October 14, 2016

What’s worse? The way Trump talks about women, or the way Hillary treats them?

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

So Trump was caught on tape, bantering about grabbing women and how they love it. Who knows if this was real, half-real, imaginary, whatever. I only hope my every private conversation from twenty years ago wasn’t recorded to be played back in public.

But in 40 years of public life, there has never been an accusation of sexual assault or harassment against Trump, until this week — and I’ll get to that in a moment.

The Miss Manners approach to reporting on Trump is nowhere to be found in the media’s treatment of Hillary and Bill Clinton.

I’m talking about Bill Clinton’s sexual assaults, such as against Paula Jones; he paid her US$850,000 in damages and was disbarred for lying under oath.

What about Kathleen Wiley and Juanita Broddrick? Hillary Clinton knew about all this, excused it, covered it up, and publicly demonized those women.

In recent hours, there have been claims of actual sexual harassment against Trump. Unlike Clinton’s accusers, who have consistently made the same accusations for decades, Trump’s accusers have stayed silent for decades. If I were a reporter, I might gently ask why.

At the same time, WikiLeaks has released ten thousand e-mails, with stunning facts — such as how Hillary's Clinton Foundation colonized the State Department, running foreign policy for financial benefit.

But the media are busy hunting through old footage of Donald Trump’s reality TV show, "The Apprentice..."

NEXT: My special guest tonight is Dillon Hillier, the Canadian soldier who (secretly at first) volunteered to fight on the side of the Kurds against ISIS.

We talk about what made him decide to go overseas, what happened when he got there, and what lies ahead in the West's fight against jihad.

His new book is called “One Soldier: A Canadian Soldier's Fight Against the Islamic State."

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commented 2016-10-15 22:12:12 -0400
@jay Kelly….“Donald Trump is a guy at the bachelor party talking dirty. Bill Clinton is the reason the stripper brought a body guard”…John LeFevre (REDDIT)
commented 2016-10-15 21:59:05 -0400
Certainly Ezra Levant knows there is a difference between men and women. The language women may use among themselves in conversation or in confrontation may be meek and mild or it may be vile and vicious in a way men can hardly imagine.

As a man, I would be hesitant to enter into a conversation between Hillary Clinton and a woman who accused her husband.

But as a man I can hear what Donald Trump says, and if I was in the room with him I would withdraw from the conversation.

Donald Trump is the sort of man that other men are repulsed by. In conversation men might get into crude language or playful banter.

Donald Trump crosses the line big time by wanting to degrade women, sexually assault them, put them down, all because he is ‘elite’.
commented 2016-10-15 21:34:36 -0400
@jimmy Reece There is always a price for not caring and that is why Merkel is at her lowest ever approval rating and Britain wants out. Add to that The President of France now confesses his country does have a problem with Islam in his new book. A president should not say that.
commented 2016-10-15 19:57:36 -0400
I agree totally with Yoshii Ezaki, very well said! Everything the left says is unsubstantiated, as to whether or not it is Russia hacking the emails. And so far as the hacking being the end of privacy, no, it is investigative reporting like Watergate in my opinionated opinion. Talk is cheap, and the only reason the Clinton propaganda cartel is able to have any effect is because the majority news media is covering up the corrupt Clinton and democrat administration’s despicable acts by not reporting them so people are just getting the stupid sleazy gossip for which we will all be victims and victimized if Hillary gets in. What happens in the U.S. affects all of us around the world. Hillary need to be indicted and even Comey head of the FBI seems to be complicit in the cover up. What Hillary did was as close to treason as one can get, the way I see it. She even divulged classified information in an open speech about Bin Ladin! It will be a miscarriage of justice if she gets in and in fact it is already a miscarriage of justice that she is even allowed to campaign for the presidency!
commented 2016-10-15 18:20:00 -0400
Drew Wakariuk,

Yep and things have improved greatly under Obama’s watch compared to the Bush years. If you want stats – I will happily provide them.

The majority of Canada or America for that matter – don’t share your views, which is why everyone you will ever support until the end of time, will lose elections.
commented 2016-10-15 17:49:55 -0400
I see the liberal media is all upset now that there is more proof they collude and lie for the left. Pathetic!
commented 2016-10-15 17:48:59 -0400
Jimmy Reece our country is turning to shit under the libs. Maybe try some reality for once in your life. The left has run the US for the last 2 terms in case you missed that. They have done lots of damage. Is your small mind so deluded into blaming the right that you think Hillary will be replacing a conservative government?
commented 2016-10-15 17:40:52 -0400
Locker room mouth Trump vs E mail lyin’ Hilliary, Benghazi Hilliary, pay for play Hilliary, rapist husband Hilliary,clinton foundation Hilliary, I landed in Bosnia under bombs and sniper fire but she was greeted like a queen Hilliary, describing Trump supporters as deplorable and Bernie sander supporter as people who live in their parents basements Hilliary, environmental Hillary who jump on a private jet for a 20 minute ride that it would have taken an hour to drive, Hilliary who attacked the women Bill raped, the clinton foundation who had 13 billion donated to their foundation for Haiti and Haiti saw 10% Hilliary. The Hilliary who sees the destruction of a country as an “economic opportunity”. That goes for Bush too. It has nothing to do with bring in democracy. You manage nut case dictators like N Korea. They could have managed Kadaffi and Hussein and ISIS would not be here.
commented 2016-10-15 16:52:32 -0400
Edward Jobin,

People don’t care obviously as Hillary is going to destroy Trump in the election and he is still seen as the way worse evil even if those that don’t like Hillary.
commented 2016-10-15 16:12:40 -0400
The real obscenity in this election is the way the MSM treats the electorate – now there’s a case of mind rape if there ever was one.
commented 2016-10-15 15:58:15 -0400
@jimmy Reece. Nothing like liberal transparency brought to you courtesy of Wikileaks.
commented 2016-10-15 15:13:56 -0400
Peter Netterville,

You are just incredibly bitter that liberals are winning and conservatives are losing – that we are getting everything that is right and just in a modern world. That your dream for a 1950 archaic world is dying.
commented 2016-10-15 13:40:20 -0400
Good monologue. You could’ve used the Obama clip on the plane where he’s trying to display his erection under his pants with his legs spread to enforce your point.
commented 2016-10-15 13:36:08 -0400
I hope Men in the US get out and vote to fight for their country. God knows the SJWs sure will, multiple times no doubt
commented 2016-10-15 13:14:51 -0400
One of the accusers didn’t help her own cause when she was asked how long this went on for and she answered “not very long” and when pressed as to how long is not very long she answered “15 minutes” when the reporter admitted actually that is a long time by the end of the interview she claimed maybe it just felt like 15 minutes Not exactly a reliable witness. Everyone knew the kind of language Trump used and that was part of the popularity of the Howard Stern show. To suddenly feign disgust at the 1th hour of an is nothing but a diversion from the damn revelations coming daily from Wikileaks and the MSM is more than willing to chase the Trump allegations to avoid talking about the real vision Hillary has for the country and the dirty dealings between the FBI and her corrupt government. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OovaH9T69oA
commented 2016-10-15 12:59:38 -0400
Conservatives everywhere need to take notice. There are two lines of attack that liberals use that are highly effective because play the race card and play the sex card. They have proven this in their bid to destroy Bernie Sanders and his supporters as evidence by several Wikileaks including a recent one. under the heading troubling pattern on women https://wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/1710
commented 2016-10-15 12:06:24 -0400
Oh, and Jimmy Reece is another nitwit along with Sean and D.H.

Such socialist fools.
commented 2016-10-15 12:04:34 -0400
What Ross David said. Well, most of you except little gay Sean and D.H Chaisson are bang on.
commented 2016-10-15 11:46:40 -0400
Most people are beyond fed up with the msm’s lynch mob mentality and the outrageous dishonesty. When something good is said about something they hate, they’re like a sadistic gang of bullies in a school yard surrounding their victim punching, kicking and screaming obscenities at their victim leaving them bleeding and in tears and next to death.
commented 2016-10-15 11:38:19 -0400
What’s truly scary and despicable is that Obama is willing to start a nuclear WW3 with Russia in order to prevent Trump from becoming president. This is how terrified the US establishment elite are of a Trump presidency. And to top it off the “reason” for the war is the absolute absurd allegation that Russia is interfering with the US election and is the “perpetrator” of the damning Wiki Leaks email releases. The NWO Globalist puppeteers of Obama and Clinton will stop at nothing to prevent Trump for wining the election. Know this, Clinton cannot win the election, she can only steal it. The rally turnouts are an embarrassing testimony to this reality. Trump 30,000, Clinton lucky to get 200 in most cases. The rigged junk science MSM polls are just that, totally junk and rigged. In reality, Trump is leading in most states by double digits. The rigged MSM polls are designed to give dumbed down MSM minions the idea that Clinton is the winner and dumbed down minions will only vote for a “winner” . The purpose of the rigged polls are also to prepare the nation for a stolen election by the DNC and RBC establishment elites.( It was the RNC elites that conspired and released the recent tapes of Trump using lewd language ( in private) about certain women.)
My prediction is if the NWO Globalist’s conspiracy to steal the election fails, then they will attempt to assassinate Donald Trump. Trump is not up against Killery Cliton. He’s up against the whole NWO Globalists run by the world banks and the huge foreign and domestic corporations.
commented 2016-10-15 11:25:10 -0400
Looking back, the Trudeau/Harper election was very similar in respect to Trudeau/Librano corruption vs. Harper personality traits (Clinton/DNC corruption vs. Trump personality). And the MSM showing its leftist leanings and spewing globalist propaganda.
Just like Trudeau, when Clinton wins, the corruption will abound and the MSM will ignore. Open borders, mass migration to North America, global socialism, the downfall of western civilization.
I feel very sorry for Canadian and other western civilized youth.
commented 2016-10-15 11:03:23 -0400
Yes Reece & Penson – it will be fuckin amazing to see your sorry asses after a Clintoon win! Your faggot asses will be the first to be tossed off some high place.
Oh – Penson – I am not a racist nor a sexist & I am a Trump supporter!! There are millions more just like me & when Trump does win – we all will be hunting Libtards like yourself! Sucks to be you! POS!! GFYS
commented 2016-10-15 10:07:43 -0400
It’s going to be fucking amazing watching the total meltdown of conservatives/Republicans – when Hillary wins the election and become President. It may be the biggest collective meltdown of all time and liberals/Democrats will be laughing their fucking ass off at these people.

I cannot wait – it will be glorious.

commented 2016-10-15 09:05:49 -0400
Carrie, why hope? Pick up a gun and go!
commented 2016-10-15 08:01:42 -0400
Amazing young man Dillon is, hope there is a lot more of him here in Canada. with isis coming in along with the migrants trudeau is flooding us with.
commented 2016-10-15 06:34:59 -0400
Drew, Ezra has cited Wikileaks in other articles too, nutsuck. Stop trying to defend your Man crush.
commented 2016-10-15 03:40:36 -0400
I’d say the way Hillary repeated and flagrantly commits felonies and treason is much worse than any of the aggressive-dating allegations against Trump or intimidation allegations against Hillary.
commented 2016-10-15 02:27:35 -0400
Sean Penson yes you are a racist and sexist. You cheered a woman getting beat for having a Trump sign. You are such a laughable pathetic loser. You think you are getting to us, but we consider you a joke, and that is being kind to someone like you.