September 08, 2017

Dollarama workers latest victims of minimum wage hike — while Liberals write each other six-figure cheques

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Justin Trudeau and Bill Morneau are raising taxes on small businesspeople, tradesmen and farmers. Trudeau inherited his money. Morneau married a McCain heiress. They and their children and grandchildren will never have to work.

But you do, and you’ll pay more to get by.

Now comes the plan to jack up the minimum wage in places across Canada to $15 dollars an hour. In Alberta, that would amount to a 25 per cent pay increase overnight.

If you can keep your job, that is.

What’s a very-low-margin business going to do? One like Dollarama?

With a $15/hour minimum wage, the Liberals are jacking up every Dollarama store’s costs by, what, $500 more a day?

How much more do they have to sell to make up that $500? Is it $5,000 more in sales a day? $10,000?

No, Dollarama is just getting rid of staff, replacing them with $100,000 self-checkouts that will pay for themselves in a year or two. (And will never call in sick, go on vacation or have an HR issue...)

Because the real minimum wage isn’t $15 an hour. It’s zero.

How’s life for the Libranos these days, though?

Tonight, I’ll tell you how some Liberal insiders are making out (with your money) these days.

I'll also talk about a related issue:

The other dangers that automation, and artificial intelligence in particular, are posing to us all.

NEXT: Author and activist Pamela Geller and I talk about a new documentary about filmmaker Theo Van Gogh, who was murdered in broad daylight by a Muslim terrorist, as well as the troubling case of the University of Edinburgh student who is being investigating for mocking ISIS.

FINALLY: Your messages to me! 

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commented 2017-09-11 15:51:55 -0400
Encouraging to see that people are starting to notice the insanity of the mentally unstable left in the USA. its too late for Canada. Too many mentally unstable people here. & a lot of IGNORANT people.
commented 2017-09-10 09:12:04 -0400
Hyacinth, thanks for posting the links.
Liberals only priority is to line their pockets and spend Canada into bankruptcy. The other priority is to kiss George Soros A$$
commented 2017-09-09 23:20:59 -0400
I believe in paying people more and expecting more, but that doesn’t work in every industry. By expecting more I mean that they help you get more business by being there or they bring in their own. I personally like using self check outs because I’m really fast on them. I’m not antisocial, but I don’t crave social contact whenever I need to buy a carton of soy milk. This part of technology I like. Taping over your webcam is a good idea in general because of people who spy on other people through webcams. And while I understand that ads on Facebook and the like are basically just algorithms that care not for me personally, having a device in your house that responds to trigger words, is on the cloud, and is ever-present , could be used for all sorts of things and could be hacked. I actually just heard about a new device for diabetics (getting a few from the manufacturer delivered) that is a filament that goes under the skin to monitor blood glucose through an accompanying scanning device. What’s scanned on the device can be uploaded wirelessly to the Cloud as well in real time. The filament is so thin you can’t even feel it apparently. Your very body processes could be monitored on the interwebs :D My science fiction brain immediately goes right for dystopian scenarios like the ability to shut down the organs of people who disagree with the great leader and/or being tried for having the wrong thoughts.
commented 2017-09-09 23:05:04 -0400
Here in Potterville the chain drugstore that shall remain nameless has the most miserable old decrepit cashiers that I presume make minimum wage . They are slow ,cranky and unhelpful. Last week they installed self serve machines and it was a pleasure to use.I had enough time saved to go to MacDonald’s and use their new kiosks.
Yes. The minimum wage hike will have no effect on the wellbeing of entry level workers or the economy. Cheers
commented 2017-09-09 22:16:30 -0400
Why are you clapping and shouting “yes!” at your computer Colleen? Almost makes me want to cry. Wage isn’t a determination of the intrinsic value of a human being, it’s based on profit margins. A person who has a business has to make money to live, that’s why they started the business. I kiss the asses of the people (actually more like the thoroughbred racehorses) I’ve been lucky enough to find who are helping us remain profitable through their skills. One should expect a wage commensurate with the skill level and effort required. M
commented 2017-09-09 21:42:06 -0400
“…a free society is contingent upon the freedom of speech and without the freedom of speech peaceful men will have to resort to violence…” Pam Geller
commented 2017-09-09 19:55:01 -0400
So all that being said Jay you were making the equivalent in today’s dollars at almost $176 a day equivalency, you would been doing ok.. But if you were really there you would have known this… Our country operated on a bi-precious metal system, we had governments that practiced fiscal responsibility and actually listened to the will of the people as well as they feared for their careers so they would not bringing in any illegals for an artificial voting base paid for by the taxpayer.!! Capital punishment was also applied for murder … And anythingbody practising treason or sedition would have been hanged as well.

Now fuck off.!!!
commented 2017-09-09 19:44:15 -0400
And Jay… Even if that was true keep one thing in mind…!! You were paid with precious metals at that period of time and one dollars worth of precious metals (one ounce 4 quarters or one silver dollar) in today’s dollars at spot price is $22.00 and silver is almost $22 an ounce.. I don’t think you’re as old as you say you are and I do believe I just proved it. You are an out right liar and everybody has known it but right now at this time I have just proven it..
commented 2017-09-09 19:37:41 -0400
JAY KELLY commented 19 hours ago
I wonder, of those who have some interest in this story, how many feel that the minimum wage should be raised to something like $15 and hour? When I turned 16 my wage went up big-time to one dollar an hour — eight dollars a day. At 16 I felt like a big man.
You were 16 in 1965..??!! You have just crossed the threshold from annoying to out right entertaining..
commented 2017-09-09 18:42:50 -0400
Jack carter the poverty line is not that anymore, now it includes big screen tv’s , now try again.
commented 2017-09-09 18:41:58 -0400
Flat Earth well said, Jack thinks everyone is entitled to other peoples money.
commented 2017-09-09 18:41:20 -0400
Jack Carter raising it will lower the number of jobs and raise prices so those making it will need even more, and our biggest expense is taxes ,it is not up to companies to go broke to pay for the lefts ignorance and greed. Who gives a damn what they charge in TO? It is not a companies fault that the city pisses away money and prices are so high due to liberal power prices.
commented 2017-09-09 17:35:26 -0400
JACK CARTER commented 4 hours ago:
“companies have had automated check outs and pulled them after customer backlash as well.”

Not in my neck of the woods they haven’t. Our local McDonalds got them and people complained long and loud but a year later they are still here. Super Store has had them for a long time- years . They are still here. Home Depot likewise has had them for man-years. No signs of them disappearing.

When nicely asked by the store personnel if I would like to use the self check out I always decline. I say, No thanks. I’m theologically and philosophically opposed to them. The job you save may be your own."
commented 2017-09-09 17:31:45 -0400
JAY KELLY commented 18 hours ago
“Employees of Dollarama should object: in some Provinces there is a proposal to raise the minimum wage to $15 dollars an hour. People who actually work in this store know that it is a good idea.”

Why stop there, Jay? Why not pay $150 and hour. That sounds like an even better idea. After all lawyers are making a lot more than that. So lets level the playing field a bit more. Rebel watchers, be sure and comment on the even better idea of a minimum wage of $150 per hour.
commented 2017-09-09 16:17:05 -0400
Once again Jack… If you don’t like what I’m paying go across the street to get a job there or go back to school and make yourself more valuable.. but please do not ask the government to assume they know what my business can or cannot afford . But in any case it’s better if you make yourself more valuable as an employee and then you can ask for the money that you think you deserve..
commented 2017-09-09 15:31:28 -0400
John Carter and all other economic failures pay attention.!! What we are going through now is financial end game and will conclude with catastrophic result.!! “You can ignore reality but you cannot ignore the consequences of reality” and it only gets worse from here.. now you cannot blame this end result on only minimum-wage but it is each and every interference applied by governments passing laws empowering themselves too much to fuck with the financial system.. And by the way I believe that Canada is minimum-wage law was enacted in 1965 and I am much older than that so I have seen the evolution of many things and the longer you live the more you understand.
commented 2017-09-09 14:47:18 -0400
Flat Earth,

I should point out 5 dollars or less as I am sure you will probably say 5 dollars an hour isn’t so bad.

As any introductory economics textbook will tell you, when a seller agrees to a price for his or her goods that’s below what it costs to produce them, that’s not a proper free market transaction. And yet, according to Census Bureau data, over ten million workers struggle beneath the poverty line, unable to afford the minimal costs of survival – for nutrition, housing and health care – and these people are selling their labor for less than it costs them to produce it.
commented 2017-09-09 14:40:22 -0400
Flat Earth,

Such hyperbole.

The minimum wage has existed far longer than you have been alive and without catastrophic circumstances and events. In fact, I am sure you enjoyed your minimum wage at some point in your life.

You know why illegal immigrants are stealing jobs from Americans and Canadians? Because they are willing to work for 5 dollars an hour. That’s the free market for you. If companies could pay peanuts literally as a salary and get away with it, they would.

They are not looking to pay a competitive salary, they are looking for people who will do the job for less. If someone is desperate for a job, do you think it’s right in the free market to allow a company to pay 5 dollars an hour, if the employee agrees to it?

Do you really want to encourage that sort of thing – companies taking advantage of people who are desperate for any job and will take ANY amount of payment just to have a job or is it important that employees are protected and make a decent wage. Or is a sweatshop mentality just fine in Canada and America?
commented 2017-09-09 14:25:55 -0400
How come we can’t control politicians pay ?
Harper warned you about the liberals tax and spend but noooo you wanted change enjoy that’s what you voted for . By the time we kick the liberals out they won’t be able to walk with their pockets full of tax payers money .
One other thing MSM saying the loonie is soaring no the US dollar is dropping
commented 2017-09-09 14:10:30 -0400
Companies are more than happy to move to places where the government does not extensively interfere in something they know nothing about, and they do leave. Companies leave and small business shuts down when their profit margin isn’t enough to make it worth while. Business owners are in business to make a profit, why else would they go the extra mile to start a business?
When companies leave there are no jobs. There are many examples of that already in Canada, due to stupid government interference, so then they compound a bad situation by raising minimum wage. They are stupid beyond explanation.
commented 2017-09-09 14:09:08 -0400
Ron Joseph, no wonder you got out of there…this didn’t happen to me.
commented 2017-09-09 14:05:03 -0400
If you don’t like the wage that you’re working for you have two choices.. go across the street where the guy is paying more or go back to school and learn how to do something more useful… The government cannot interfere with free market forces without eventually suffering catastrophic circumstances and events
commented 2017-09-09 14:03:09 -0400
‘If socialists understood economics, they wouldn’t be socialists.’
Friedrich August von Hayek

The government should never have anything to do with how business is run, especially wages. If you do not know what it is like to work yourself up to a decent wage, you are not an employee worth hiring. If people made themselves worth the money and are confident enough to ask for a raise because they can back it up with their smarts and work ethic, they will probably have success. If their employer doesn’t see their worth, find one who does.
If an employer is too cheap and all the other employers for similar businesses are paying more, the cheap employer will have no employees, until he gets with the program which is naturally set in the free market place.
‘What the market will bear’ should determine prices and wages.
What the hell would a government that as much as prints money and/or thinks it grows on trees know about that?
commented 2017-09-09 14:03:06 -0400
Free market. LOL.

That’s funny because many of the most successful economists actually support the minimum wage, because workers are getting screwed by the free market and companies are more than happy to do the screwing.
commented 2017-09-09 13:59:44 -0400
Tammie—Yes, I got everything but the movie. Once I gave them my e-mail, they wanted me to join a club and all the frills. Then they invited me to change my computer over to do things that my computer teacher never heard of and she has been teaching for 25 years. I got out of there fast.
commented 2017-09-09 13:41:36 -0400
Jack Carter I will repeat this for you..

The market must determine the price of goods and services as well as wages.!! Any interference from outside forces will only confound and exasperate a natural ebb and flow that is known as the “free market” Only stupid people don’t understand economics 101..
commented 2017-09-09 13:32:18 -0400
Every single time the minimum wage has been raised, businesses would cry that they can’t afford it.

Time would pass though, the dust would settle and then it would become the norm and businesses paid the minimum wage. The same will happen here. Many companies have had automated check outs and pulled them after customer backlash as well.

The bottom line is this – if you can’t afford to pay your employees properly, so they can live – especially in an expensive city like Toronto, then you shouldn’t be running a business.
commented 2017-09-09 12:31:08 -0400
Ron Joseph, that is very unusual. I wasn’t asked to complete any surveys, I signed up with Vimeo; paid by Visa and watched the documentary. I have access to the film until September 12.
commented 2017-09-09 11:27:03 -0400
Canadian Mongrel—I also got asked to do a customer satisfaction survey while trying to get the movie. I am told the survey is a scam. Notice that there is not even a Telus Logo.
Although I pressed every possible button, I couldn’t get the movie, but I noticed that Comments are disabled after only two.