November 28, 2017

By ordering RCMP to delete Muslim migrant files, Trudeau is “actively supporting terrorism”

Rebel Staff


For the past 12 months, Justin Trudeau has opened up our borders to the U.S., taking in all of the fake refugees, criminals on the run, undesirables, self-deportees, and anyone else who is in America illegally.

It started with some Muslim men walking across the frozen farmers' fields from Minnesota or North Dakota, right up into Manitoba. You saw Canadian police ordered to act as bellboys, helping illegal migrants walk across illegal entry points.

Now, some police were worried. Not the top cops — they’re politically correct. But some local police started asking very gentle questions of the illegal Muslim migrants, about their views on Canadian society:

Are you OK with women being free? Are you OK with gay rights? Are you part of a terrorist group?

When the Liberals heard about that, they ordered the police to stop asking such mean questions.

And now we're learning that 5,000 records about Islamic illegal immigrants crossing into Canada have been deleted.

Trudeau is deliberately erasing any intel we have about these illegal migrants and Islamic radicalism.

Because he’s on the other side.

He couldn’t be more on the side of ISIS if he dressed up in Muslim abaya and literally said the shehada, the Muslim prayer that is the sharia condition to covert to Islam.

Oh — what’s that? He actually did that?

Yes, but it’s Islamophobic to mention it...

TONIGHT'S GUESTS: Immigration lawyer Guidy Mamann joins me to talk more about this issue; then Marc Morano of talks about how Al Gore plans to "celebrate" what's been a disappointing year for the global warming movement.

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