August 13, 2015

Ezra Levant's revealing interview with Roosh V

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

More than 40,000 people signed a petition to keep a man named Daryush Valizadeh out of Canada. Is he a terrorist or something?

No, Valizadeh, a.k.a., Roosh V, isn't a criminal. Unless you count the "thought crime" of daring to disagree with radical feminism. Roosh V is an author and men's rights activist who started out as a "pick up artist." He's as candid about the techniques he used to use to bed women as he is about the politically incorrect social and cultural views that are now the major focus of his more mature message.

Roosh V actually upsets the sexually promiscuous Left far more than he does social conservatives, because he points out their hypocrisy. The most serious charge against him is that he wants to "legalize rape," but after reading his essay about this, it's clear that it is satire in the spirit of Jonathan Swift's "A Modest Proposal."

No other Canadian reporter actually interviewed Roosh V -- except me. We talked about how the media worked with the feminist mob to libel him; his real views on rape, gender and ethnic differences, self-improvement, why "women don't seem to want good men anymore;" and broader issues about government and technology.

I don't agree with everything Roosh V says, but I think you might be surprised by some of what he has to say. Let me know what you think in the comments.

Ontario’s sex-ed curriculum sexualizes young children, undermines parental authority and imposes the government's morality on every Ontario family.

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commented 2015-08-21 22:05:20 -0400
Kate JL – thank you. You too.
commented 2015-08-17 15:20:27 -0400
You must be new here?
commented 2015-08-17 14:46:21 -0400
It’s the primitive thoughts and beliefs as shown in the comments here by a lot of Conservative men that makes me hesitate to vote Conservative, even though Harper is clearly the best of the bunch. I’ll still vote for him, but I won’t associate myself with the Conservative party, mostly because of religious zealots, and just the attitudes of the men in general. So many of them still have horribly sexist views, hating that feminism has given women the basic human rights they should have had all along. The fact that these “men” can support this Roosh douche shows their true colors of their contempt for women. Men don’t want to share, they don’t want to give up even an ounce of power in fear that women will not only catch up, but surpass them. When men feel threatened, they fly into an emotional rage far worse than any female PMS symptom, and women just have to put up with it. Meanwhile these grown men whine like babies whenever women express the least bit of frustration towards the very fragile male ego.

What Roosh said about legalizing rape on private property was not satire, he holds real and dangerous views on dehumanizing women. If you were to watch his videos on YouTube, you would realize just how much he thinks women are nothing but sex toys meant to be used and abused by men. His followers will track down women who speak against him, or any woman who claims to be a feminist, and threaten her with rape and/or death. These men are sick psychopaths and certainly should be shunned for their hate-filled misogyny.

I can’t believe this attitude persists among men today, disguising their rabid hatred for all women by using the word feminist, thinking blaming feminism justifies their disgusting attitude towards women as a whole. It seems like these types of men will never evolve, and will keep oppressing and hating half of the world’s population simply for being born with a vagina instead of a penis, for pretty much just existing, then have the nerve to whine about how hard it is to be a straight white male in this world. Get over yourselves. Your day has come and gone. Move out of the way so those who have evolved away from crippling gender roles and stereotypes can pave the way to a better future, a future where everyone will have equal rights and opportunities despite their sex or race, a future where people aren’t bullied and shamed because of the body or skin color they were born with. You misogynists are a dying breed, and thank god… or whatever you want to believe in.. for that. Do these men even have women in their lives that they care about? It sure doesn’t seem that way.

Joan, keep fighting the good fight. You’re obviously outnumbered here by bigoted men, but you’ve stayed classy and articulately stated your stance without stooping down to their immature level. Bravo. We need many more strong women like you who are tired of putting up with this sexist BS, and bravely speak up for equality despite the hateful and potentially dangerous opposition.
commented 2015-08-17 09:41:34 -0400
This a.m., Lorne Honickman at 640 am right-wing radio newstalk show aired evidence Roosh uses canned applause. He played the applause Roosh published from his Toronto “rally” with the applause from his Montreal event, and guess what? They are identical, right down to all the whistles and words yelled.

Honickman says there is no evidence he even held an event in Toronto, although Roosh claims he did. Sigh. Roosh’s agenda to convince Canadian men to lobby and vote for shariah-compliant laws that devalue women and blame us for all men’s woes has failed. Hugely.
commented 2015-08-16 21:55:03 -0400
Real Conservatives support the feminist core value of gender equity, Kelvin. People like Maurice can’t stand to adjust their rigid opinions in the face of facts that show they are wrong. So instead, they shit on their opponents then run. Congrats, Kelvin, for finally saying uncle, if only to yourself.
commented 2015-08-16 19:58:28 -0400
Joan for a so called conservative, your sure love to apply the liberal twist and spin comments I will pull a Maurice Potvin and end any more comments or read any more poison that you expell. its way healthier that way
commented 2015-08-16 16:21:44 -0400
LLRFU – Maybe your brain doesn’t/can’t distinguish between different verbs but most can and do. Do you want me to give you a handicap, like in golf?

I implied nothing with my question, certainly no accusation. Your msinterpretation is what psychologists call “projection” and it suggests guilt.

I certainly don’t want or expect you to answer to me. Gawd. That would mean I was responsible for you, your feelings, your failures, your needs, which I definitely am not. Those are all yours.

Feminist ideology is hardly symptomatic of immaturity. Feminism has a long and rich tradition in Canada and its proponents have successfully and repeatedly furthered human rights law.

What have you done for humanity?

Feminism does not ridicule individuals. It criticizes social practice that is inhumane, like torturing political prisoners, flogging rape victims, sex slavery, FGM, child marriage (your favourite?), etc. And feminists challenge law, successfully, toward the goal of gender equity.

You have relegated me to the mass “all of you” and condemned me, a complete stranger, as “a lefty” because you don’t like it that the Conservative Party of Canada that I have been a member of for many, many years supports the feminist goal of gender equity. You attack me because you feel I am an easier target for your frustration than is your MP, our cabinet and our PM.

You are wrong, Llrfu, feminists do not support violent Islamic jihad. Only a few jihadi-funded sleepers who lie they are feminists do. Clearly they have fooled you. But maybe they found it so easy to fool you because they knew they could exploit the pre-existing misogynist bias of a certain segment of Canadian voters. They hope they can use you, like Lenin used his useful idiots, to vote for the re-introduction of laws that devalue, silence and oppress Canadian women. To do their dirty work.

I sure as hell don’t take orders from you,mLLRFU, and I will never demand shared parenting in all divorce cases because that would irresponsibly put the lives of countless vulnerable children at risk. Each petition for divorce needs to be adjudicated on its own, individual merit. If you lose, and you feel your case is sound, appeal it. Our laws are just but too often, the courts are not. But appeals courts tend to get it right much more often than Superior courts do.

Arguing skillfully is not bullying, stomping or dominating. Try what St. Francis recommended, to seek to understand more than to be understood. Search your own heart for the root of your bitterness. I am not the cause of your disappointment. I am a complete stranger.
commented 2015-08-16 15:55:25 -0400
Peter Babich and Kelvin Grabowsky -

Peter – Why do you think Kelvin needs help to debate me? Do you think he hasn’t got the balls, the manly strength or the smarts to do it on his own?

If debate were a paid gig and it took two, big, strong he-men to debate one small but equally strong woman, should you both be paid only half my wages? To be fair, using your logic.

Kelvin – You say that everytime I open my mouth, I incite violence. That sounds like a threat intended to intimidate me into silence. Should I take it seriously?

Peter – Are you offering to help Kelvin fulfill his threat of the violence he claims I incite by exercising freedom of expression and voicing my views? Remember, he has already put Roosh’s life in danger by challenging his opponents to put a bullet in his head rather than debate him with views like mine.

Seriously, dudes. Do you really want to go there?
commented 2015-08-16 15:45:43 -0400
Peter Babich – If I worked with you, I’d never ask you for help. Just like if I could save your life, your wife or child’s life, with a 911 call, I’d expect you not to ask for my help either.

Maybe you don’t understand team work.

I pity your wife should you suddenly die. How will she get around if she doesn’t even know how to put gas in her tank? Your love of her dependence could cripple her should you die.
commented 2015-08-16 15:39:55 -0400
Kelvin Grabowski – How can we defeat jihad without combat? I like Trump’s idea to take their assets.

There is a huge difference between my opposition to jihad, even my support for government-directed combat to defeat jihad, and your challenge to people, online, to murder, in cold blood, an individual you name and whose address you know has already been exposed.

One is legal, the other a criminal offence.

I don’t give a damn what you say or do because you don’t know where I live but for your own good, you should not do that again because make no mistake, incitement to murder is a criminal offence in Canada, Bill C-51 allows CSIS to come after you for doing it online, RCMP and CSIS monitor this site, and if you care nothing for yourself or your lovely wife, then realize that your incitement to murder can get Ezra in trouble too.
commented 2015-08-16 13:58:38 -0400
LLRU – Again, I did not call you a pedophile. I objected to your infantilizing women as little children, something only those men who can only relate to children they can easily control and exploit do. Like pedophiles do. I asked, therefore, if you are a pedophile, hoping you would deny it. Which you have declined to do, preferring instead to try, again and again, to humiliate me, a complete stranger, to reduce me to the level of a child you can feel powerful over, a child you can control, a child you can humiliate, manipulate and exploit. All for just politely asking you a question.
I rest my case.

I don’t answer to you Joan, to do so would be to dignify your childish allegation (and the human brain doesn’t distinguish between ask/accuse / imply – they’re all the same). You’re implying an accusation, and you know it, and so does everyone else, and I will not be bullied by you!!

So my critique of your posts was to humiliate, manipulate and exploit was it? Or maybe I was simply countering your arguments and pointing out your lack of maturity? Only someone with an inferiority complex would see it as you do Joan. But if I was trying to humiliate, how is that any different from Lefty / feminists that do nothing but ridicule Joan? It’s their number one response to everything. Like you, like John Stewart, like all of you.

Equal access to jobs, equal pay – you keep talking about feminism as if it were 30yrs ago Joan. Get with the times. Feminists SUPPORT the Muslim community Joan – wake up! They make excuses for forced female genital mutilation and call it “beautification”. They refuse – at the Human Rights Tribunal that they run – to hear cases by women forced out of karate class at the demands of a young Muslim student. They refuse to acknowledge Honour Crimes etc. You’re wrong about everything, and Mala isn’t in Canada, and beating up Cdn men will not assist her in her quest! It’s a disingenuous argument and a destructive thing to pursue in this country!

Prove to us you’re about equality Joan. Let’s see you DEMAND shared parenting in all divorce cases. Cause you see Joan, that is in fact the law in Canada, it’s simply being ignored at the behest of the feminists that run the attorney general’s office. Sole custody is contrary to the Human Rights Act, and they’re pretending the HRA “it doesn’t apply”.

And yes – you do DOMINATE these discussions, because that’s what bullies do, they try to douse their feelings of inadequacy by stomping on others!
commented 2015-08-15 23:47:42 -0400
Glad to make you laugh Kelvin. Want some help with this one?
commented 2015-08-15 23:18:32 -0400
Joan, my mom is 79 now and for the 40 years as an RN, she made less than the surgeon she scrubbed for or than the 20 year old construction worker, even though she probably worked as hard, she didn’t complain since she made her choice. That said, CEOs, judges and surgeons should all be paid the same regardless of gender. What bothers me is when a woman comes to me and says can you lift this for me? she’s taking me from my work to do hers. She still feels entitled to the same wage. If she can’t do the work she shouldn’t. If she can fine.Equality is fine. My wife and I share everything, since I make 4x more I pay for everything but groceries. The house cars insurance. I even put the gas in her car since she doesn’t know how. It’s when radical women try to feminize men or expect half, or use the courts and social assistance to bankrupt a respectable man I find it appalling. I also don’t think men should objectify women, there’s so many variables involved it’s hard to put it into proportion. Everyone has a different perspective
commented 2015-08-15 22:46:20 -0400
You have an odd way of showing it , you are inciting and end to jihad and sharia every time you post on these subjects and how in the Sam hell can that be done you idiot, talk them to death? Every time you open your mouth you are inciting violence
commented 2015-08-15 22:37:34 -0400
Kelvin – don’t be idiotic. Show a little self-discipline and decorum.

Like PM Harper, I don’t hate “the Muslim” but I fiercely and actively oppose organized criminal jihad. I have never and would never ask anyone to kill another identifiable individual. Like you did.

What you did put Roosh’s life at even more risk than it already is from a few crazies by posting a challenge to those very crazies to execute him at his address that has already been posted online.

I repeat. Be more careful.
commented 2015-08-15 22:07:20 -0400
What the hell is the difference that you Joan with your hatred for the Muslim that you are inciting that young men should head back to the battlefields and kill as many Muslim men as they can just for the sake of your feminist agenda
commented 2015-08-15 20:41:57 -0400
Lynn and Sharon, exactly! Good strong, independent and thinking voices you have!

Some people think patronizing Levant requires we all agree with everything he thinks, does and says. As if his feet aren’t made of clay. It doesn’t.

And Jimmy – Cheers, comme toujours!
commented 2015-08-15 20:27:52 -0400
Bill Collins – Kristin French was a young virgin, a devout Catholic looking not for a bad boy but for a man to respect her Christian ethics. She was abducted and murdered by bad boy Paul Bernardo.
commented 2015-08-15 20:24:29 -0400
LLRFU – Gee, okay, sir, if you say men must fight women and forcibly subdue us to your will, then I guess it must be so.

But thankfully you are wrong. Debate is an ideological activity not a gender war. Not a competition.

Peace, bro. You go your way and stay the fuck out of mine.

Cheers! :-)
commented 2015-08-15 20:19:34 -0400
Dave Spence, I’ll thank you to watch your filthy mouth. Go get the soap and wash it out!

You have a right to your own opinion, Dave, but not to your own facts. You cannot redefine feminism just to suit your misogynist prejudice.

Feminism is a well- and long-established school of political thought defined by the core value of gender equity. Always has been, always will be.

Now go get that bar of soap.
commented 2015-08-15 20:14:26 -0400
Kelvin – your direction that those of us who oppose Roosh should put a bullet in his head is incitement to murder and a criminal offence under Canadian law.

You need to be more careful. You must realize RCMP and CSIS monitor this site.
commented 2015-08-15 20:10:35 -0400
LLRU – Again, I did not call you a pedophile. I objected to your infantilizing women as little children, something only those men who can only relate to children they can easily control and exploit do. Like pedophiles do. I asked, therefore, if you are a pedophile, hoping you would deny it. Which you have declined to do, preferring instead to try, again and again, to humiliate me, a complete stranger, to reduce me to the level of a child you can feel powerful over, a child you can control, a child you can humiliate, manipulate and exploit. All for just politely asking you a question.

I rest my case.
commented 2015-08-15 20:03:49 -0400
Peter Babich, does your saintly mother also acknowledge female surgeons, judges and CEOs are smarter than any testosterone-filled manual labourer? Because it’s equally true none of you could do what they do. Sure there are male surgeons, judges and CEOs too but also there are exceptionally strong women with a high testosterone level that can produce as well as your he-men.

That is not, however, what the gender equity feminists advocate for is all about. We advocate for equal opportunity, equality under the law, equal pay for equal work. We want girls like Malala to be free and safe to go to school without being shot for aspiring to educational equity with men.

It has not been yet 100 years since women were made persons under Canadian law. Look at history. 100 years is not long enough to make gender equity a solid right in Canada, especially given the current threat to the world from pro-caliphate jihadi warriors who claim they have a right to not only rape girls they capture but to enslave them. That is not gender equity. Western feminists want to make sure that never, ever becomes law in Canada.

So be a good guy. Support Canada’s feminist cause of gender equity in opportunity, law and pay.
commented 2015-08-15 19:51:24 -0400
Catherine Mossholder – Do you oppose solidarity with shariah opponents in Caliphate-threatened countries, activism like this

I would gladly sacrifice my modesty to protect and defend girls like Malala from execution.
commented 2015-08-15 19:40:03 -0400
Rolan, men who choose to stay home and raise their children and who support their wives to become judges, surgeons, politicians and CEOs are often ridiculed as pansies. Feminism opposes that. We fight for gender equity, for free choice for both sexes.

You say you have never seen the type of feminism defined by the core value of gender equity. That makes me feel invisible. You discount my efforts and the efforts of the majority of today’s feminists who tirelessly advocate gender equity. By denying we exist, you hurt the cause of gender equity.

Feminists fight for women’s rights because while you may assume our rights are a given in today’s world, we know they are not. Malala knows too that girls who seek an education are put in hit lists, marked for execution. Hirsi Ali knows too. As do I. Our senior Crown has pro-shariah advocates who have corrupted our law as have police. Our democracy is at risk from this threat and our main media reports only those cases that sell for them and that support their politically biased narratives.

Those fringe activists that advocate brown and gay supremacy over white, straight Westerners are not feminists. They are also mostly men. Oh sure, these movements use women as the face of their organizations but they are political organizations run by foreign power-brokers with an agenda to guilt us all into giving Western wealth away to third-world gangster government dictators.

Don’t be fooled by these wolves in feminist clothing. Support the voices of real feminists, the majority of us who work tirelessly for gender equity world-wide, including in Canada where FGM, child marriages, sex slavery of Canadian-born girls and honour crimes are on the rise.

Please don’t silence us by denying we still exist today. We do exist and we are stronger than the fake feminists who promote inequity.
commented 2015-08-15 18:29:16 -0400
That’s an interesting definition of equality…
I thought women weren’t defined by men.
It’s also a one-sided equality.
Proper equality in this case should be:
What women are allowed to do = What men are allowed to do

If this is then the case, men are also allowed to do what women are allowed to do. I suppose the counter-argument would be that women have no privileges that men do not already enjoy (which I would contest, but I’m not about to go into that at the moment).
Joan, I appreciate some of what you’re saying about women having always been able to do more than raise children – it’s very true. Earlier generations of my family lived on farms where the women were out in the field on tractors & combines, feeding chickens, working hard just like everyone else in order to survive. And I’m sure there are plenty of comparable stories from people who have grown up in different locations.
I can respect the type of feminism that says women are able to work hard and contribute to society just as much as any other person can.
But that is not the feminism that I see today. What I see are groups of women trying to assert moralistic power over men in society. I see a movement that seeks to put all responsibility for feelings of shame and regret on someone else. I also see a movement that is willing to destroy someone’s life simply because people in the movement didn’t win an argument.
That isn’t fighting for equality, that’s simply pettiness.

Most of the grievances I’ve seen and heard of have to do with interpretation of statistics. “We need more female CEOs, more women in technology, more female police officers & firefighters.” I’m sure there are many more examples of places we “need” women.

Implicit in this idea is that women are different than men, and bring something different to the table, otherwise we don’t “need” women in any field (the same could be said of men). If that’s true, then men and women being naturally inclined to certain fields in society shouldn’t be seen as a societal ill, but rather as an area of strength for that sex.

On the other hand, society doesn’t really “need” men or women in most fields. It needs people who are capable and excel at their jobs, and interact well with others. The idea that an equal distribution across any field shows that there’s equality is a silly idea at best.

The reality is that feminism truly has changed our society, in some cases for the better, in some cases for the worse. Since society ( in the broader sense) requires both men and women in order to function properly, when women redefine their roles (i.e. choose to do something within society) it necessitates men do the same thing (otherwise there’s a societal vacuum that needs to be filled). So, while women are redefining their own roles, what are men doing? Which voice will balance the feminist movement in order to have equality for both men and women. One definition of feminism is: the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities. I have yet to see that form of feminism anywhere. I have neither personally experienced it, nor seen feminists advocate for that today.
What I have seen is the second definition of feminism: organized activity in support of women’s rights and interests. The idea that an organization (or movement) focused on women’s rights and interests is going to be an unbiased champion of equality is naive, to say the least.

But when men create groups trying to balance this new social order so that men can also be equal they are called misogynistic.
Why is that? And how is that equal?

To tie all this together, Roosh (and those like him) is largely the product of feminism. Men have needs and desires and are going to pursue them, much like women have needs and desires and seek to pursue those. Women can choose what types of things they want, and the type of people they want to be with, but they are also responsible for following through on those things. They have control over who they sleep with, who they hang out with and what type of people they become. Just as men do.
commented 2015-08-15 17:45:17 -0400
Well, I decided to check out some of Roosh’s vids on youtube and I’ve come to a conclusion.
Roosh has designed his own thinly disguised version of shariah. He sees a market for it. This version is aimed at the typical North American male who has been screwed over by a woman because of laws that have swung almost completely over to the women’s side. It’s not fair, I know.
That said, I think Roosh is an idiot. I have followed Ezra since The Western Standard and although I agree with him at least 80% of the time, this isn’t one of those times. I wouldn’t have given this moron a platform. He is no men’s rights advocate. Check out some of his videos. The guy is a nutcase. And a narcissist. A really big one.

Oh, and one more thing. Catcalling someone on the street is NOT a ‘compliment’. I am disappointed to hear Ezra call it that.
It’s not a compliment. A compliment is “Hey, that dress looks great on you.” or “your hair looks awesome today”. What these jerks say on the street is disgusting. I found this video hilarious Ok, it’s Cosmo, but it makes a point. No self respecting man would want his sister or girlfriend to put up with that crap. I don’t know if Ezra has a daughter, but I’m sure he would want to punch anyone out who did that to her on the street.
commented 2015-08-15 17:34:26 -0400

Can women get boners?
commented 2015-08-15 17:29:26 -0400
Jimmy da moron can men Have babies?