September 12, 2017

Media Party marks 9/11 anniversary by romanticizing returning Canadian terrorist

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Yesterday at The Rebel, we joined with millions of people in America, Canada and around the world to reflect on the evil that happened on September 11, 2001. We remembered not only those who lost their lives on 9/11 itself but the thousands who died in the wars that followed.

But not the CBC, the Globe & Mail or Global TV.

They all chose the anniversary of 9/11 to write love-letters to a Canadian terrorist who joined ISIS, and who has now come back.

They all decided to make terrorist into a hero. A new Omar Khadr perhaps, maybe with another $10.5 million pay-off, and a state apology, too.

The Globe & Mail wrote 3,000 words about a Canadian who joined Al Qaida, but without using the words “Islamic” or “terrorist.”

At least Global News used the word “terrorist” in their profile of a former ISIS enforcer, one of the morality police who've been known to murder someone for drinking alcohol. In the Islamic State, shaving your beard or listening to music are also crimes.

But now?

“One of those returnees now lives in a spacious house with a satellite dish and a two-car garage and attends a university in the Toronto region. Because he fears arrest, he agreed to speak to Global News on the condition he not be identified.”

The CBC ran the same story.

They also both made a hero out of another Muslim man who is “counselling” these terrorists. Except the only time the CBC came close to using that word was when he complained:

"We are sick of hearing that Muslims don't condemn terrorism enough.”

The CBC doesn’t ask what murders or rapes the Canadian terrorist himself committed.

I’ll play you a clip from the CBC interview. Wait until you hear why this terrorist came back to Canada.

You’ll have another reason to be terrified that at least 60 of them, who went over to Syria and Iraq to rape and murder, are now back in Canada. Without even a trial.

NEXT: Our Alberta Bureau Chief Sheila Gunn Reid comes on to talk about her exclusive report on the Finance Ministry's dubious expense claims for G7 meeting in Venice, including an astonishing (and unnecessary) $400 in water taxi charges.

THEN: Jennifer Breedon will discuss her humanitarian work in the Middle East.

Her focus on the Christian genocide in the region is a cause close to my heart and that of many Rebel viewers.

FINALLY: Your messages to me about the post-9/11 world and more.


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commented 2017-09-13 13:10:00 -0400
The idea that you can just love your way out of anything is insane. Throw universal love all over that s*&t and it will smell like roses, we promise. If I approached former ISIS members with offers of love in letter or any other form, I’d probably be gang-raped before my severed head was paraded around on a stick. Well, maybe that’s going too far, but I’d likely be groped and generally disrespected minimum. Which is good, because my big head would break the stick. But then they could just play some severed head version of polo…no, again, it’s like a volleyball of bone and you couldn’t even play soccer with it without breaking a toe. Feeling bad for the poor rape-exhausted lads unable to make proper use of my head is a darkly apt (and disturbingly funny)analogy to the concept that we are capable of empathizing with former(?) terrorists who cut off human hands and fingers, raped underage girls and boys,flogged people and killed people. If someone in our military were to rape an underage girl or flog someone or chop off their limbs they would be held criminally accountable for their actions. So why not former terrorists?
commented 2017-09-13 12:56:34 -0400
Just wait until the genocide starts here for anyone who doesn’t bow down to Islam. Whatever happens in the east always comes to the west. And Christians are being massacred in the east, and our governments in the west are setting things up now.
commented 2017-09-13 12:27:01 -0400
- Further proof that the globalist mainstream media will always side against Canadians. From making terrorist propaganda to covering up for their globalist poster boy Trudeau. They are disgusting people.

- So we have a bunch of trust fund children & activists running things, what could go wrong? Oh, right, just about everything.

- So the oppression of non-Muslims in the middle east continues with the cover of the UN & the Western mainstream media. This is the sort of thing I remember whenever some “progressive” starts crying crocodile tears over their fake refugees.
commented 2017-09-13 07:51:41 -0400
Michael Greenville, ask your Mom to air out the basement for you!
commented 2017-09-13 04:29:12 -0400
They can call themselves the mainstream media but in reality they are an integral arm of the leftist parties and everything they broadcast or publish is propaganda.
The true North,the true Canada is fading fast and the lying turncoats that call themselves journalists are leading the charge.
commented 2017-09-13 01:10:40 -0400
The media party deserves every attack they suffer in the future. I will laugh my head off.
commented 2017-09-13 01:10:01 -0400
Michael Greenville you can see the stories from the other sites for yourself ,now go wash Khadrs feet like a good slave.
commented 2017-09-13 01:08:53 -0400
Michael Greenville where is your list of lies?
commented 2017-09-13 01:08:11 -0400
Micheal Greenville still waiting for proof of lies. You are a liar, and have lied many times. Now go to CBC , they are proven liars but you do not care about the truth, you prefer to glorify murdering terrorist scum.
commented 2017-09-12 22:55:34 -0400
Where were you when the world stopped turnin’
That September day?
Were you in the yard with your wife and children
Or workin’ on some stage in L.A.?
Did you stand there in shock at the sight of that black smoke
Risin’ against that blue sky?
Did you shout out in anger, in fear for your neighbor
Or did you just sit down and cry?
Did you weep for the children, they lost their dear loved ones
Pray for the ones who don’t know?
Did you rejoice for the people who walked from the rubble
And sob for the ones left below?
Did you burst out with pride for the red, white, and blue
And the heroes who died just doin’ what they do?
Did you look up to heaven for some kind of answer
And look at yourself and what really matters?
I’m just a singer of simple songs
I’m not a real political man
I watch CNN, but I’m not sure I can tell you
The diff’rence in Iraq and Iran
But I know Jesus and I talk to God
And I remember this from when I was young
Faith, hope, and love are some good things He gave us
And the greatest is love
Where were you when the world stopped turnin’
That September day?
Teachin’ a class full of innocent children
Or drivin’ down some cold interstate?
Did you feel guilty ‘cause you’re a survivor?
In a crowded room did you feel alone?
Did you call up your mother and tell her you love her?
Did you dust off that Bible at home?
Did you open your eyes and hope it never happened
Close your eyes and not go to sleep?
Did you notice the sunset for the first time in ages
And speak to some stranger on the street?
Did you lay down at night and think of tomorrow
Go out and buy you a gun?
Did you turn off that violent old movie you’re watchin’
And turn on I Love Lucy reruns?
Did you go to a church and hold hands with some strangers
Stand in line to give your own blood?
Did you just stay home and cling tight to your family
Thank God you had somebody to love?
I’m just a singer of simple songs
I’m not a real political man
I watch CNN, but I’m not sure I can tell you
The diff’rence in Iraq and Iran
But I know Jesus and I talk to God
And I remember this from when I was young
Faith, hope, and love are some good things He gave us
And the greatest is love
I’m just a singer of simple songs
I’m not a real political man
I watch CNN, but I’m not sure I can tell you
The diff’rence in Iraq and Iran
But I know Jesus and I talk to God
And I remember this from when I was young
Faith, hope, and love are some good things He gave us
And the greatest is love
And the greatest is love
And the greatest is love
Where were you when the world stopped turnin’
On that September day?

Credit to songwriter, Alan Jackson for helping us remember.
commented 2017-09-12 22:15:30 -0400
Ezra I wish you would give Holly Nicholas more credit and appreciation. You have had Sheila Gunn Reid on your show several times, but I can’t recall ever seeing Holly on your show. Sheila does excellent work, but Holly does equally excellent work.
commented 2017-09-12 22:07:22 -0400
Oh. It is Micky Greenville’s turn. I’ll try to get excited…tomorrow morning.
commented 2017-09-12 21:59:39 -0400
Have any of you asked yourselves why you still read the lies from Ezra Levant, a proven liar?
commented 2017-09-12 21:28:56 -0400
Of course after your bit on what the Fake News Media Party ‘celebrated’ on 911, and Alberta Bureau Chief, Sheila Gunn Reid’s bit on the blatant theft at the Liberal party…yet again, the Skype thing – you should get subtitles for Skype, and banning Shakespeare in Canada! Well it’s not surprising, it’s just shocking! I bet it’s NOT because of The Merchant of Venice!
commented 2017-09-12 21:21:35 -0400
At least sixty. That’s not scary or anything.
commented 2017-09-12 21:20:44 -0400
Good to know the Iraqi video is still in the works. Maybe Jennifer Breedon can add additional footage. May she, as a good looking ginger woman, stay safe during her mission.

Just one suggestion about when you talk about the Rebel in Iraq. Don’t just say “we”, but say “Ms. Goldy and I”. You made a great team there and you say so yourself and have expressed pride of it. Subsequent events do not detract from that fact, and those of us still watching have made our decision and are still supporting The Rebel. Who cares about those that do not and never have supported The Rebel.
commented 2017-09-12 21:03:28 -0400
How can a someone in a responsible position like an executive assistant keep losing receipts and use water taxi for transport!!!!! It looks like our tax dollars have no value at all, and if this continues then we are headed towards disaster!!!
commented 2017-09-12 20:59:14 -0400
Great show Ezra!
Msm normalizing terrorists shows how Islamic agenda has infiltrated all aspects of our Canadian society. Doing this is appalling; publishing these reports on September 11 is unbelievable & unforgivable!

Great interview with Sheila, LPC’s irregular expenses, meaning no receipts, is a huge fraud, they are stealing from the taxpayer without any consequences. It’s sickening!

Thank you for interviewing Jennifer Breedon, she is a courageous witness/activist sharing her views & observations. I too, look forward to an update.
commented 2017-09-12 20:47:37 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 34,027 Attacks, 219,325 Killed, 300,414 Injured that we know of

“Christians are the worst part of Canadian Society”, Justin Trudeau, Debate Post, March 28, 2017
commented 2017-09-12 20:34:51 -0400
The only heroes of 9/11 are either dead or dying from the toxic fallout they were exposed to doing ground zero rescue and containment work. After all these years and lives and money spent in the name of revenge for that infamous act, the perpetrators are still at large and likely living a privileged existence.

CBC, the Globe & Mail or Global TV and their contemporaries are F**Ked spinning fallacious narratives allows the culprits to remain living in comfort.