October 30, 2017

FireMorneau.com: SEE what our Access to Information request revealed about Trudeau’s Finance Minister

Rebel Staff

Bill Morneau is Justin Trudeau’s idea of a business success:

Morneau inherited his business from his dad, and he married a billionaire heiress.

When Morneau became finance minister, his company said he put his ownership in a blind trust.

But it turns out that he didn’t.

Morneau’s company, Morneau Shapell, isn’t just any financial company. They specialize in pensions, benefits and financial structuring for families, small businesses, the like. So Morneau’s changes to tax policy disproportionately benefit his firm.

It would be like Donald Trump cutting taxes on casinos.

Since he started making these changes, his shares in Morneau Shepell have skyrocketed — he’s made $5 million.

Now he says he’ll give the money to charity.

Great: So he’ll just take a huge charity tax credit, to reduce his tax bill even more?

But there’s one thing that’s new: Morneau says he recused himself from cabinet discussions when he had a personal stake in things. He said he did so twice.

So we filed an Access to Information request for any records about that in the Finance Department. Here’s the answer we got:

“… after a thorough search, no records exist in the Department of Finance Canada concerning this request.”

Are they lying? Or is he?

And how much longer will the Liberals tolerate this corrupt boob as finance minister?

I think now is long enough. He needs to be fired.

Will you sign the petition? I’d like to get 100,000 signatures — and we’ll personally deliver it to his office. Go to FireMorneau.com and sign today.

NEXT: Outspoken Townhall columnist Kurt Schlichter and I talk about "cultural appropriation," which is always a hot topic around Halloween.

He explains why parents should let their daughters dress up as Moana, the Hawaiian Disney princess, regardless of what the social justice scolds have to say.

THEN: John Carpay from the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms comes on with an update on the Canadian university trying to silence the campus pro-life group.

PLUS: My show tomorrow comes to you from the UK, where I'm going to touch base with our Rebel staff in London, and bring you an interview with Tommy Robinson.

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commented 2017-11-02 15:56:06 -0400
DREW WAKARIUK commented 2 days ago: “Anyone that believes what a Liberal tells them is an imbecile.”

Imbeciles? Apparently enough in Canada to have elected this criminal Gov’t!
commented 2017-11-01 17:19:34 -0400
I’m sure that’s about what he pays for a “light lunch” in Ottawa on any given day…
commented 2017-11-01 17:18:13 -0400
So, I gather the latest is that Morneau was fined a “staggering” $400 for his little Chateau in France oversight!?…. Wow!… That sure will be a warning to all Liberals!…
commented 2017-11-01 14:38:14 -0400
Space Moose, did any other parties tell Trudeau to screw off? Other than Brad Wall?

The emergency rooms being closed were due to excess spending by the NDP. They run every province they hold government in into the ground. So would you rather Pallister keep spending like the NDP- with your money? Those are more local interest stories except the carbon tax. The Rebel focuses more on national ones.
commented 2017-10-31 18:24:04 -0400
Pallister is making all progressive conservative parties look stupid with his carbon tax. HE should have just told Trudeau to screw off all together, instead of caving in half way.

Money out of my pocket for carbon tax. Pallister axed three emergency rooms and an urgent care. And on top of that, he punted STeven Fletcher out of the party. This is what I wish the rebel should have covered.
commented 2017-10-31 15:11:04 -0400
I agree Morneau needs to go and fast. I also think there should be a lot more attention on Trudeau and his gang of crooks as far as the Clinton foundation goes. I want to know what they got for all of our tax dollars they gave to the Clintons and what roll they have in this hole scandal . It seems to me our government is far to close to the Clintons to be clean in this whole mess….
commented 2017-10-31 12:49:37 -0400
EZRA ! you know what I got out of this show tonight? , that I’m going to sign the petition , and chipping in for jumbo truck ad , which will produce some entertaining videos
commented 2017-10-31 12:22:20 -0400
Unreal verbal sidestep to Global interviewers direct questions… So insulting!
commented 2017-10-31 12:05:03 -0400
- "True, This! -

Beneath the rule of men entirely great,
The pen is mightier than the sword. Behold
The arch-enchanters wand! – itself a nothing! –
But taking sorcery from the master-hand
To paralyse the Caesars, and to strike
The loud earth breathless! – Take away the sword –
States can be saved without it!"
From “Richelieu; Or the Conspiracy”, by Bulwer Lytton

I love the pen in all of it’s wonderful manifestations and power – like the truck!
Go get ’em Ezra! - Kurt Schlichter cracks me up. It’s a very special talent to be able to successfully use humour to make such important, pertinent and controversial arguments. And he’s a man after me own heart with sentiments like: ‘No’. ’That’s stupid.’ - Unterscharführer Mohammud Agoni of the BUSU Geheime Staatspolizei needs to have boot put to ass, off this continent! It’s funny how that compatibility between Islam and NAZIs manifests itself so glaringly in the neo-academia of today…The university administration must bear some responsibility for this, or be held responsible. - I’m certain there are many capable grifters out there that would be offended by your associating Boy Justin with that ignoble trade…
commented 2017-10-31 11:59:44 -0400
- The Trudeau Liberals don’t know what Middle Class is, or Transparency, or Feminism (most feminists these days struggle with that one). Nobody does corruption like the Liberals. Rules only apply when they’re in opposition. When they’re the government, not so much.

- The war on Halloween is part of the greater war on Western Civilization. The left still believes they rule the culture. Their idiocy & their immorality is causing that to change. Conservatism is the new counterculture.

- The destruction of children is a sacred cow for the left. If they can’t kill them in the womb, they get them into indoctrination centers (schools) immediately. Rules mean nothing to them – it’s all about the narrative. Good for the JCCF to fight this.
commented 2017-10-31 11:06:44 -0400
I would support a crowd funding initiative for a Rebel Jumbotron truck purchase.
Embarrassing Morneau on Bay Street with the facts is a fantastic idea Ezra!
commented 2017-10-31 10:55:58 -0400
SPACE MOOSE commented 9 hours ago

I got bigger things to worry about. The stupid Manitoba conservative government now wants to put in a carbon tax starting next year. Where is the rebel to cover this?
Space Moose, Pallister was told by Trudeau to come up with a carbon tax or the LPC would. Pallister’s tax is half of what the Libs demand. I would rather he fought it like the ever great brad wall in Saskatchewan but at least he is trying something. United we stand, divided we fall.

The Canadian Tax Payers Ass’n have a link to Pallister’s survey on it. Maybe you should sign it.

I always laugh when you dismiss The Rebel’s petitions as accomplishing nothing. But you constant whining does? I’ll sign a petition in the faint hope that it may get a message across.

From the CTPA:

But there’s still time for the people to fight a carbon tax in Manitoba.

Despite announcing their plans for this carbon tax, Premier Pallister launched an online carbon tax survey.

Look – it’s a badly slanted survey that doesn’t even ask whether Manitobans actually want a carbon tax. But it’s an opportunity for you to have your say. In fact, you can just scroll down to question seven and tell the government you don’t want a carbon tax. Just click this link:


Hundreds of Canadian Taxpayers Federation supporters clicked on the pre-budget survey and told the government not to impose a healthcare premium tax and Premier Pallister scrapped the idea. We can make him scrap his carbon tax too if enough people click this LINK.

Thanks for your support – it’s making a difference.

- Todd, Scott, Shannon and the CTF team
commented 2017-10-31 06:40:54 -0400
The entire Lieberal Party should be disbanded. They have accomplished only one thing and that is to unfairly tax the Canadian citizens to support their corrupt ways..
commented 2017-10-31 06:39:35 -0400
Looking forward to your show from the UK.
commented 2017-10-31 06:17:22 -0400
We will truly not have any redress on Libersl corruption until the next election.
Hopefully Canadian voters choose wisely in 2019
Hats off to the Rebel !
commented 2017-10-31 04:20:27 -0400
Keith Barnes.. It’s just the way things are done when you’re one of the Laurentian Mafia…
commented 2017-10-31 02:00:26 -0400
Tammy, when Ezra wants us to sign a petition, he will release the full monologue, as opposed to a two minute clip. Since you paid for a sub, it means you are paying for Ezra to bombard you with ads telling you to sign a petition.

I got bigger things to worry about. The stupid Manitoba conservative government now wants to put in a carbon tax starting next year. Where is the rebel to cover this?
commented 2017-10-31 01:10:46 -0400
Anyone that believes what a Liberal tells them is an imbecile.
commented 2017-10-31 01:09:50 -0400
The left seems to only hate people that get rich with hard work.
commented 2017-10-31 00:12:43 -0400
I liked Jordon Fisher’s response to dressing up like Moana:
“All these articles about not dressing your kids up as Moana are unreal,” he writes in a heated post. “As someone with Polynesian blood, as well as lots of other things, lemme see some white, black, Asian, mixed girl or even BOY Moana’s. Let kids do what they wanna do. It’s freaking Halloween”
commented 2017-10-30 23:59:05 -0400
Why is it that the Liberal Party always attracts so many Gangsters. Trudeau’s Liberals are the worst because they have members of the Death Cult amidst them.
commented 2017-10-30 23:16:54 -0400
Ezra made reference to Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984, whereby “the most powerful way they broke the backs of the rebels was to make them say something they knew was a lie”, like “War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength."
Today, Trudeau and his social-engineering minions trumpet the mantra, “Diversity is our strength”, in essence not unlike Orwell’s “Ignorance is strength”.
commented 2017-10-30 22:50:30 -0400
Mr. Morneau … keep the money but do all of us in the middle-class a favor – resign.

Ezra … don’t let McKenna know you’re going to Europe again – she’ll “carbon tax” the airline you’re flying with into bankruptcy simply because you flew with them.

Looking forward to tomorrows show.
Keep up the great work.

@ George Dyer – love it!
commented 2017-10-30 22:47:54 -0400
Deborah Graupner, I would buy one and support the JCCF! Ezra??
commented 2017-10-30 21:57:09 -0400
Ezra – maybe we could sell t-shirts with Morneau’s picture on it with the words “Our finance minister is a tax cheat” across it. The proceeds could go to John Carpay and the JCCF.
commented 2017-10-30 21:42:52 -0400
Perhaps Bill Morneau’s generous donation should go to the CRA with the caveat that they leave those ordinary middle class citizens alone instead of bleeding them to death to pay for Bill Morneau’s beneficial decisions that fill his pockets through Morneau Shepell. You wanna talk about tax cheats???
commented 2017-10-30 21:39:15 -0400
Kurt Schlichter advises us to just ignore SJW’s that want us to relate to them as a different sex, or one that we don’t even know exists. Also ignore an SJW that tells us that that Princess outfit is racist etc..
Unfortunately That’s what Professor Jordan Peterson did in refusing to address a student by her desired name as a 3rd or 4th type of sexual person, I believe it was called a sis, or si.
Peterson has been suffering and fighting for his job ever since then. Maybe Kurt is giving us bad advise, or we will end up in court like Peterson.
commented 2017-10-30 21:28:42 -0400
A former co-worker of mine died suddenly because he was severely asthmatic and he made the mistake of taking out the garbage in minus 25 temperatures without putting on his coat. This triggered an asthma attack and they found him frozen to death in a snowbank the next day. I have dealt with pollen allergies for most of my life and I know how high pollen counts can trigger sneezing fits, itchy eyes and throat, etc. So what exactly are the physical manifestations when one of these delicate little hothouse flowers get “triggered” by ideas they don’t like? Temper tantrums?

No problem. I’ve got earplugs. Scream yourself to sleep, kiddies.
commented 2017-10-30 21:28:37 -0400
Dean Rigger commented , How much would purchasing your very own Jumbotron truck cost ? That’s a very good idea Dean and definitely something that should be crowdfunded by fellow rebellers . I’m in for at least $ 100 . Maybe putting a debt clock along with the messages would make people realize how retarded all these lefty socialists scum ideas are costing all of us and future generations. ! And I’m sure you would have no problem finding drivers that don’t want to run over innocent people unlike the cult of pieces !