September 04, 2017

POLL: Canadians oppose open borders — but Liberals, Tories aren’t listening

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

According to a new Angus Reid poll, “Half of Canadians say their country is ‘too generous’ toward illegal border crossers.” 

Tonight, I’ll break down the data in depth.

(That’s something you won’t get from the Media Party, who are mostly ignoring this poll. They prefer polls by Abacus Data; its president, Liberal activist Bruce Anderson, is also the father of Trudeau’s director of communications...)

Angus Reid asked:

“Would you say Canada is too generous, about right, or not generous enough towards these people?”

And 53 per cent overall, across all demographics, said: Too generous. Only six per cent say we’re not generous enough.

When you dig deeper, you learn, for example, that NDP supporters don’t like the current situation:

45 per cent are opposed, and only eight per cent say we need to be more liberal.

Even those Liberals polled came in five-to-one against Trudeau’s policies.

We all know Trudeau doesn’t care, but the real question is:

Where has the Conservative opposition been on migrants all this time...?

NEXT: North Korea becomes more belligerent every day.

Some experts, like last week's guest Gordon Chang, say pressuring Chinese banks could curtail what he called that dictatorship's “institutionalized brinksmanship.”

Tonight's guest, Claudia Rosett of tells me that, unfortunately, America’s posture hasn’t changed much under Trump, despite the president’s promises. She too addresses China’s role in this situation, and explains why conventional wisdom on that aspect of the problem is dangerously wrong.

THEN: Benjamin Ryberg, Director of Research and Chief Operating Officer at The Lawfare Project, joins me to discuss his group's latest challenge: convincing corporations not to fall victim to a new anti-Jewish "BDS" shakedown being run by the UN.

The Lawfare Project has been approaching targeted companies, reminding them that, in fact, this UNHRC blacklist campaign violates numerous U.S. federal and local laws.

Learn how successful Ryberg's efforts been so far.

FINALLY: I tease an update to our own project!

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commented 2017-09-04 20:10:02 -0400
The federal Conservative leader is going to make islamic loving liberal Justy look like a hard nosed right winger.

He is going to take Canada even further down the path of self destruction, all the while smiling at you with his fat face.

I think a lot of people are wondering how the hell he got elected to the position.

Canada is in serious trouble and now both major federal parties are led by people who do not have enough brain power and moral ethics to realize their primary job is to protect Canada and keep it solvent and sovereign.


Seeing as both leaders are similar – spoiled, arrogant, entitled and smug……..

Who does one vote for now?