October 31, 2017

Visiting the Rebel UK team: Touring the studio, plus a conversation with Tommy Robinson

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Tonight, I'm meeting with our Rebel UK team! Take a tour of their crowdfunded studio, and get updates on their scoops, campaigns and investigations.

Of course, I sat down with Tommy Robinson himself, to talk about how far his message has spread since we teamed up, and what he sees as the future of the United Kingdom. 

We also discuss his upcoming book launch events, which police are trying to shut down. But don't worry: Tommy has a "Plan B" in case that happens...

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commented 2017-11-02 00:51:15 -0400
Colleen ya, good link.
commented 2017-11-01 23:57:37 -0400
Thank you, Colleen Morrison Lyons, for that most informative link!
commented 2017-11-01 19:48:04 -0400
Here in Canada we need to get our heads out of asses before our children are governed by Sharia Law instead of the Criminal Code
Rebel Please Stay Strong We need you!
commented 2017-11-01 19:02:54 -0400
Space Moose I live in England and were not done yet. Great people like Tommy have woken this sleeping country. The fight starts now. P.s great show Ezra first time I’ve watched it.
commented 2017-11-01 12:09:29 -0400
- Tommy is doing a hell of a job. It’s globalist politicians & their pet activist lawyers that created this mess. Trudeau is trying to play catchup with the EU – he is pals wit George Soros after all. Great to see things coming along with The Rebel UK.
commented 2017-11-01 03:02:41 -0400
England is done. There is nothing that anybody can do to fix the country. Look at how many more boatloads of fake refugees keep coming to Europe. If Tommy does not get the hell out of England, he is going to get killed.
commented 2017-11-01 02:04:38 -0400
Tommy is a big part of the Rebel expanding into an important international legitimate media source. With many millions of viewers around the world, our so-called conservative politicians need to embrace Rebel Media rather than ignore it. The Rebel is like FoxNews, and should be recognized as such.
Our cowardly leaders, like Brown, Kenney, and Scheer, are followers of the Trudeau leftist/globalist dogma and his MSM toadies. Canada, under Trudeau or Scheer, is headed down the path of the UK and Sweden. Unless there is a Trump in our future that is actually proud of his heritage and western civilization, our lives and freedoms won’t be the same in a generation.
I pity the children.
commented 2017-11-01 00:09:25 -0400
I’m feeling energized and full of hope, like I did when you started The Rebel in your living room Ezra. Looks like Tommy is building a great team just as you did, that Jack Buckby seemed like such a lovely young man with strong motivation and commitment. I wish all of The Rebel Britain Team the best, I know they will keep fighting for freedom. With each new metal stud that is erected in either your studio Ezra or now Tommy’s, another tear falls from the eyes of the CBC, BBC and other traitorous news media outlets. As your success grows, they will cry so much, that eventually they will drown in the tears of their own sorrow. When you started The Rebel, you were the Phoenix rising out of the ashes of the meltdown of The Sun and now you shine brighter day by day. Good on you and Tommy and all the Rebel Patriots, “We Will Never Surrender,” stay safe everyone.
commented 2017-11-01 00:03:23 -0400
Good Show Ezra,
It was nice to see that Tommy is making progress on the Studio. I hope he keeps it’s location secret lest it is torched by his Muslim friends.

Tommy not only has the Muslims as enemy’s, the British Police do everything they can to Harris him,though this is probably on the orders of the, so called, Conservative Government.

Good on You Tommy and keep your Pecker up. You have a lot of followers in Canada and the USA also Australia. All due to The Rebel.

commented 2017-10-31 23:46:09 -0400
It is a pretty difficult battle when the state treats you as the enemy. All the best . You have many standing with you. Thank you Tommy, and thank you Ezra for having the fortitude to carry on.
commented 2017-10-31 23:08:07 -0400
It obvious that Tommy needs a partner to help convince the British that their Politicians and Police are corrupt. Lets be honest, Tommy only started making headway when he had a vocal partner to help him out or back him up. This can be compared to when Ezra started out The Rebel; he had Brian to lead with him.
It will be next to impossible for Tommy to convince the entire UK, that their leaders have put them in quicksand.
commented 2017-10-31 21:30:14 -0400
God bless you Tommy. “I am less afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep than an army of sheep led by a lion.” Alexander the Great. Big deal on Fox tonight. Another allahu snack bar. I’m doing what I can but I envy your integrity.
I will be in the trenches
commented 2017-10-31 21:03:39 -0400
tommy robinson reminds me of the late great Andrew Bretibart he use to do the same thing. by taking on protesters and make them say stupid things.
commented 2017-10-31 21:02:15 -0400
Good interview with Tommy, Ezra! Please know, God is in control!

God Bless!
commented 2017-10-31 21:00:08 -0400
Britain once had Winston Churchill as the Prime Minister. Now it’s stuck with pathetic Theresa May. Unbelievable!
commented 2017-10-31 20:56:16 -0400
Feeling excited and happy about the amazing studio being built for Tommy who is a real hero and also a role model for all of us…. however there is a sense of frustration on the actual pathetic state of affairs in Britain right now… let us keep up our holy war as long as we can!
commented 2017-10-31 20:56:03 -0400
Tommy is a patriot, his love of Britain, and his boots on the ground activism is to stand up to the Islamization of his country. All of his hard work and the directed persecution by the establishment in defense of Western culture is why he would not move to Canada. His long-term efforts are waking people up to the fact there is a clear and present danger, he is not afraid to name it – Islamists and their supporters.
commented 2017-10-31 20:46:26 -0400
Amazing show!
Good luck Rebel UK.
commented 2017-10-31 20:45:29 -0400
Excellent show Ezra.
The studio is really coming along nicely – Congratulations Rebel UK!

Be safe Tommy, wishing you every success with the book launch; speech; and meeting your supporters.

From Canada
commented 2017-10-31 20:22:10 -0400
I really wish that Tommy would not dig his heels into England. He and his family would be better off moving here to Canada.