December 06, 2015

Ezra Levant Show: Best of... San Bernardino massacre and the media

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

After the mass shooting in San Bernardino that killed 14 and left 21 wounded, we could have predicted that the media and politicians like Obama would call for more gun laws instead of focusing on the individuals who committed these atrocities. 

But one response from the New York Daily Mail was just bizarre and took avoiding blaming the murderers to a whole new level. 


The High River gun grab violated every Canadian's civil liberties, and must never be repeated.

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commented 2015-12-07 16:35:17 -0500
3200 hits on Youtube. Great job! Double those hits and you’ll have enough to buy a large Mr Freezie instad of the small one.
commented 2015-12-07 08:26:02 -0500
“It is pretty clear that these two towelhead pieces of shit were both State Department wind-up toys, just like “ISIS”. "

Sure. That’s it. Crystal clear. As in crystal meth clear.
commented 2015-12-06 23:20:15 -0500
Maybe Canada should limit the PM to 2 terms like the USA .
I don’t trust these wet thighed females to make sensible decisions.
commented 2015-12-06 22:11:37 -0500
Richard you need some mental help there buddy.
commented 2015-12-06 22:06:56 -0500
Donald Trump said it best about how he would deal with ISIS and that is, quote, “…bomb the shit out of them…”
This man is not crazy by any means, he just has the political balls to say what the majority of people want to say but won’t or should I say “Can’t” under the politically correct environment. Donald also says that its the bullshit of needing to be politically correct is hindering the methodology of the assault on things such as ISIS.

One thing for sure is that we cannot pussy foot around with this kind of thing. And you may use the following analogy….

If you are fighting a terrible disease like “cancer” then invariably you need to kill off good body cells in order to attack the bad cells, so there are going to be casualties and innocent killed…… but unfortunately it’s necessary to kill
off ISIS.

Being politically correct is one of the most serious things affecting the affective fight of scourges such as ISIS. Donald Trump said to the affect that we are losing the battle by trying to be so politically correct and living in fear of offending the assholes.
commented 2015-12-06 15:39:24 -0500
With the end to the ‘long gun registry’ boondoggle after over $2 billion tax-dollars were wasted, you can bet do-gooder Trudeau is already drafting new laws to re-enact more feel-good legislation, so we can be hailed as world leaders.

But why stop the Nanny-State from eliminating our freedoms there, lets have a positive more inclusive omnibus bill. How about a ‘National Knives Registry’? Oh wait… There is a much larger list of ‘TAS – Tactical Assault Weapons’ that need to come under a national registry such as:

- TAS – Tactical Assault Sticks. – I have to plead guilty on that one as I haven’t been locking them up in a cabinet and my grandkids sometimes play with them. I keep a (store bought) spare one under my bed which closely resembles the shape of a baseball bat.
- TFAS – Tactical Forked Assault Stick. – Inherited from my dad who used it to pitch hay and protect himself from wolves and bears. Hope nobody accidently pricks themselves while snooping around under my bed.
- BOTS – Break Off Tactical Sticks, known as the wood pencil.
- KDTAW’s. – My wife is going to have to fess-up with all those ‘Kitchen Drawer Tactical Assault Weapons’. My-Gawd, you could carve a turkey with some of those?
- CAW’s. – ‘Campfire Assault Weapons’, Axes, Barbeque Lighters, Marshmallow and Kabob Skewers, Steel Tent Pole Spears.
- BOOTS – We will have to register our shoes. Didn’t some delinquents boot someone to death in the last few years?
- FPTAT – Fireplace Tactical Assault Tools. You could do some serious damage, especially with the poker.
- GTAT’s – Garden Tactical Assault Tools. Can you imagine what a four pronged spade could do? Don’t even look in my workshop!
- ATAR – Airborne Tactical Assault Rocks. Radical weapons of convenience at not so peaceful protests.
- VAW – Vehicle Assault Weapon. Oh wait, those are already registered, so how’s that statistically working out lately?
commented 2015-12-06 15:07:32 -0500
Obama could take away every legally owned gun, but the Terrorist would still have his and the average Gangster, for that matter.
commented 2015-12-06 14:36:21 -0500
The Obamanation has outdone himself. This is proof he is anti-constitutional, he has supported banning the first two amendments based on false narratives. He pushed Black Lives Matters to kill police officers and limited free speech protesters trying to stop his active racially divisive orders to Al Sharpton and that ilk, and now he is trying to say that illegally modified AR-15 rifles bought by a third party are proof that the Islamic (inserted by me because he won’t say the word before the next word) Terrorists can legally acquire prohibited (again my words because he will not say anything that goes against his narrative) weapons like those used in the attack. The Obamanation is the most divisive President since Lincoln
but at least Lincoln was fighting against Slavery not the forced servitude of Kufrs (non believers of Islam) under Sharia like Obama is pushing.
commented 2015-12-06 12:38:07 -0500
can see clearly that the dark “world” is starting to persecute Christians with their lies. When they say “Your Christian prayers will not fix this” …how do they know? ! and besides, …mind your own business!" Instead of blaming muslim religion (which they should) after this incident. Obama is lying about Terrorism in the US – first refusing to call it terrorism and now, finally ….it turns out the shooters were muslim . Now the media and Obama still do not blame the muslim religion, they claim it is the fault of …guns. I would like to see the President go somewhere without guns. Whenever he goes anyplace there is tight security and lots of guns all around.
commented 2015-12-06 09:23:55 -0500
Carly Fiorina mentions on CNN that the rifle used was purchased at a tactical weapons sale on behalf of the San Bernardino Police.

The folks inside the building where the shooting occured said the shooters left, then boom, a minute later fully armed SWAT busts in.

They were known to be staging “Active Shooter” drills in the immediate area in the days prior.

Both these folks should have hit several red flags, but those were ignored, the immigration officials ignored all the signs… Then as soon as the carnage is over, MSNBC is allowed to swarm the crime-scene and tamper with evidence.

We know a false-flag when we see one.

The media goes immediately to “Obama should ban guns”, camera pans around a gun show with white people buying rifles.

It is pretty clear that these two towelhead pieces of shit were both State Department wind-up toys, just like “ISIS”.