October 17, 2018

Transgender men are winning women’s sports events. Where are the feminists?

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Did you know that it wasn’t until 1967 that women were allowed to run in the Boston Marathon? When a woman entered the race fifty years ago, and obscured her identity, they tried to grab her, take her off the course — it was quite something.

But for fifty years, women’s sport has grown: Women’s leagues, women's sport in Olympics, girls teams in schools. Great girl athletes are allowed to play with the boys — and nobody cares, if the girls’ good enough.

You might think I’m rambling, but I’m not. I’m being sentimental, I’m remembering that things don’t last forever.

Women are under attack most acutely by forces of medieval-style sharia. But women are under attack in North America too — by transgender men.

As in, men who say they want to be women, and want to be called women’s names, and to look like women.

It’s important not to be cruel to such people. A study at UCLA by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention shows that about half of transgender people attempt to commit suicide; and that number actually goes up with young men who take hormones, or who have surgery to cut off their genitals. These people are deeply troubled; and indulging their demands — that were medically listed as mental illness until just a few years ago — doesn’t help them.

But how far does that go...? Here's a CBC story:

Transgender Canadian woman sets off debate after winning cycling world championship

Critics accuse Dr. Rachel McKinnon of cheating after taking gold in women's competition

McKinnon is still biologically male. His DNA is male. He can cut body parts off; he can take hormones; he can rename himself; he can convince the world to call him Rachel. But he is still biologically male. I'm sorry, that’s just a fact; that’s just science, it’s not being mean. 

McKinnon is winning sports competitions. He couldn’t compete against other men. But he can beat the girls, can’t he? But look at the CBC. Just thrilled:

In an article in USA Today in January, McKinnon argued her competing is not a question of athletic advantage, but one of human rights. Dr. Rachel McKinnon: "We have to promote inclusive sport”

Can you believe that? A man has a human right to say he’s a woman, and to compete against actual women. Because that’s “inclusive”.

No it isn’t. It’s colonization. Because it’s going to drive out every single woman from sports.

Not everything is a “rights issue”. Not everything is political. Not everything is about you, you, you. Not everything is a public therapy for you, not everyone has to play a role in your simulation. The girls that you crushed in sports aren’t part of your project — they’re part of their own project, competitive sports for girls.

This is just plain cheating. But no-one has the courage to say the emperor has no clothes — because you’ll be called a bigot.

You tell me:

Am I being mean? Am I being a bully? Or is “Rachel” McKinnon?

It’s back to the days of girls being run out of the Boston Marathon, because they’re girls...

NEXT: Italian freelance journalist Alessandra Bocchi joins me with in-depth details about France's decision to secretly drop off unwanted migrants on Italian soil.

FINALLY: Your messages to me!

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commented 2018-10-18 00:05:07 -0400
KAREN MACLEOD…you sure are a smooth talker; as soon as you mentioned everyone hating Merkel, I felt so good as I hate her as much as Trudeau.

I agree that in less than a decade most of Europe will talk worse about her than Adolf, and for good reason.
By the way it is France that Italy is fighting back, as they dumped a truckload of migrants on Italy’s side and got caught.
commented 2018-10-17 21:58:28 -0400
Ron Joseph-
Hearing the Italians fight back against Germany’s Merkle was blessings plenty. Left & Right united against the slavery of the Globalist ideal.
It will catch up to Merkle. She’ll be a deeply hated figure within a decade.
Britian will return to sanity within the decade and we will be 5 yrs behind.
Hold hope.
commented 2018-10-17 21:52:57 -0400
Personally, I would like to hear EZRA use his great talents to talk about the Bavaria Elections or the Toronto Mayoral race instead of spending a half hour talking about a loser that thinks he is a woman.; if Toronto is off his limits, there is also an exciting Mississauga Race where a steadily maturing Kevin Johnson is tied with the incumbent. Every hour has crazy but entertaining things happen in that race.
commented 2018-10-17 21:51:12 -0400
Miss very few shows. This was the most powerful, thoughtful show yet. Thank you.
commented 2018-10-17 21:34:32 -0400
TAMMIE, as is her want, puts everything into perspective in just a few short words.

I tend to find the whole subject a little disturbing, not because I am biased but the thought that these people were exposed to a sex education that guided them on the course of transsexualism at a very young age. Wynne’s, to a little boy, ‘If you like the boy sitting next to you, then it is OK to hold his hand, or even give him a kiss, if he wants you to’. This was exposed by Ezra in a previous show. Hormone unbalance can be corrected, can it not? It appears that the white race is being steered on to a course of self destruction.
commented 2018-10-17 21:30:05 -0400
If transgender men are pushing around women & hurting them, who’se fault is that?
Are the men still present that would shove a guy to the ground if they layed a hand on a woman trying to compete or is the woman at fault for saying she was a physical equal to men in an all man’s sport at the time?
There is a profound facination of the feminine by men. That’s healthy.
Are transgender people absolutely victims of abuse from themselves and others? By majority, yes.
But where is the outcry when someone harms another based on fairness and ability?
Ultimately, women only have rights by the grace of men understanding our divine right by God.
Where is God now?
Where is the all good heavenly Father that loves, teaches, forgives and sets right?
You see anybody hurt anybody based on gender, look to yourselves first for blame.
commented 2018-10-17 21:28:02 -0400
This country’s going to shit.
commented 2018-10-17 21:22:52 -0400
Robert Greely, if this is permitted to continue, Women’s Sports will be ruined. Imagine training for years, not only the physical investment of training; financial cost to athlete and family can be quite high, then a person with greater bone density, muscle mass and the genetics of male is allowed to swoop in and stomp on the competition!!!
The other issue which seems to be a topic for avoidance is there are probably some male athletes out there who could never win when competing against other men…now they have recourse…identify as a “woman” and suddenly, it’s not considered cheating!

Female athletes should be more vocal and demand their governing bodies intervene and put a stop to this – and, do it now.
commented 2018-10-17 20:59:46 -0400
Seems to me that believing something about yourself that isn’t true is a mental illness. The only crazier thing is being forced to go along with destructive delusions.
commented 2018-10-17 20:56:01 -0400
Sorry, I meant ‘two transgender women’ in my earlier comment. Pl forgive my cis heterosexism
commented 2018-10-17 20:54:36 -0400
Tammie P-Z. Yes..but of course it makes too much sense to do that.
commented 2018-10-17 20:52:05 -0400
I have a wonderful idea. Hire two transgender men who are wired and recording everything to into two similar beauty salons, one with Muslim estheticians and one with infidel ones. Each man should demand waxing for the nether regions. Try to keep everything similar except for the kafir vs non kafir aspect. Get two separately filed Human Rights Complaints and make a documentary about it,
commented 2018-10-17 20:46:48 -0400
This whole situation is very much akin to Lance Armstrong’s doping. Tammie, I think you have the best answer for the issue! Let them compete among themselves and leave the men’s and women’s contests for real men and women.
commented 2018-10-17 20:08:40 -0400
McKinnon’s assertion, “competing is not a question of athletic advantage, but one of human rights.” Well, the answer to this lunacy is to have gender dysphoric men compete against each other…problem solved! No other gender dysphoric men in the match, race etc….send them home with a participation award.