10:19 -0500
The American media and Democrat leaders like Harry Reid are “creating” an atmosphere of hatred for President Elect Donald Trump. I would suggest that some level of dampening and balance be applied to the rhetoric and we heed the lessons of still recent history . The article below provides an important and critical lesson and warning to the Luggenpresse and leftist politicians.
commented 2016-11-11 20:14:00 -0500
Terry Green…
Big potato little brain, little potato no brain…!! Trump speaks volumes as he ignores him.!
commented 2016-11-11 20:01:37 -0500
Love the fact that Trump has spoken to 10 world leaders including Mexico and Suth Korea but NO little potatoe. WOW!!!!!!
commented 2016-11-11 16:37:15 -0500
All the trolls who stock this site are uncommonly quiet right now… They must be waiting for the media to tell them what to say as they are incapable of independent or critical thought.
commented 2016-11-11 16:14:00 -0500
Love the accurate and very descriptive term “lugenpresse”. I’m going to use that term from now on. I can think of no other way to accurately describe the MSM.
commented 2016-11-11 16:13:52 -0500
The education system has babied the younger generations and is the number one reason we are seeing these public temper tantrums, that are now turning violent. In school, everyone got handed a piece of paper to make them feel better, if someone else did something well. And in sports, we had to stop counting score, because someone would have hurt feelings. They certainly aren’t preparing these younger generations to deal with real life. They have brainwashed these kids and now they can’t even function. Self entitled babies, are so pathetic to watch!
commented 2016-11-11 15:35:24 -0500
Joe Mac, that is too funny!
commented 2016-11-11 15:15:05 -0500
The reason the Canadian public is so largely biased against Donald Trump is because the have been saturated by one side of the media for so long they a completely skewed view. I have spoken to many Canadians who had never even heard of the film or book Clinton Cash and who like some of the commenters here thought this was just unfounded innuendo or smear. Now thanks to Wikileaks some of those most critical are beginning to admit there was more to this than they thought.
commented 2016-11-11 15:03:18 -0500
This is the result of years of setting up safety zones to protect everyone’s feelings in the chance they might have to confront people who don’t agree with their narrow perspective and then making promises they can’t afford to make. When you are suddenly encounter reality you have a meltdown.
commented 2016-11-11 14:09:58 -0500
As I watch these protests, I think “is there someone who could lend a radical muslim an 18 wheeler”
commented 2016-11-11 13:11:11 -0500
It won’t take 50 years, you will see the downfall start to take place in 3 – 5 years, I kid you not!
commented 2016-11-11 13:08:28 -0500
When a person rejects God, he rejects Truth. He makes up his own truth, and is flummoxed when his truth ultimately doesn’t line up with actual events.

I am more and more convinced that Common Sense is a spiritual gift. There is a clear absence of it among those who replace God with Self or Humanism or progressivity or whatever else he chooses to worship.
commented 2016-11-11 11:18:59 -0500
with the small potato immigration policy the welfare system is going to explode. Can small potatoes guarantee that muslims don,t live by sharia law in their house holds and only have 1 wife. I urge you to check a video on youtube called islam will take over the world in fifty yrs. Small Potatoes is allowing this to happen to canada through the immigration policy. Our grandchildren will be living in an islamic canada.
commented 2016-11-11 11:05:56 -0500
We do not need violence to get rid of the liberals, and it is a proven point now that it goes beyond just the liberals, its also the Cons & NDP, we need a complete change.

Our service men & women would not take up arms against its citizens and neither would any town police, only the RCMP would do that and only a small % of those would actually follow through.

When the political establishment as a whole turns its back on its people, and colludes for a sinister goal of taking “words” and “choices” away from its people, it is time for a change.

An actual Moderate Government is what is needed, with checks and balances that take the stench of corruption from our Government, what we have now is a puppet Government run by the UN and its monetary benefactors.

This type of Government is what was just defeated in the US, so they will be looking to reassert their hold on Canada, we can not as a people allow that to happen.
commented 2016-11-11 10:46:36 -0500
if a revolution is coming it sure as hell wont be from a bunch of limp wristed lefty snowflakes looking for a safe place , they can’t even look after themselves without help .
commented 2016-11-11 10:30:41 -0500
Jill and John, I think there are things we can do to stop the Mass Immigration that is being pushed upon us, you would be surprised how few people are for the idea of bringing in so many immigrants of a different culture, almost everyone I have talked to is against it, but propaganda news and Government officials brow beat anyone who tries to speak up, therefore ALL people against this must speak up.

No Government in the civilized world has the right to act against its peoples wishes, the people are what put the Government there in the first place and it is the collective might & right of the people that can change it.

The fight for freedom is what we are celebrating today, in honoring those people that put it all on the line for our freedom.
commented 2016-11-11 10:18:02 -0500
The hypocritical part of this is the way the left kept on leaning on their favorite trigger words racism and sexism to gin up support cover to cover up the fact they didn’t have a positive message that addressed the concerns of many Americans. Now we are witnessing the fall out of such a reckless fear mongering and smear campaign. Rather than taking an inward look many lefties want to dig their heels in and blame the childish and criminal actions of some of their supporters on Trump. If these groups cannot admit all lives matter and that your gender is not a sufficient reason to run for office then they lack the maturity to appeal to anyone but their own audience.
commented 2016-11-11 10:08:10 -0500
Jimmy Reece said, "Give me a break Ezra – you whine constantly about Trudeau and this whole website is about attacking him and those associated with him. You haven’t accepted and supported Trudeau in any capacity – unlike the MSM, which gave credit to Harper when he deserved it. "

At least two lies in this comment.

1) Ezra is not taking his opposition to Trudeau to the streets, and he is not violent. And Ezra HAS given Trudeau credit where credit was due.

2) The MSM never gave Harper any credit on anything. They attacked Harper relentlessly for 9 years and 9 months. They created “scandals” over and over (called lying) and when the MSM was proven to have falsely accused Harper they quietly dropped the accusation never admitted they falsely accused Harper, and then went on to the next lie/accusation.
commented 2016-11-11 07:01:03 -0500
“And you are also right, Ezra, that the Democrats are the least democratic people in the US. That is the same as in Canada. The Liberals are the least democratic people despite their claims to be the champions of democracy.”

Absolutely agree.
As evidenced Democrats/Liberals are hypocrites, egotistical liars, and when finally put in their place act like small children. Time and again we witness their faithful followers preferring hysterics over reality/facts (this site’s resident troll is a constant example of this behavior). This behavior does not just apply to their followers and MSM but the leaders themselves, take note of the childish behavior:
“Michelle Obama and Melania Trump will not be appearing in any chummy photos any time soon, a sign of post-election tensions as President Barack Obama prepares to hand over power to Donald Trump. The White House did not arrange for the traditional photo op between the current First Couple and the incoming one, a custom that George W. Bush and his wife Laura observed when the Obamas visited the White House in 2008.”

On the home front (Canadian politics) – rather interesting the hypocrisy and double-standard that is going on. In the National Post there is an article which is an attack on Kellie Leitch about a dinner held at $500 a plate.
YET, check out just a couple of things going on in the Liberal Camp:
“Recent private fundraisers involving Liberal ministers aren’t very “savoury” and raise questions about unfair access, outgoing Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner Mary Dawson told reporters Thursday. …The latest revelation Tuesday — one of many reported by the Globe and Mail — is that Barry Sherman, chairman and CEO of the generic drug manufacturer Apotex, is helping to sell tickets, at $500 each, to an event featuring Finance Minister Bill Morneau on November 7. …Morneau was the guest of honour at a $1,500-a-ticket event in Halifax that included 15 corporate executives, and events involving the justice minister also have been called into question. …”
“Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne’s Liberals have been on a full-court press to raise money from wealthy donors even as they promise tough new rules on campaign finance. Corporations and lobbyists who regularly do business with government say the party has stepped up pressure tactics in recent months – telling them they must attend fundraisers to get a hearing on their issues – and they are getting fed up with the shakedown.”
commented 2016-11-11 06:32:31 -0500
looks like the U.S. has about as much democracy as Canada. We are stuck with the islamic imbecile up here and can’t do a thing about it even though it is pretty much known the election which brought him in was fraught with foreign interference, fraud and so on but the U.S. election seems so far to have been on the level otherwise Trump would never have won yet these lefties can’t handle the fact they lost. Trump is a pig, a buffoon and so on but his promise to secure his country and people, bring back jobs and heal the economy while strengthening the military and slamming the borders to terrorism, foreign criminals and illegals is what got him elected. The next 4 years will determine if he does that but in the mean time, if he seriously screws up they have the ability in the U.S. to remove him from office. Not up here in Canukistan! We are sinking faster than the Titanic as islam invades and conquers with full support of mohammed trudeau and all we can do is sit back- (well, that is what we CHOOSE to do) and allow it to happen because we have nothing in place other than a REVOLT/CIVIL UNREST to change things and we all know Canadians are wusses ,cowards and TRAITORS and so will do what they do best which is NOTHING until the slaughter begins.
commented 2016-11-11 03:52:32 -0500
I can already see the protesters and celebrities come out when construction on the wall begins.

Build that wall!
commented 2016-11-11 02:14:28 -0500
God they look stupid.
commented 2016-11-11 02:04:29 -0500
I think all the butt-hurt whining and rioting and venomous threats eminating from the damaged minds of the radical left – is exactly why Trump is where he is. People got sick of the negative destructive narratives of the PC/SJW cult – The more they indulge in their public displays of neurosis, the more Trump support grows.

I have to laugh at these sad deluded SJW cucks, it is they who created Trump nation – Trump is a public rejection of venality and fascist reflexes. Keep it up You’ll create even more Trumps.

Good Show Ezra, solid information and reasoned opinion
commented 2016-11-11 01:34:37 -0500
Jimmy Reece, once again you prove no life is ever wasted. It can serve as a bad example for the rest of us. The example you are serving is pillar three of the 3 pillars of Lefty-dom: 1. They never learn from their mistakes. 2. They never learn from other peoples’ mistakes (i.e. history) and 3. They refuse to exercise discernment. So Ezra is no different than the SJW protesters in the US having a hissy fit over the Trump win? Ha. Has Ezra been out rioting? That difference would require you to exercise discernment but as a lefty you are incapable of doing so. No moral equivalence here. Sorry.
commented 2016-11-11 01:33:41 -0500
Back on that notable day when Justin Trudeau apologized for manhandling the Conservative MP what kind of got lost in the interaction was why everyone was already in a mood was because the liberals were trying to introduce a motion that would allow the cabinet to take control of the house of commons schedule. Even the CTV staff were outraged by this explaining that criticism of the government is perhaps the most important function in the government by exposing and hopefully addressing any wrong doing but violence in the streets isn’t helpful.
commented 2016-11-11 01:31:09 -0500
It is almost a pity that the US does not have assisted suicide for any reason like so many of the progressives want.
commented 2016-11-11 01:25:21 -0500
News flash, Katy: This is the revolution that is coming.
commented 2016-11-11 01:17:57 -0500
Get used to saying PRESIDENT TRUMP you spoiled disrespectful tits. All these paid protestors get these idiotic kids mixed up and get them ramped up. I didn’t see the right acting like this when Obama won. And they have the nerve to call those people right wing fanatics. Until you spoiled brats start paying taxes and contributing like a real adult you shouldn’t be allowed to vote. Trump won, deal with it or go hang yourselves and decrease the world of the CO2 emissions that you produce. Losers.