October 24, 2016

Canada’s Minister for International Trade has “mommy blogger” meltdown

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Over in the European Union, they’re nailing down the final details of a massive trade deal — really the biggest one for Canada since our free trade deal with the U.S.

Harper’s government did all of the heavy lifting, but some final negotiations remained, so Trudeau’s team went over to finish the job.

Then Chrystia Freeland started crying.

She actually wrote about crying, and complained about being away from her family (even though she’s the Minister of International Trade...)

She says she can’t believe the other side was being tough — especially when Canada is so “nice.”

And here’s the insane thing:

That “mommy blog” type melt-down was so awesome, in the eyes of Trudeau’s Liberals, that it was translated and sent out as an official government press release. I’m serious.

Justin Trudeau really wanted to show what he could do with a 50 per cent female cabinet. But Freeland’s only real business experience was a complete disaster, costing her old employer tens of millions of dollars and wiping out hundreds of jobs.

It’s a laugh now, but let’s see who’s laughing — and who’s crying — four years from now, when these incompetent tokens have had time to do real damage...

Tonight's guests: Aaron Wudrick of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation comes on to talk about the Bombardier bailout (sign our StopBackingBombardier.ca petition); then Saskatchewan radio host John Gormley says Brad Wall is the only premier standing up against Justin Trudeau's carbon tax.


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commented 2016-11-01 12:30:20 -0400
Chrystia Freeland : How embarrassing for women, let alone Canada. At least Hillary has extreme guts…along with all her other “Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves” (thank you Cher). Trudeau is so caught up in his bad idea that equal numbers of women in government makes any sense. The criteria must only be on ‘equal opportunity’, not on ‘equal outcome’ for all genders, races and ages, etc…to prevent setting Canada up to fail. Of course he has no common sense about anything…what a disastrous government! Canadians have been drinking bad Kool Aid all across the country…only Saskatchewan has been drinking the good stuff…thank you Brad Wall. God Save us all on this politically contaminated continent.
commented 2016-10-25 22:38:01 -0400
DONALD ALLAN….hahaha haha hahahaha
commented 2016-10-25 19:56:48 -0400
Hope everyone flagged Gregoria Mcswain. As if trolls aren’t annoying enough.
commented 2016-10-25 18:55:01 -0400
I am looking to purchase a new car . I want Chrystia Freeland to be my Negotiator. She has this rare ability to walk out and CRY—- She will be excellent at making car deals.
commented 2016-10-25 11:07:32 -0400
Absolutely pathetic
commented 2016-10-25 11:00:42 -0400
Trudeau is doing the casting for a remake of The Wizard of Oz. Stephane Dion has the part of the brainless Strawman.He nailed the part, not by doing anything extroardinary , he just played himself. Crystia Freeland has just won the part of the Cowardly Lioness with her performance on the International Stage. I wonder who is auditioning for Tinman? Perhaps Gerald Butts, the heartless killer of jobs in the name of save the planet.
commented 2016-10-25 10:29:38 -0400
Sean Do You Need A Hug
commented 2016-10-25 10:00:40 -0400
Finally, she stopped wearing bright red outfits.

As for being talented, is this really the best Baby Doc’s government can come up with?

We need an adult in government. Instead we have cryers, and buffoons. Thankfully, only three more years. I wonder, will Canada be able to finance an election?
commented 2016-10-25 09:51:09 -0400
If she had an emotional break down at a private company, her butt would be out the door at lightening speed. I don’t for one moment believe she wrote that book. Someone in the liberal party decided the “emotional basket case” needed some credibility. You don’t even have to read it because the book is summarized in one line. And that one line is exactly what the liberals plan on doing to Canada, because globalists think they own everyone, and everything. The snobs think they are superior to everyone else.
What is really sad, is that I think she is an American. I could be wrong, but I think the cry baby is from the states. To be given trade as a portfolio shows how utterly incompetent liberals really are, and the contempt they show to the people who pay for their keep, is beyond evil. It’s hard to get out of bed in the morning, to the reality that professional criminals and cry babies are in the process of destroying our country.
commented 2016-10-25 09:40:26 -0400
Just in passing,

DJBT is short for “Dump Justin Bin Trudeau”

commented 2016-10-25 09:39:17 -0400
Let see, it is said that to be successful, a leader must surround himself with people smarter than himself.
Trudeau failed to understand this and has surrounded himself with people dumber than he is.
Fools and sycophants for the most part.
Since Trudeau has the IQ of a common turnip, the idiots under him must have IQ’s of manure.

commented 2016-10-25 09:24:44 -0400
Let’s see, qualifications for the post of International Trade Miniter:

1. Set of boobs
2. Nice ass
3. Deep throat

There you go!

Anyone without these need not apply!

commented 2016-10-25 09:21:45 -0400
“It is kind of Amazing ,isn’t it ? —-Hyacinth.”
No, not really Shebel Raj. The fall was anticipated, the reality from years gone by as the benchmark to gauge the future – same shite different Trudeau is all. What is amazing is the fact that the Liberals do not see that they are impacting the future with their idiocy, to them being in politics is merely a popularity contest and profitable perks.
commented 2016-10-25 09:02:24 -0400
M P, what are you talking about? The link to the video is above. And the link to this article is on the home page. However, this video is behind the paywall as it normally is.
commented 2016-10-25 08:15:51 -0400
So is there an actual link to this post or does that cost $8?

commented 2016-10-25 08:07:36 -0400
@richard Wakefield

That stream wasn’t Trump’s.

It was “Right Side Broadcasting” which have been around for at least 2 years.

You can see their logo watermark.
commented 2016-10-25 07:58:18 -0400
I know one thing for sure mister Chiasson is a leftist troll, I have proof, just read him. which union is writing him a check for his commenting work ?
commented 2016-10-25 07:24:48 -0400
Chaisson wouldn’t know the truth if it slapped him upside the head with a 2 × 4. His head is brainwashed with the new age Nazi mentality.
commented 2016-10-25 06:04:46 -0400
Ezra, you cry all the time: about Muslims, about anti-semitism, about oil, about imaginary election rigs, about refugees. What’s your point?
commented 2016-10-25 02:06:06 -0400
It is kind of Amazing ,isn’t it ? —-Hyacinth. You know , something Justin—- Some of us actually believe that we have enemies that have ‘Nefarious’ goals regarding our NON- Existent Culture. I consider you to be a TRAITOR—- Justin.
commented 2016-10-25 01:56:49 -0400
I wonder what Penson will say when Justin breaks out in tears in the future?
commented 2016-10-25 01:21:15 -0400
“She actually wrote about crying, and complained about being away from her family (even though she’s the Minister of International Trade…)”

“Canada’s lowest IQ cabinet ever.”

Canada has fully returned to its former glory of the Liberal yesteryears – Laughing stock of the world.
commented 2016-10-25 00:25:33 -0400
When you go into negotiations, emotion, personal feelings, bias must be left at the door. If your opponent senses a weakness they will exploit it. If you cry they know they have you on the ropes. JAN G you cannot change a mommies boy.
commented 2016-10-24 23:54:30 -0400
Can you possibly imagine the tears that will fall if Trump wins? He wants to get rid of nafta, the boo hoo fest will last for years! He’ll have the whole cabinet in the fetal position.

I’m glad the deal got kiboshed, the only problem is that as trudope will pursue it till we get screwed badly.

Wish I could find a banker that would cry when the negotiations start.
commented 2016-10-24 23:50:38 -0400
Absolutely impossible not to notice the stark difference from when Harper and the rest of the adults used to run this country to the pansy feminist airhead millennials that have now been put in charge by a bunch of pansy feminist airhead millennials.
commented 2016-10-24 23:49:35 -0400
For Chrissakes Penson we are not talking about somebody’s flustered sister, we are talking about the Minister of International Trade of Canada. I expect more dignified and professional behaviour from an MP.
Your achy breaky heart has no business in front of the camera or any dealings in representation of the country.

At least Rob Ford could do his job. Chrystia, not so much.
commented 2016-10-24 23:34:22 -0400
How Trump of you, Ezra! Only Trump would attack a woman for shedding tears, while on the job!!

You people of the far right should have as much compassion as we did of those of the right! Look at the love and compassion that Rob Ford got when he had his troubles; not one bit of mockery from the centre left
commented 2016-10-24 23:16:18 -0400
I sure hope the UN gives in to the pressure and allows The Rebel to attend, as an insider. Not just pressing your nose against the glass. I think we would get some eye opening reporting for a change!
commented 2016-10-24 23:13:58 -0400
Freeland will need a couple of gigs on the Bill Mahr show just to keep her out of the loony bin.

I look at lady posters on the rebel, Deb G, Jan G, Yvette M, Liza R and several more. Then I look at the female reps in the liberal cabinet line up. I want to cry. Could we swap. I’d love to spar with the liberal air heads on Rebel while our girls (I suppose can’t say girls), could be down in Ottawa. GOOD things would GET done with a COMPETENT cabinet.

DJBT and the rest
commented 2016-10-24 23:04:20 -0400
It was obvious once her dad bought her a million dollar condo in TO that she had not yet become an adult.