November 22, 2016

Daniel Pipes: Islamization and decline are “two aspects of the same phenomenon”

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

I'm away all week on the Rebel Cruise, and one of my fellow passengers is scholar and freedom fighter Daniel Pipes, founder of the Middle East Forum.

For those of you who won't get a chance to meet him on the cruise this year, he kindly agreed to an in-depth interview about a wide range of topics:

Pipes lived in Egypt for three years in the 70s, while a university student. He talks about how Egypt has become more Islamafied over the decades, something that coincided with its loss of importance as a regional power. 

He also discusses the importance of Israel and how that nation's relations with its Muslim neighbors has changed and will continue to evolve.

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commented 2016-11-24 14:16:23 -0500
- Take down the Saudis & Iran & you’d effectively end the war on terrorism.
commented 2016-11-23 18:36:13 -0500
I certainly don’t think Daniel Pipes would have any problem with anyone debating him on his interpretations. I do think that Daniel Gaudet calling someone out for questioning , especially without offering any opinion of his own is more than a little smug.
commented 2016-11-23 16:42:53 -0500
Personally, when someone tells me that they are an expert, I tend to question them more. Anyone can call themselves an expert, so they shouldn’t mind when others disagree with their expert opinions.
commented 2016-11-23 15:54:42 -0500
DANIEL GAUDET, just because someone has earned the title of ‘expert’ in a specific field does not mean his ‘take’ of a situation must be universally agreed upon. I am however interested to know what Peter disagrees with, he only says that he disagrees.

Daniel you also have no addition to the conversation. You say you prefer to be more ‘modest’, by that do you mean that you blindly accept any interpretation just because it comes from an expert? Or do you have some experience on the topic, concur and can’t understand or appreciate any questioning of the interpretation?
commented 2016-11-23 15:30:29 -0500
The UAE doesn’t sound like a great place to be to me. It’s 77 % Muslim, according to wiki, and while they tolerate what is a small minority of other religions, they are expected to avoid interfering with Islamic religious matters. It has a combo civil law /sharia law and all that implies. All woman have to abide by the modesty laws whether they are Muslim or not. Most Muslim woman do wear Burkas there. Floggings and stonings are legal punishments. Many foreign nationals and Emirati citizens have been arrested and abducted by the state. There is wide spread sexual abuse of domestic workers who are not covered by any labour law. Workers who protest have been thrown into jail without due process. There exists very restricted freedom of speech and assembly. Migrant workers of which their economy count on, are highly abused, and are excluded from any labour rights. Lots of people ‘disappear’. etc. etc.

Maybe if you are Kim Kardashian, or any other rich tourist there on a shopping holiday. I could be wrong but it doesn’t seem that desirable a place or a very modern or advanced civil society to me. An Islamic hell hole with a shiny exterior.
commented 2016-11-23 12:55:09 -0500
“Islamization and decline are two aspects of the same phenomenon”…

They are also the main aspect of we Christians know as End Times. Get ready for the worst to come.
commented 2016-11-23 12:51:00 -0500
Ezra you said Dr. Jordan Bateman for the University of Toronto professor, who is being thrown in the wringer by the SJW’S including faculty. I think you meant to say Dr. Jordan Peterson.
commented 2016-11-23 10:04:30 -0500
I couldn’t see the video because I’m not a premium member..
But I tell ya what..!!
I understand sharia law can be practiced by Muslims in this country, so what I say to that is
And my fondest wish is, those who deserve western justice do not manage to escape it..!!
commented 2016-11-23 01:18:16 -0500
I have a friend that just loves the UAE. DUBAI is to die for. Especially if want to have your own personal BLACK SLAVE.
commented 2016-11-22 23:41:51 -0500
Well Peter, congratulations, must be nice to casually say I don’t agree with a man who spent his entire life studying the middle east. I wander what doctorate you hold and from where? I prefer to be more modest but hey, hats off to you… lol
commented 2016-11-22 21:03:04 -0500
Egypt is more of a simple place—-It has declined because of Islam.
The UAE will not accept migrants.
The Iranian Menace is a problem.
You can’t buy an intellectual in the West.
Fuck me.
commented 2016-11-22 20:18:03 -0500
I do not agree with Daniel pipes on many of the issues he talked about.