October 14, 2016

What’s worse? The way Trump talks about women, or the way Hillary treats them?

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

So Trump was caught on tape, bantering about grabbing women and how they love it. Who knows if this was real, half-real, imaginary, whatever. I only hope my every private conversation from twenty years ago wasn’t recorded to be played back in public.

But in 40 years of public life, there has never been an accusation of sexual assault or harassment against Trump, until this week — and I’ll get to that in a moment.

The Miss Manners approach to reporting on Trump is nowhere to be found in the media’s treatment of Hillary and Bill Clinton.

I’m talking about Bill Clinton’s sexual assaults, such as against Paula Jones; he paid her US$850,000 in damages and was disbarred for lying under oath.

What about Kathleen Wiley and Juanita Broddrick? Hillary Clinton knew about all this, excused it, covered it up, and publicly demonized those women.

In recent hours, there have been claims of actual sexual harassment against Trump. Unlike Clinton’s accusers, who have consistently made the same accusations for decades, Trump’s accusers have stayed silent for decades. If I were a reporter, I might gently ask why.

At the same time, WikiLeaks has released ten thousand e-mails, with stunning facts — such as how Hillary's Clinton Foundation colonized the State Department, running foreign policy for financial benefit.

But the media are busy hunting through old footage of Donald Trump’s reality TV show, "The Apprentice..."

NEXT: My special guest tonight is Dillon Hillier, the Canadian soldier who (secretly at first) volunteered to fight on the side of the Kurds against ISIS.

We talk about what made him decide to go overseas, what happened when he got there, and what lies ahead in the West's fight against jihad.

His new book is called “One Soldier: A Canadian Soldier's Fight Against the Islamic State."

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commented 2016-10-15 02:25:33 -0400
DH Chaisson he is not getting news from them you halfwit, they are releasing emails the dems created. Now go support Bill the rapist.
commented 2016-10-15 00:58:04 -0400
It’s okay Penson. We are just going to follow the new darlings of the world and assume that rape is okay. I hope all Liberal women get raped by a muzzie to pay for their stupidity. You and the other limp wristed leftards would enjoy getting it up the arse so I hope they slit your throats afterwards. The right will watch your new buddies slaughter the useless lefties and then take care of business.
commented 2016-10-15 00:10:40 -0400
It says something about government transparency if we have to rely on Wikileaks for the truth but considering the obstruction of justice, the conflict of interest, the using the race and sexist card to scare anyone into silence I welcome anything Julian Assange has to say, who by the way is no fan of Trumps (when asked if he had any material on him he said “yes but what could be worse than comes out of his own mouth”. He did express the feeling however that “if America elects Hillary Clinton they are erecting a demon:”.
commented 2016-10-14 23:58:35 -0400
When some of the recent damning Wikileaks came out the Clinton campaign went all lawyer claiming they could neither confirm nor deny the authenticity of these recent Wikileaks and yet at the same time they were accusing Russia of being behind them which begs the question why accuse Russia of hacking fake emails?
commented 2016-10-14 23:08:42 -0400
Too bad Hillary. There was a witness to the alleged groping by Trump on a flight three decades ago. He totally refutes the accusers story and adds that she was in fact flirting with Trump. I think most of these accusers fall in the same class. At the time they welcomed any advance he might make, now they are looking for payback or a payout.
commented 2016-10-14 22:49:18 -0400
That is Obama’s Black side—— The White side made him President.
commented 2016-10-14 22:35:16 -0400
Let me get that correction for you Sean,
"Clinton’s supporters are racist and very sexist. Bill Clinton is also a dangerous sex fiend and should be facing charges.

Donald may have a credibility gap, but at least he is healthy, sane and ready to govern. His party is united and progressive. Minorities are comfortable with them.

The Democrats are deeply divisive because of a simpleton sex fiend defender loose cannon".

There. Fixed that all up for you.
commented 2016-10-14 21:55:39 -0400
Trump’s supporters are racist and very sexist. Trump is also a dangerous sex fiend that should be facing charges.

Hillary may have a credibility gap, but at least she is healthy, sane and ready to govern. Her party is united and progressive. Minorities are comfortable with them.

The Republicans are deeply divided because of a simpleton sex fiend loose canon
commented 2016-10-14 21:52:34 -0400
Ezra Levant, a few years ago, claimed that “Wikileaks was espionage and not journalism.” Now he sources them regularly for his news facts. What a two-faced schmuck!
commented 2016-10-14 21:37:27 -0400
The media is in the pocket of the politically correct crowd. The PC are terrified of the alpha male which is Trump. Feminists, of both sexes, are also horrified by the prospect of the alpha male. Just think about safe rooms, snow flakes, the educational system, and so on, and you realize that everything and anything which Trump did in the past has no comparison to what the Clintons did. The focus is on stopping Trump at all cost so they can’t see anything else. From the Jewish community, to the Christian community they are prepared to live in the delusion of the three monkeys. The gays, women, religious and atheists all seem to have no comprehension of the danger of importing Islam, open borders, the end of nations states and the end of democracy to our way of life. In their obsession with stopping Trump they don’t see the evil slipping in though the back door. They would rather have the corruption of a third world state than see Trump elected. There is a glimmer of hope that the black community and other minorities are coming to the realization that the democrats have done nothing to help their communities. Hopefully is is not too little too late. Then there are the women voters. I’m truly baffled by their outrage. I’ve seen housewives, young girls and professional women attracted to the likes of Hells Angles and other alpha males like flies to shit. I’ve heard women talk among themselves, especially after a few drinks, using language which bothered even me. But, Trump, he is the problem!
commented 2016-10-14 21:31:59 -0400
I have heard that the woman in question has said….“I would rather have Donald Trump grab my pussy than be ruled by that cunt Hillary Clinton”

And Hillary was quoted as saying (by a secret service body guard) when Bill was chatting up a young intern….“put up your dick Bill…you can’t fuck her here”

Also heard…

“I would rather have Trump grab my pussy than Clinton grab my guns”
commented 2016-10-14 21:19:35 -0400
I was playing pool on my regular night, when one time, the women were just THROWING themselves after this new guy. I asked around, and found out he was a hockey player with bright prospects!

You think women don’t talk like men, like Trump? Of course they do. In fact, Trumps best defense would’ve been to say as much, and show how out of touch or disingenuous the Lefty Media and Clinton are being! Mock them about their naivete’.
commented 2016-10-14 21:15:14 -0400
What is worse ? The way Trump talks about Black People or the way the Clintons have always treated Black people. . Obama has been a real eye opener for Black people . He did nothing but promote a Race War.
commented 2016-10-14 21:14:44 -0400
The left has their own vision of how the world will be.And no one is going to stop them .Call it a Liberal narrative ,globalists or the new world order which was conceived in the mid 1700 . This change in the order of things involves the west only No borders no country no flag no nationalism Free movement of third world people to the west and weaken the west..For what purpose only the elite and the rulers of the western countries know.It’s well on its way in Europe and soon coming to North America.
commented 2016-10-14 21:04:09 -0400
- After the Trump tape was played Hillary pulled ahead in the polls by 11 points……….according to a poll by a Hillary Super PAC. Other polls show him in the lead but Hillary’s poll was the one NBC went with. Obama’s RINO rubber stamp brigade, led by Paul Ryan, then turned on Trump on cue in what amounted to a failed coup. Then came the accusers – one turned out to be connected to the Clinton election team & the other turned out to be a hoax on the New York Times (her statement an almost word for word copy of the lyrics of a Velvet Underground song.) All of these attacks on Trump have been timed to come out just ahead of each WikiLeaks posting.

- I just put Dillon’s book on my list. Looking forward to reading it.