October 24, 2017

Kneeling NFL players should do this instead (Guest host: David Menzies)

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

(David Menzies guest hosts for Ezra Levant tonight:)
The NFL players insist that their circus-sideshow of kneeling during the national anthem has nothing to do with disrespecting America or its veterans, that it’s all about free speech.

If that’s true, then I have a great idea how the players can embrace the First Amendment without making a mockery of the Star Spangled Banner…

The NFL has lots of rules governing player behaviour. For example, if you put a personal message on your uniform, that’s a $6,076 fine — a figure that doubles the second time you do it.

So why don’t the players purchase their own commercials to air during NFL games? The cost of a 30-second spot during the regular season starts at $300,000.

Oh, what am I saying?

This idea of these guys taking a principled stance using their own dime? Nah...

NEXT: One of the newest members of The Rebel team, Kristin Tate, joins me to talk more about the NFL anthem protests. What are they really about and how much longer can they possibly continue?

THEN: Rebel BC Bureau Chief Christopher Wilson comes on to elaborate on another Rebel exclusive:

He's uncovered documents showing that the Prime Minister's Office is concealing expenses from voters.

So much for Trudeau's promised "transparency."

FINALLY: I share your feedback on our Friday evening program "Rebel Roundup," and my "What's The Deal?" segments!

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commented 2017-10-25 18:39:23 -0400
Government redactions and delays explained in simple terms. Transparency and accountability be damned!
Justin and Gerry’s anthem!
commented 2017-10-25 11:53:23 -0400
- Goodell needs to go. He should have stopped these protests at the very start. Many of those who left will not be coming back. The bleeding won’t stop until fines, suspensions & in some cases lifetime suspensions are handed out. The longer it goes on, the higher the price tag will have to be.

- This is not a free speech issue. These overpriced snowflakes are hiding behind this. These protesters need to go play in the Mexican league (or start one). Hands up, don’t shoot – was a lie. These clowns are pushing a lie & spitting in the face of patriots to do so.

- Trudeau seems to have been handed a list of words to say at some point which he uses every chance he gets, yet doesn’t know their meaning. “Transparency” is one of those words.
commented 2017-10-25 10:39:37 -0400
I think that the argument that the niqab should be outlawed because women should not be forced to wear the it against their will will be thoroughly defeated in a court of law. First, you will not get anyone who wears one stand up and say that they are being forced to. Second, there will be many who will come forth and say that they do it of their own free will and it is part of their identity. That will kill the argument. There is no objective, measurable argument against the niqab.
I believe that it can only be outlawed because of the security and cultural angles. It should not be handled at the legal level, but in the legislatures. Seeing the face of the person with whom one is interacting is a vital component of our our western culture and value system, not only in public, but in daily business transactions.
Legislators must be able to admit, which leftists are reluctant to, that western culture as a whole is a BETTER culture than others, with better values, standards, and respect for human dignity, than other more primitive ones, like the islamic middle eastern culture.
As well, my right to not feel uncomfortable or unsafe in public in the midst of people wearing masks must override a growing number of individuals’ desires to hide their faces.
And it must be shown to be not a religious symbol, but a cultural one, and therefore must be outlawed as culturally unacceptable in an open western democracy.
commented 2017-10-25 09:39:20 -0400
What will happen to the NFL when the Super Bowl is half empty? The Left won’t show up because it is a sport of violence (though they will watch it for free on TV).

When the majority of sports fans ignore the Super Bowl and only the news makes a big deal about that show (no longer a game) will the league start devaluating the salaries of the kneeling virtue signallers? Will the league then start enforcing its clear and complete regulations in the player’s handbook on what is permitted during the playing of the National Anthem?

Would these players go to Detroit to work on reducing gun violence? Not really. Too much of a risk to their own lives. Hey, you can’t run far after you get capped in your ass. Its like J.K. Rowlings spouting off about bringing in migrants: not one taken in by her while she lives in her walled in and protected estate – all talk but no action.

There are many other sports to watch. Hockey has hitting, faster, and more on the fly plays. Jai alai is supposed to be the fastest sport in the world, and can become more popular as an alternative to football. Formula 1 is another sport that can have an increase in crowds (not Formula e – that is a joke).

There are alternatives.

As for Gerald Le Butts, hasn’t every Liberal government always started off by stating that it will be the most open government ever formed, yet quickly shut down allowing information out and hide? Baby Doc Trudeau just did this from day one – most wait a few months.

So much to hide, so little taking responsibility…
commented 2017-10-25 08:34:52 -0400
I stopped watching the NFL a long time ago.
commented 2017-10-25 06:28:05 -0400
The NFL and their players are forgetting that the fans have rights too. The right to not purchase tickets to games or turn the channel and not watch their games.
I noticed in a sports bar Monday night that nobody was paying any attention to the football game even after the Leaf game finished. That’s an indicator that the players and the NFL intelligences should worry about.
commented 2017-10-25 01:30:19 -0400
Let the NFL keep hurting itself, i am enjoying it.
commented 2017-10-25 01:29:38 -0400
LMAO David you know these phony posing protesters never put their money where their mouths are.
commented 2017-10-25 00:25:27 -0400
Great show David. Kristin Tate is a great interview!
commented 2017-10-24 23:08:11 -0400
Lloyd Nolan—-Good thinking into next years players contracts. If revenues or profits are down 20%, the owners have every right to give the players 20% less next year.
commented 2017-10-24 21:57:38 -0400
Butts rented a Uhaul and had a gang of his Butt loving friends over, to do the Humping. This cost ‘We the People’ a fortune. Only his close friend gets to Hump for free.

Must say, Ms Tate made me wish I was young again.
commented 2017-10-24 21:56:30 -0400
The NFL Commish is a servant to the Politically Correct. The moment they started with their disrespecting of the flag, they should have all been suspended. That would have settled it. There are no shortage of football players eager to play in the NFL that would not be disrespecting the flag of the country that affords them the rights and freedoms that they enjoy. Those kneeling, self absorbed, entitled, losers are just virtue signalling, without actually being involved in anything.
commented 2017-10-24 21:01:31 -0400
I say let the nfl find it’s own level , if the fan base is reduced to the LEFTARD loontards , can you imagine what the contracts are gonna look like for the social jackasses warriors

It’s actually entertaining to watch the LEFTARDS paint themselves into another corner

Good pinch hitting DAVE
commented 2017-10-24 20:56:35 -0400
The NFL is the league where a player takes a knee on a kick, rather than having to run and take a hit hit like the CFL. In short, they are defeatists which is what taking a knee has always been a symbol of.
commented 2017-10-24 20:49:15 -0400
Actually, we can glean certain information from the redacted documents. The last email is to all involved, in what is likely to be questions about whether or not they can hide Butt’s butt, as the final statement is; “Thank-you for your insightful advice”.

So we know who was involved in this convo, that they were asking advice, and that it was all in reference to (not) releasing Butt’s spending habits. We also now know that’s the advice given wasn’t legitimate, or they’d not have redacted it.

So we know who’s involved, that they’re lying and at odds with their legal obligations.
commented 2017-10-24 20:46:12 -0400
Interesting idea David! I doubt these players would invest a dime in it.

I think if the NFL is unwilling to fine players, they can learn to deal with fans staying home & not buying merchandise; let these players take a knee; sit on the bench etc… to an empty stadium week after week. I hope the league goes bankrupt! Protesting at work is not an accepted practice in our society, except in cases of worker strikes or lockouts.

Support college football instead. Maybe some Americans will tune in to CFL (they will have to read up on the differences!)

Justin Trudeau’s “openess and transparency” mantra is proof he studied Goebbels propaganda strategies used during WW2. The government redactors are obstructing the public from knowing the truth. Delaying, and, unreasonable extensions are also unacceptable.

Great show David!
commented 2017-10-24 20:08:41 -0400
NFL. Shrug. Who cares what they do.
commented 2017-10-24 19:32:59 -0400
Good show tonight guys. How about a little more Ontario coverage. Bribery case dismissed, bill 163 bubble zone, windmills and other stuff as well.