November 28, 2016

Justin Trudeau’s praise of Castro an embarrassment — and he's just getting started

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Fidel Castro, the dictator of Cuba, died on Friday night at the age of 90, according to Cuban state media.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was like family to Castro. He grew up calling him “Uncle Fidel.” Fidel came to Pierre Trudeau’s funeral as a pall-bearer.

Over the weekend, in Miami, thousands of Cuban-Americans celebrated the death of Castro — their Stalin, their Mao, their Hitler. Trump issued a thoughtful description of Castro’s crimes.

But not Trudeau.

I’ll read you Trudeau’s entire statement on the off chance you haven’t heard it.

It was so shocking that Americans, who never notice Canada, noticed us, and not in a good way. Cuban-American Senator Marco Rubio even thought the statement was from a parody Twitter account.

Soon #TrudeauEulogies started to trend on Twitter, as the entire world mocked Trudeau’s love affair with tyranny — joking about how he’d find loving things to say about Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, mass murderers. It was funny — but deeply embarrassing.

It’s more than just words. For the first time in more than 50 years, Canada, a NATO ally, dispatched a navy ship to Havana, on a friendship mission. The official tweet from the Canadian Navy called Cuba “an island paradise.” Seriously. Is that the view of our military? That a dictatorship, armed against us, is a paradise?

Marco Rubio and millions of Cubans are disappointed in Canada. But they don’t have to live here, as Justin Trudeau slowly, day by day, tries to change our country’s character, for the worse.

NEXT: Cuba expert Humberto Fontova (author of “The Longest Romance: The Mainstream Media and Fidel Castro”)
talks about the dictator's death and what lies in store for the island’s future.

THEN: Columnist Lorne Gunter comes on to discuss US politics, and in particular the hypocrisy of the recount movement.


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commented 2016-11-29 00:54:43 -0500
Trudeau for Treason
commented 2016-11-29 00:53:57 -0500
Jay Kelly….hope you get run over by a bus
commented 2016-11-29 00:38:11 -0500
Many Canadians admired Castro for his universal health care and education. In fact, many Canadians who worked in the Caribbean were duly impressed with Cuba’s training of doctors who served throughout the region.

I suspect that many Canadians were not aware of Castro’s care for the hemisphere.
commented 2016-11-29 00:21:41 -0500
Justins moral compass is broken. Someone please give him a moral GPS since it will be more accurate.

Showing Justin’s mindset:
commented 2016-11-29 00:15:38 -0500
Fidel Castro, Everything Justin Trudeau wants to be here in Canada!!
commented 2016-11-29 00:01:29 -0500
John Lane…’re the retard, JERK!!!
If this is the worst website, why are you here.
commented 2016-11-28 23:58:02 -0500
Why was a ship sent to Cuba in the first place, I haven’t heard of any conflicts in that area, what gives? We’re so rich, we can afford all this useless expense & as far a being a paradise island, I have never gone there & will never go there unless things change for the better, apparently it’s very nice, but the only Cuban islanders who have seen it are the resorts’ staff.
commented 2016-11-28 23:21:41 -0500
O my god does trudeau ever look like Fidel Castro . It’s pretty obvious
commented 2016-11-28 23:15:03 -0500
Baby Doc supposedly won’t be going down for the funeral but someone will be sent in his stead. I wonder how many millions of the money our government borrowed on our behalf will be given as a gift to Cuba.

Never mind helping Canadians, this idiot in charge will gladly give away money we borrowed and will have to pay back. Please, name one Canadian he has helped with the billions of dollars he has given to other countries and to the UN?

Baby Doc: the least educated and least accomplished of any Canadian Prime Minister.
commented 2016-11-28 22:59:07 -0500
Trudeau has shown his true colors, a blathering, slobering dictator admirer. I’m ashamed of the Prime Minister & I think sending the Governor General who represents the Queen to attend Castro’s funeral is a disgrace & a wasted expense & I bet Trudeau himself was planning to attend but dared not after the reaction & ruckus he caused by his idiotic & unsensitive comments.
commented 2016-11-28 22:22:09 -0500
The CFL booing of Tater tot had a gratifying effect at our Grey Cup party. When we saw it, everyone remarked on the similarity to a North Korean “dear leader” omnipresent message at every public event, particularly after Spud praising Uncle Castro – To see average Canadians boo him it was a sign the honeymoon is over and each repetitive gaffe and verbal face plant more public trust is lost. This Castro thing has alarmed a lot of soft Liberal support who thought Justin would be different.

Although the Stamps Lost the booing of Jr. was a consolation.
commented 2016-11-28 22:19:29 -0500
As if things weren’t bad enough between Trudon’t and Trump, just imagine, if you can, what Trump thinks of Trudeau after all this!?!?!?
commented 2016-11-28 22:11:06 -0500
I saw the discussion on CBC Power & Politics about Trudeau’s eulogy, and oh yeah, they really down played it! It was quite pathetic!

Good show, I’m glad you’re back, I was suffering Ezra withdrawal symptoms!
commented 2016-11-28 22:06:44 -0500
George Dyer, where did Justin’s diary go? Man you got a lot of ammo these days with this dipstick. They where always good for a knee slapper especially in these crazy times.
commented 2016-11-28 22:00:23 -0500
Trudeau is a socialist like his father was. It’s a stagnant ideology where nothing ever changes. Unfortunately we have to live through his time in office as though it were an rerun of some old series on T.V. I sure wish we didn’t.
commented 2016-11-28 21:41:07 -0500
Justin Trudeau is a communist loving sack of shit. Fuck I hate him.
commented 2016-11-28 21:40:26 -0500
This should be a stark wake-up call for Canadians as to what the Trudeau regime represents, ‘progressives’ (cultural Marxists) determined to radically transform Canada. A man who can’t distinguish a brutal dictator and tyrant from an acknowledged statesman and leader, like a Churchill, can’t be relied upon and trusted to protect our fundamental rights and freedoms and free-market capitalist economic system.
commented 2016-11-28 21:38:09 -0500
EZRA , most of Canada and I myself have been waiting for tonight’s show

I personally know of so called progressives that are watching you in particularly now — and they are getting embarrassed

I can’t say any more, you said it all !!!
commented 2016-11-28 21:33:25 -0500
It was a beautiful thing hearing him get booed at the game! He’ll be looking for Canadian blood now.
commented 2016-11-28 21:17:07 -0500
I often wonder how long before a Chinese or Russian warship parks off the coast of B.C. or Nova Scotia
commented 2016-11-28 21:16:19 -0500
The election got rid of most of the trolls. They refuse to admit they were wrong, and they’re on the side of the angels. But the nature of the angels is in question
commented 2016-11-28 21:06:23 -0500
Glad you enjoyed the cruise, but where’s your sun tan?
Our King Idiot PM will have to meet Trump someday, and I envision watching Trudeau be totally outsmarted, outclassed, and just generally portrayed as the obvious embarrassment that he is. As a Canadian, I shouldn’t relish in seeing him made a fool of, but I do. I hope Freeland goes with him for some added comic relief.
But alas, chances are diplomacy will reel its ugly head and all will be smiles and kisses…but we’ll see.
commented 2016-11-28 21:01:27 -0500
The one and only decent and appropriate response from any of our world’s leaders;
“Today [November 25th], the world marks the passing of a brutal dictator who oppressed his own people for nearly six decades. Fidel Castro’s legacy is one of firing squads, theft, unimaginable suffering, poverty and the denial of fundamental human rights.
“While Cuba remains a totalitarian island, it is my hope that today marks a move away from the horrors endured for too long, and toward a future in which the wonderful Cuban people finally live in the freedom they so richly deserve.
“Though the tragedies, deaths and pain caused by Fidel Castro cannot be erased, our administration will do all it can to ensure the Cuban people can finally begin their journey toward prosperity and liberty. I join the many Cuban Americans who supported me so greatly in the presidential campaign, including the Brigade 2506 Veterans Association that endorsed me, with the hope of one day soon seeing a free Cuba.”
- Donald J. Trump
commented 2016-11-28 21:00:06 -0500
The CBC couldn’t bury the story this time since the world media picked up on this.
commented 2016-11-28 20:59:00 -0500
Fox News has it right. After Reading Trudeau’s BS on Castro, they started calling him a ‘Turd’

Fox News are to polite.