October 19, 2016

UN censor admits the REAL reason Rebel reporters were banned from Marrakech climate conference

Rebel Staff

As we reported earlier this week, the UN has banned our journalists from attending next month’s global warming conference in Marrakech, Morocco.

Then last night, the UN's official censor, Nick Nuttall, finally came out of the shadows:

He still hasn’t given us the courtesy of a reply to our lawyer’s letters, but he went on the CBC to tell them why our reporters can’t go to the conference, even though 3,000 other reporters will be there.

Nuttall admitted he’s banning us because we have the wrong opinions.

Nuttall also said he wants us disclose who’s backing The Rebel financially, but that's no secret — we have tens of thousands of supporters, our readers and viewers and crowdfunders. We’re 100 per cent independent.

(Unlike him. He’s paid by the likes of China and Russia. And he acts like it…)

Then he actually says he hopes we fail.

He wants all of you to stop supporting us.

You know what, though? I don’t take orders from Nick Nuttall. We’re sending our three reporters to Marrakech, no matter what, and we’re crowdfunding the plane tickets and hotel room.

Will you help us — just to tick off this little fascist from the UN?

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My whole show today is on this subject.

My guests Lorne Gunter and "banned Rebel" Sheila Gunn Reid will be talking more about our blacklisting by the UN.

PS: Here is something we've never done before:

This show is so important that we have decided to unlock this one episode from behind our Premium Membership paywall, and post it on YouTube tomorrow morning for all to see.

And remember:

You can help by visiting LetUsReport.com to learn more about our fight for press freedom, sign our petition and even help us crowdfund our trip to report on the climate conference in Morocco. 

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