September 05, 2016

Most Canadians SUPPORT screening immigrants, but Media Party says that’s racist

Rebel Staff

[NOTE: This episode was recorded on September 2.]

Kellie Leitch is running for the leadership of the Conservative Party. She did a survey on her website asking people what they thought of screening would-be immigrants to weed out extremists:

“Should the Canadian government screen potential immigrants for anti-Canadian values as part of its normal screening for refugees and landed immigrants?”

Immediately all the right people were apoplectic. How dare you? That’s racist!

The last time the media focused on Leitch was when she announced, in the 2015 election, the conservative party’s “barbaric cultural practices" tip line, to call for help in case an honour killing was imminent, or a child marriage, or female genital mutilation.

(Such tip lines are commonplace in the UK now, by the way...)

The media loves barbaric cultural practices -- or at least hates calling them out. Justin Trudeau does too.

But funny enough — most Canadians don’t, as you saw from the latest Nanos/Globe & Mail survey.

Let’s see if Leitch’s competitors for the conservative race either try to steal the issue from her, or all team up against her. That’s what happened to Donald Trump when he talked about immigration too. How did that work out?

NEXT: Raheem Kassam of Breitbart London is covering the U.S. election campaign. As an Englishman, what does Kassam make of Trump calling himself “Mr. Brexit”?

Will the American election be a rerun of the populist Brexit result, especially since the public no longer care about insults like “racist” or “Nazi"?

THEN: Chuck Johnson of and WeSearcher talks to me in studio about his revolutionary brand of crowdfunded investigative journalism, like his exposure of the woman behind the “Rolling Stone” campus rape hoax.

As a serial media entrepreneur, he has valuable insights about the future of reporting. You won't want to miss this fascinating conversation!


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commented 2016-09-05 21:07:57 -0400
Put a stop to all immigration or at least a slow down until our unemployment rates go down to a reasonable number. Common sense tells you that we ,as a country can’t sustain the welfare drain, of both migrants and our own unemployed. Furthermore let’s stop calling these people refugees and call it like it is……..economic migrants.
commented 2016-09-05 20:58:11 -0400
commented 2016-09-05 20:56:27 -0400
If you silenced debate you take a long step to dictatorship. Weather it is done with a gun, a bomb, a stick, a personalthreat or by shaming. To have debate one must ask questions no right or wrong to it we want freedom then ask the question.
When a group calls foul on the question they are afraid of the answer so all the more reason to ask the question.
commented 2016-09-05 20:51:15 -0400
I wonder how many of the 25,000 Syrians who are able to work , are working .Or are they like those in Europe with the hand out collecting free cash?
commented 2016-09-05 20:47:04 -0400
What is the problem with screening immigrants to ensure that they meet certain criteria, whether it’s their ethical values, education level, past criminal history, ability to speak French or English, etc.? A country – really, any society – is kind of like a club in that it is a group of like-minded individuals with similar values or beliefs (the glue that holds the “club” together and that defines what membership means) and which works together as a group because this benefits, on average, the individuals in the group. So we pay taxes and agree to follow the laws of our country (or country club!) in the hope that we will benefit overall from this arrangement. A club – or a country – should surely be able to decide who gets to be a member and who doesn’t: there are only a limited number of spaces available, after all, and if there are no restrictions on who is let in, the meaning of the club, or country, is lost.

Anyway, in answer to Kellie Leitch’s question, “Should the Canadian government screen potential immigrants for anti-Canadian values as part of its normal screening for refugees and landed immigrants?” …

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!!
commented 2016-09-05 20:42:44 -0400
Kellie Leitch is right. Look at it this way…
Anti-Gay and anti-gender equality are often seen as ideals of the far-right. So by not wanting to screen people who think this way, you are condoning it, therefore opposing Leitch’s stance makes you “far-right”.
In other words, Kellie Leitch is using left-wing ideology in her desire to screen immigrants against far-right attitudes. Think about it.
Ambrose, Chong, and their ilk are admittedly opposed to the Conservative values of equality under the Charter. I want a Conservative leader that believes in equality, not one who holds the “far-right” belief that the rights of LGBT and women are things that DO NOT deserve protection.
BTW, The screening would apply to Christians, Kurds, Buddhists, Sikhs, Hindus, Yazidis…oh, and Muslims too.
commented 2016-09-05 20:24:18 -0400
@sean Penson:
“It is very racist, and un-Canadian!”

What makes a dumb fuck like you think you can determine what is Canadian? I will tell you what is Canadian, protecting Canada against the poisonous ideology of Islam for our children is Canadian.
commented 2016-09-05 20:22:22 -0400
Sean Penis’s son has no place in Canada.

commented 2016-09-05 20:21:06 -0400
Trump is bang on. We really need screening for Canadian values and the poisonous ideology of Islam and people that support Sharia Law have no place in our country.
commented 2016-09-05 20:13:12 -0400
It is very racist, and un-Canadian!

Trump’s politics have no place in Canada