October 10, 2016

Exclusive: Trudeau to give a Chinese globalist bank millions of tax dollars to build “Asian infrastructure” — What about our own?

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Through an Access to Information request, we received troubling documents about a new globalist investment bank started by the dictatorship of China, called the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank.

China didn’t invent world banks. The U.S. government did. The World Bank provided credit where the local industry or even the country in question couldn’t get loans. It has helped build the world.

So you can see why China would want to get in on this game. Their new bank is specifically about buying up Asia. Naturally, the U.S. is trying to dissuade other countries from joining.

That brings me back to the documentation we received. Canada has been invited to join, and Liberal Finance Minister Bill Morneau replied in part:

"Canada sees the benefit of investing in high-quality infrastructure backed by sound policies, which is essential for sustaining growth in the Asia Pacific region. Improved regional infrastructure in Asia will serve to strengthen the Canadian economy.”

Canadian taxpayers, without being consulted, will invest in infrastructure in China or Bangladesh?

Would you put your life savings into a dam in Turkmenistan, into a bank run by the Chinese Communist Party?

Why does Trudeau actually care more about Chinese infrastructure than Canadian infrastructure?

And the most obvious point:

Canada is in debt. Why isn’t China investing here, in Canada?

Justin Trudeau loves the Communist Party of China just as much as his father did.

But even Pierre Trudeau wasn’t stupid enough to borrow money to give to the Chinese government, to help them secure regional hegemony...

Tonight's guests: Lorrie Goldstein and I talk about the ratification of the Paris climate treaty, plus the upcoming climate summit in Marrakech. Then John Gormley comes on to talk about Trudeau's carbon tax plan (and what you can do to oppose it.)


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commented 2016-10-11 05:03:29 -0400
Hey Sean your commie buddies will never rule my life. By the way i thought you were coming to get me and the rest of us? Still waiting loser, does your mom not let you go out for long periods of time?
Gordo you are a pathetic failed slob.
commented 2016-10-11 05:00:15 -0400
Hey Sean he is not losing and Hillaries own campaign manager said she is a liar. Now go be a good little commie bigot. Pathetic little virgin. And how are they his senators and reps you halfwit? Now go cheer on some more women beaters like the loser you are. And you wonder why you have never been with a woman LMAO!
commented 2016-10-11 03:07:05 -0400
Hey Drew W., How’s Trump doing? Losing to Hillary & Bill, huh? His own congressional reps and senators know how idiotic he is, and that the world would be better with Hillary!

Trump won’t even break 43% of the popular vote threshold, & the Dems will regain both houses!

How’s the Tea Party going? They have only themselves to blame! White scum!
commented 2016-10-11 02:40:29 -0400
This is like the time Trudeau got up in the House of Commons and grabbed the Tory Whip, something you’re not supposed to do there, but he just arbitrarily did it anyway.

He acts like he’s a Sun King who believes in the divine right of kings. He was only elected to serve Canadians. So far, he’s not doing a very good job of that.
commented 2016-10-11 01:54:36 -0400
John S you need to connect some dots yourself. The ones that leas you to reality, you have no grasp of it.
commented 2016-10-11 01:53:05 -0400
John S we do not need to move closer to commy scum. Chinese people come here to get away from them. And this will not save us anything. The money should be going to our own infrastructure.
CHINA IS TRUSTWORTHY, are you f*cking serious? Hope they steal your organs you fool.
commented 2016-10-11 01:50:20 -0400
Trudeau does this A LOT. He gets an goofy idea in his head and goes ahead and acts on it without ever really consulting any of the Canadian public. I don’t remember him running for election on the idea of investing in a Chinese bank giving out loans to 3rd world countries for infrastructure. What’s the sense of having a 1st Ministers’ conference if he already knows he’s going to impose his decision on all the 1st Ministers?

It’s as though he’s always saying,“Look at me! I’m Prime Minister. I can arbitrarily do what I want and no one can stop me.”

Does he ever act in the best interest of Canada, or is it all just an ego trip for himself? Oh, wait. I think I know the answer to that question.
commented 2016-10-11 01:48:32 -0400
It still doesn’t answer the why Bill based on why 60+ nations are now part of the AIIB out of 193 nations on Earth. The fact is they are doing it because China is trustworthy and are now a strong nation economically and the rise will benefit many nations. There are the stories of the debt, but I question their validity and trustworthiness because anything using China and Western democracies can be used to sell a bill of goods when Conservative Cameron joined it and even Conservative South Korean PM in the 2010’s as well.

An infrastructure bank is quite easy to setup to fund interest free loans to municipalities where no debt will be incurred. We had it with the Bank of Canada in the 1970’s but all three parties do not want to institute it here because all mainstream parties are globalists aka the Conservatives, Liberals and NDP, so they do not want ways to benefit us. They want globalist solutions and they serve the IMF. China is within the IMF and World Bank system as well. I support us using the Bank of Canada for interest free loans but sadly that cannot happen without a new party to educate Canadians.
commented 2016-10-11 01:43:01 -0400
Why are Canadians forking over billions of dollars called taxes, only to have Trudeau then turn around & hand it over to a foreign country, in this case a communist country. This is insanity direct from the insane asylum & all Canadians should be furious, but many will think this is a brilliant move by the selfie PM. So far Trudeau has helped foreigners more than real Canadians. Since when has it become Canada’s role to be the “big brother” to every foreign country. It’s plain to see we are not a bottomless pit as Trudeau borrows more to cover his non-stop spending. Thanks to Pierre, he has led a lavish life & has no clue about anything & that sadly is what we have to look forward to for the next 3 years. Morneau is his little puppet who continues to do & defend his idiotic ideas to the detriment of Canada.
commented 2016-10-11 01:37:27 -0400
John Williams—-Thank you for pointing out that Ezra’s show (only Ezra’s show) has major technical problems. I also have given up and not watched half the show, as there is no pause button, you have to start over. The sound starting by itself is also a ridiculous inconvenience. There is also a 20 second glitch on every Ezra show just after the start. Whenever I complain in the past Eathon says" You must be new , no one else has a problem. " I guess all the keyboard warriors here don’t complain as they are afraid someone will get mad at them.
commented 2016-10-11 01:35:07 -0400
John – the whole purpose of the Chinese “bank” is to gain more foreign currency to prop up their debt ridden yuan. Who in their right mind would finance their competitor????
commented 2016-10-11 01:35:04 -0400
In fact it is even shown in this Global article I am posting below that this AIIB will save Canada billions per year in projects and infrastructure. It even shows that the US does not like Canada as well as many European and Asian nations moving closer to China.


It shows that the world is shifting and China recently was added to the basket of currencies which make up now the world reserve currencies.

Levant and co. will not tell you the truth about this but the results are there and China and Russia are buying gold like there is no tomorrow.

They are not letting up and sooner or later with the world reserves of gold that they have they can have a gold backed Yuan and Ruble.

These are undeniable facts that many can see for themselves and it explains why Europe and the US and Canada are slowing to a crawl in GDP growth and why the big heads and honchos are moving East to the Orient.

It also explains why there is trouble along Ukraine and in the South China Sea.

The US does not want to lose their world reserve status, but all these areas are interconnected, and yet Rebel hopes you cannot connect the dots!!
commented 2016-10-11 01:31:29 -0400
Canada needs more diversification as 85% of our exports to 80% are going to the United States. Canada needs to move closer to powers such as China.

Canada won’t be paying for infrastructure of other nations.

People have to ask themselves why Germany, France, South Korea, Britain and many SE Asian nations and around approximately 60 nations are now part of the AIIB. That in essence means that the world is moving away from the US dollar.

That does not make Canada communist for choosing to move closer to China.

In fact, with China having a poor human rights record but having private ownership of the means of production they are communist in name only and are capitalist.

People seem to forget that the era of 1980’s was the transitioning period with Deng Xiaoping.

Most people on here are too stupid to know that Deng Xiaoping helped to transform China and it has been a quick expansionary period from then to now. They are on par with the US in terms of GDP.

That proves they are capitalist now.
commented 2016-10-11 01:26:31 -0400
Elton Braun said..
“I can’t see the benefit to staying and I can’t see how we wouldn’t be better off leaving.”

Only the fools wouldn’t believe it..!!
commented 2016-10-11 01:23:28 -0400
Dew – the Liberals were buzzing about this after they gor back from Davos – seems the onlly one there that ignored Soros’ warning about yuan vulnerability was the tater tot – this move is theater and beyond foolish.

The man’s an idiot and he has idiots advising him.
commented 2016-10-11 01:19:19 -0400
BRENT HORTON commented 1 hours ago.
“This is a no win situation for Canadian Taxpayers, and the yields will be less than zero.”

Anybody that really understands economics and knows where we are right now financially speaking should be “terrified”..

None of this global economic financial ruin is by coincidence because every bank on the planet is going broke at the same time… Canada was just right for the picking as the fruit was right and who better to give it an economic thrashing and follow agenda than our current administration with Justin Trudeau at the forefront.
PET left his son books and lists of names of people to contact that were good connections to have.
Meaning if your son ever got into politics how to use the changes his father made to this country’s culture, but most importantly the constitution and exactly interpretations that could be made to it. Knowing this he only had 1 choice to make upon becoming Prime Minister.
And I would be what was his agenda and who is he working for because he’s certainly not working for the Canadian people or representing the provinces better than just monkeys with colony status membership at “Club Canada”..

Absolutely the worst two prime minister’s in Canadian history..
commented 2016-10-11 01:09:25 -0400
Commuda is back.
commented 2016-10-11 01:08:01 -0400
Sadly i think we will have to side with the Islamists when the time comes, we will both have to take out the communist scum in our own best interests then go at each other. Or a 3 way civil war maybe. I wonder what Penson is going to do when the commie leaders put him to work.
commented 2016-10-11 01:06:02 -0400
Sean Penson your ignorance to Bravo is disgusting. When society does break down i will be hunting for scum like you. My first stop will be Gordos place though. And what wrongs have we done to the Chinese loser?
commented 2016-10-11 01:00:39 -0400
Seriously? China has tons of money. How the hell will it help our economy to build Asian infrastructure?
It would not surprise me if he borrowed the money from China.
This is the dumbest thing he has done and that is saying something.
commented 2016-10-11 00:12:46 -0400
I wonder if this story will be carried on the CBC, CTV etc.?
What an incredibly reckless and foolish undertaking for Prime Minister Limp Dick.
This is a no win situation for Canadian Taxpayers, and the yields will be less than zero.
commented 2016-10-11 00:04:18 -0400
At this point the total value of all outstanding loans in China ( and the wobbly foreign debt instruments they have foolishly accepted in trade) has hit a grand total of more than 28 trillion dollars. That is essentially equivalent to the commercial banking systems of the United States and Japan combined. While it is true that government debt is under control in China, corporate debt is now 171 percent of GDP, and it is only a matter of time before that debt bubble horribly bursts.

China teeters on the brink and Soros salivates waiting for the collapse.

But tater tot dives in like the dipshit he is. If it was his money I could care less – but this will be a dead loss for Canada (taxpayers)
commented 2016-10-11 00:04:12 -0400
The upside is that there will be a revolt one day. Might come sooner, might come later but it will come. God help us.
commented 2016-10-10 23:49:58 -0400
Lorrie Goldstein says he doesn’t understand why Trudeau is pressing ahead with the carbon tax. Lorrie, can you say, “Gerald Butts”?
commented 2016-10-10 23:41:53 -0400
Didn’t get the whole story cause I just went to the bathroom and couldn’t pause the video because there is no pause button. I couldn’t enlarge the episode to full size. No full screen button. When I post this mid episode I will be sent back to the beginning of the episode with no slider bar to get back to where I was. I’m not going to sit through the 20 mins I’ve aleady seen so I will back out and not watch the end as much as I want to. Your webmasters are failing by getting rid of the pause button, the slider bar and the full screen button. Please fix this. I love the Rebel and hope it won’t be ruined by your web consultants.
commented 2016-10-10 23:41:39 -0400
Tater tot Trudeau is a commie bitch boy
commented 2016-10-10 23:39:02 -0400
Kelvin-oh we’re definately being played as dupes all right. I think we grew up feeling a real patriotism towards the entire country as opposed to feeling an arrogance about our home provinces being better than others. It’s hard to shake like it’s some sort of blasphemy or treason to think about separation but for the life of me I can’t see the benefit to staying and I can’t see how we wouldn’t be better off leaving.
commented 2016-10-10 23:37:31 -0400
You know what fuckstick?
I’ll bet you think you can run your ratface mouth regarding veterans on this site.
I’ll bet you didn’t know there are in fact, quite a few veterans on this site.
I’ll bet you didn’t know we have more life and worldwide experience than you little snowflake, will ever have in a hundred lifetimes!
I’ll bet you also didn’t know that some of us still have contacts in military intelligence, or are active duty police officers.
I’ll bet you think that your insulated, hiding in your mother’s basement with your gay archive of masturbation materials?
Guess what?
I can’t wait to hear about your special visit……
So maybe you should shut the fuck up Seany pooh!
commented 2016-10-10 23:13:11 -0400
We could be wealthy beyond all comprehension and the envy of the entire world.

Ain’t it the truth Elton.

Westerners either enjoy bondage or are gutless , maybe even played as dupes, I don’t know , I just wish that the madness would end soon before it’s all gone and there’s no point trying to get back what is rightfully ours.

commented 2016-10-10 23:07:18 -0400
Penson….you are one sick fuck….and a coward hidding behind a fake name.