September 04, 2017

POLL: Canadians oppose open borders — but Liberals, Tories aren’t listening

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

According to a new Angus Reid poll, “Half of Canadians say their country is ‘too generous’ toward illegal border crossers.” 

Tonight, I’ll break down the data in depth.

(That’s something you won’t get from the Media Party, who are mostly ignoring this poll. They prefer polls by Abacus Data; its president, Liberal activist Bruce Anderson, is also the father of Trudeau’s director of communications...)

Angus Reid asked:

“Would you say Canada is too generous, about right, or not generous enough towards these people?”

And 53 per cent overall, across all demographics, said: Too generous. Only six per cent say we’re not generous enough.

When you dig deeper, you learn, for example, that NDP supporters don’t like the current situation:

45 per cent are opposed, and only eight per cent say we need to be more liberal.

Even those Liberals polled came in five-to-one against Trudeau’s policies.

We all know Trudeau doesn’t care, but the real question is:

Where has the Conservative opposition been on migrants all this time...?

NEXT: North Korea becomes more belligerent every day.

Some experts, like last week's guest Gordon Chang, say pressuring Chinese banks could curtail what he called that dictatorship's “institutionalized brinksmanship.”

Tonight's guest, Claudia Rosett of tells me that, unfortunately, America’s posture hasn’t changed much under Trump, despite the president’s promises. She too addresses China’s role in this situation, and explains why conventional wisdom on that aspect of the problem is dangerously wrong.

THEN: Benjamin Ryberg, Director of Research and Chief Operating Officer at The Lawfare Project, joins me to discuss his group's latest challenge: convincing corporations not to fall victim to a new anti-Jewish "BDS" shakedown being run by the UN.

The Lawfare Project has been approaching targeted companies, reminding them that, in fact, this UNHRC blacklist campaign violates numerous U.S. federal and local laws.

Learn how successful Ryberg's efforts been so far.

FINALLY: I tease an update to our own project!

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commented 2017-09-07 09:46:51 -0400
Just shows how useless the UN is at stopping anything .
The liberals are attacking bussiness for taxes the public is next . All these people streaming into Canada will cost us all dearly . The millennials think a lot like Trudope because they have come up spoiled by their parents . But reality will hit them soon .
Just what country has benefitted from any of this migration ? What signal are we sending by rewarding people from breaking our laws by walking in ? How are you going to stop it when we say enough ?
commented 2017-09-05 14:05:14 -0400
I guess that statement holds true for amandandkiss as well… You can ignore reality for only so long but you cannot ignore the consequences of reality..!!!
commented 2017-09-05 14:00:21 -0400
Fucking Justin…
Any moron can ignore reality..
but you cannot ignore the consequences of reality..!!!
commented 2017-09-05 11:32:47 -0400
Brigitte Gabriel, an Arabic-speaking Christian who fled Lebanon with her parents during the civil war explains in this 9 minute video exactly how the Muslim Brotherhood operates in America.
commented 2017-09-05 11:26:35 -0400
Are you ready Trudeau?
President Trump and Sessions just announced 6 months remaining to wind down the Obama dreamer program for illegal immigrants. This is estimated to affect 800,000 illegal immigrants.
What is the capacity of Olympic Stadium again?
commented 2017-09-05 11:24:11 -0400
Liza Rosie commented 3 mins ago, “If you want to read about what is being rolled out in front of our very eyes under our very noses with nary a sniffle, read the Muslim Brothehood’s playbook.”

Yes! It’s not as if the Muslim Brotherhood hasn’t been open about their plans to take over, or radical Imams, or ISIS. They’ve even bragged to the Europeans that their high birthrate will do the trick. How many offspring will the 189,000 Muslim migrants who’ve arrived by boat from Sub-Saharan Africa in the past 18 months add to their population? Sub-Saharan Africa has the highest birth rate in the world.

However, most Canadians have so far chosen not to believe the information that’s been put in front of them.
commented 2017-09-05 11:12:44 -0400
Aman I assume you know who Iqra Khalid is.
commented 2017-09-05 11:09:01 -0400
Aman do you think practicing Muslims identify as Canadian first?
You keep bringing up race. You are the only one who seems to have a fixation with race. My problem is with Islam the ideology. To date I am still allowed to question an ideology. I take great issue with Islam. If you think that there are not many Mosques in Canada which are not recruiting you are the one in denial. I would add that the Muslim Brotherhood recruits through the Muslim student associations in Universities.
Iqra Khalid was the president of the group at York University.
The Muslim Students Association
and the Jihad Network
Montreal mosque is “top Al Qaeda recruiting zone”
Islamic State recruiting in Canada, local imam warns

Her father who came here with his family has Muslim Brotherhood connections (in his past?)

Aman you have a lot of ‘feelings; and no facts. I do not believe you know a thing about Islam. So save your ’teaching’ moments. You don’t know what you are talking about. If you want to read about what is being rolled out in front of our very eyes under our very noses with nary a sniffle, read the Muslim Brothehood’s playbook.
I am in a hurry, here is one link there are many , just google.
commented 2017-09-05 10:59:34 -0400
It has become painfully obvious that the left has fallen so very deeply into delusion, hatred and chauvinism, as to so gleefully support the anti-Semitic bigotry of this so-called BDS ‘principle’.
It’s not the lefty/progressive’s blind support for the Islamic invasion that makes it doubly ugly and offensive, it’s the herd-driving antics of the Fake News Media and how they have managed to bury or disappear the whole idea behind NEVER FORGET!
And they could only do that aided and abetted by a herd of dumb sheep or useful idiots.
commented 2017-09-05 10:25:52 -0400
Professor Gad Saad, a Jew who escaped from Lebanon during the civil war and now lives here, explains in a Joe Rogan interview how Islam takes over, pointing out that Turkey was Christian but is now 97% Muslim, Egypt was Christian and is now 90% Muslim. He says that Islam has a very long term plan to remake societies, something we don’t take into account.
commented 2017-09-05 10:23:49 -0400
BOBBY BILL commented 25 mins ago
“Time to clean house and get a Gov. by the people for the people.”

I like the idea , Bobby, but the reality is that “the people” are the problem. Not the parties. “The people” are the ones who let the left infiltrate the existing parties over and over. Any new party will succumb to the same fate. Look what happened to the Wild Rose Party in Alberta. It became as underhanded and left wing as any of the others.

We have a spiritual problem, not a political problem.

“The heart is more deceitful than all else
And is desperately wicked;
Who can understand it?"

Jeremiah 17:9
commented 2017-09-05 09:54:05 -0400
It’s not the f—king you a4e getting, more the f—king

we’re taking, from libtards, conservatives and ndp.
We need a new party, with new blood to run Canada.
These parasitical parties we have now just rape ua and
pass us around to the next bunch to be raped again. They
are all one party, just different names. Time to clean
house and get a Gov. by the people for the people.
commented 2017-09-05 09:01:07 -0400
Please do not feed the troll ‘Aman’. Ezra, thanks for the information about bias in the poll. There is a recent article on Breitbart about the bias in the best seller lists compiled by the NYT. I wish your show would also have guests from Africa and Asia via skype. There have been interesting and positive developments in India for example. Triple Talaq is now illegal in India. This is great news for Muslim women who were being casually divorced via Skype, text, email, Facebook or What’s App. I know that Rebel is new but please look into countries like India which have huge issues with Islam. INdian soldiers are regularly killed by Muslim terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir for example and the CBC, BBC etc don’t cover it. The situation of Royingya Muslims is very timely too as India wants to deport them and is being condemned but not a word is said about the HIndu Kashmiri Pandits who suffered jihad in India itself and are ignored. THere was a genocide in 1971 in Bangladesh and the Muslim Pakistani army killed 2 million Hindus and had at least 200,000 Hindu women as sex slaves. THe counter jihad movement needs to stop repeating the slogan that Islam is a threat to the West. IT is a global threat. There are many grassroots leaders in India like Tapan Ghosh in West Bengal who the Rebel can interview via Skype. Hindu right wing leaders are killed openly on the streets by Islamists and communists in Kerala and West Bengal.
commented 2017-09-05 08:55:19 -0400
“Order out of Chaos”! The goal of the Global Elites New World Order. A global Communist/Socialist Government…eventually run by the Anti Christ. Creating chaos so the people will vote in the person that says that they’ll fix it and then the World will see Tribulation like never before or again. I am the way the truth and the Life, No man cometh unto the father but by me – Jesus Christ.
John 14:6
commented 2017-09-05 08:29:48 -0400
It only matters what G.Butts and G.Soros wants
commented 2017-09-05 04:11:45 -0400
Billy Howard: Conservatives have very condescending and prejudiced tendencies. They are the party of picking on minorities. That is why you see absolutely nothing but propaganda geared to disparaging people and reinforcing the right wing agendas/narrative on rebel media and everything like it. Do you know why they’ve always hated the free press? They don’t hate it because it’s liberal. They hate it because it’s not inherently partisan in favour of their interests nor should it.

Other more radicals hate it because they believe it’s jew owned. All the angry, malcontent, fucknuts that get triggered and butthurt every time I post shit are either crazy old people, members of ethnonationalist groups, and stupid kids raised by bigots that don’t know what they’re talking about and regurgitate drivel and shit they learned from their fathers.
commented 2017-09-05 03:59:49 -0400
Daryl Herman: What the fuck are you babbling about?
commented 2017-09-05 03:42:16 -0400
@ Aman Dahuginkiss commented 1 hour ago

Go take your Muzzie Bullshit back to SA!!
commented 2017-09-05 03:35:50 -0400
Liza I’m not scottish. I’m Canadain. And so are many others you hostility and contempt for.
commented 2017-09-05 03:11:40 -0400
Freedom Rebel commented…

" What Canada needs more than ever is Swiss style, Direct Democracy. Where the major issues affecting the entire country are decided through referendum. "

You are absolutely correct. That has always been Canada’s problem. Some, like Paul Martin, said they would rectify the ‘democratic deficit’, but they never do. As they say, we have an elected dictatorship in Canada – so obvious with the present government.
commented 2017-09-05 03:08:13 -0400
Maurice Potvin commented…

“.. I don’t believe Andrew Scheer can be any worse than Justin Trudeau. "

It is IMPOSSIBLE to be worse than Justin Trudeau:

-he has broken many election promises, such as federal budgets, electoral reform, and postal delivery;
-he has initiated an out of control migrant flow;
-he has flown in tens of thousands of ‘refugees’ who were in a safe third country;
-he’s giving hundreds of millions of dollars to dubious foundations and foreign countries;
-he’s tanking the economy;
-he discriminates for some religions and against others;
-he gives back citizenship to enemies of the state;
-he has OKed the payment of $10.5 million to a convicted terrorist, tax-free;
-he is attempting to muzzle some free speech;
-his foundation may have accepted graft;
-he lectures about carbon reduction yet flies almost every day on a private jet;
-he vacations across the country on the taxpayer’s dime; And so on…
commented 2017-09-05 02:47:36 -0400
Islam is not a race is a code phrase for I hate non whites except for uncle toms. It’s a broad catch all phrase/blanket term that radical contards hide behind to mask their racism. An example of that is one case of a car accident in Windsor Ontario last June. Two young men were found to have firearms in the car. Kevin Johnston of “Freedom Report” claimed with no evidence that they were planning to shoot up a post secondary school again with no evidence.

If you pretend those people were white it’s more likely they were smuggling fire arms to sell because Windsor is a border city. Kevin Johnston simply profiled them as being muslim because they had olive coloured skin. He claimed one of them said “This is Allahs will.”

To better understand the context I am atheist and I still celebrate Christmas and sometimes say “thank god.” I don’t know anything about those fucking people and neither do any of you. Racists now these days are instead of profiling people for their skin colour are profiling people as muslim just because of their skin colour.

In other words some people on the far right distinguish the difference between criminals and radical islamic terrorists based solely on skin colour.
commented 2017-09-05 02:43:55 -0400
Scheer is centre-left at best. I can’t help but suspect him of collusion with Trudeau.
Scheer is also anti-free speech, just like Justin. If the CPC leader, ministerial critics and MPs go back to doing interviews and spots with Rebel Media, then, and only then, I might consider donating again. If they can cozy up to the alt-left CBC, they can certainly oblige conservative media: the Rebel.

Aman: conservatives see the hijab as a symbol of women’s subservience, to a lesser extent than the burka. We grew up in a western society that fought long and hard for equal rights for women, gays, and non-whites. The government is actively pitting genders, races, and religions against each other by highlighting their differences instead of integration. Trudeau and his ilk are taking us back to a time when discrimination and segregation was the norm.
I personally see the hijab as demeaning, however, I’m reluctantly tolerant of those cultures that treat their women as second class. I just don’t want my taxpayer funded government encouraging the practice
commented 2017-09-05 02:20:24 -0400
Drew Whitetrashiuk: I remember shortly after 9/11 that people with the same mentalities as you reacted by setting fire to a hindu temple next to a mosque. Most North Americans in those days did not recognize any other religions other then the established christianity. They just plain and simply wanted to destroy whatever religious institutions attended by people with olive coloured skin they could find. Again is this the kind of bullshit you all stand for? These are cases of people turning into the monsters and boogiemen they’re afraid of.
commented 2017-09-05 02:10:05 -0400
Drew Whitetrashyuk: I’m not arguing with anyone. I’m just not on board with the more radical right wing causes such as ethnocentrism, picking on immigrants and people with different customs, Judging people or labelling them as terrorists. Some of the people here literally in the most literal way believe mosques are “terrorist recruiting centres.” Often times this kind of thinking metamorphosizes into racism. Often times women will be harrased or attacked sometimes violently by cowards who call themselves conservative for even so much as wearing a scarf that resembles a hijab. I’m just calling out the unprovoked targeting or witch hunts of innocent people.

Here are some links of cases of cases of idiots harassing Somalian refugees in Hamilton Ontario. Please excuse me for one of them being a CBC article. I tried finding the same story on other sources. I just ask is this the bullshit you all stand for?
commented 2017-09-05 01:32:15 -0400
Aman you are one pathetic goof. Of course you name call because you cannot win the argument,classic childish behavior. And if you want to see real bigotry and racism go to Africa and Asia. And sorry but refusing to hand over anything a non white demands is not bigotry and not holding them to the same standards and laws is bigotry.
commented 2017-09-05 01:29:46 -0400
Aman no you are the bigot. Wanting vetting of phony refugees is not bigotry you hate filled twerp. And your pathetic race card BS does not work , it only works in your small mind.
commented 2017-09-05 01:23:17 -0400
What Mike Krchnak said, and the horse you rode into town on you bloody snot nosed Scot.
commented 2017-09-05 01:18:45 -0400
So it’s not a ‘third world’ grudge, it’s still a grudge and a heavy chip on your shoulder Aman. You are the only one here who ever mentions race. I have a problem with the ideology of Islam, open borders, illegals, excessive immigration, and politicians who lie to my face, you stupid Scottish bastard.
commented 2017-09-05 01:10:03 -0400
Liza Rosie: My dad came to Canada from Scotland as an infant you stupid bitch. Besides that he’s been in Canada his whole life and he’s not allowed to vote. You, NDP Sucks, Mike Krchnak, Drew Wakariuk and all the rest are all bigots and radicals. None of you really like the CPC Party. You all just want it to enact an agenda of racial and cultural profiling. CPC sucks and always has sucked. They created the CBC which you all hate and have never ever since then ever tried to privatize it.