September 18, 2017

Parliament gets ready to weaponize M-103, Trudeau’s “anti-Islamophobia” motion

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Today the Heritage Committee of the House of Commons begins its study of M-103. That’s the motion that calls on Parliament to take a “whole of government approach to reducing or eliminating systemic racism and religious discrimination including Islamophobia."

That means all of government — the Canada Revenue Agency, Canada Border Services Agency, the CRTC and CBC, the RCMP and CSIS, even our Canadian Armed Forces — now have to be part of a campaign to eliminate Islamophobia.

And, as The Rebel has been reporting since the very beginning, this motion never once defines “Islamophobia".

No other religion has the government waging total war against people who are afraid of it.

No other political ideology is given such supreme status in our country.

The hearings are being led by Hedy Fry, the crackpot MP from Vancouver who falsely claimed there were “crosses burning as we speak” in Prince George, B.C., as some sort of KKK ritual.

Are we just racists, worried about nothing? Is M-103 really a threat to free speech? 

Here’s a story from three weeks ago, out of Grande Prairie: "City denies permit for anti-M103 rally.”

The city manager told the organizer that "the event could be a threat to public safety.”

That’s a lie of course. It’s illegal; it’s unconstitutional. You can literally have pro-Hezbollah marches in Canada — Denis Coderre, the mayor of Montreal, marched in a march with Hezbollah terrorist flags — but a free speech protest in Alberta is banned in advance.

Do you believe in free speech, the separation of mosque and state, and the freedom to speak?

If so, please SIGN our largest petition ever at

Do it now while you still can...

NEXT: Islamic Relief-USA is the largest Muslim charity in America. But a scandal is brewing now that senior officials have expressed "extreme, violent" anti-Semitic opinions.

Gregg Roman, Director of the Middle East Forum, has been following this developing story and joins me to discuss the details.

THEN: Retired NYPD police officer John Cardillo and I talk about Trump's apparent flip-flop on DACA and the wall. Were the "Never Trumpers" right all along?

FINALLY: Your messages to me!

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commented 2017-09-19 01:51:01 -0400
And the same left wing useful idiots who will not speak out against this called Harper a dictator. They really need to learn the definition of the word.
commented 2017-09-19 01:22:49 -0400
I can hardly wait until pride week is considered islamophobic.

Hey Jimmy, Jack, and whatever name you are using now, THIS IS SHARIA, and nothing your pea brain makes up to deny this is valid.
commented 2017-09-19 01:21:32 -0400
Hey where are the trolls who said we were fear mongering and that this motion would never become a law?
Hey Trolls this will affect you as well, and don’t whine when it does. In your small minded arrogance you may think that you could never say anything that would make the coming law turn on you, but you are just being egotistical and foolish. It will come down on you , and when it does please do not complain, you wanted it to happen. Take your punishment, you deserve it.
commented 2017-09-19 01:18:01 -0400
Mark Chadwick you got that right, anyone who supports m-103 is an enemy of what those who died fought for and them wearing a poppy would be an insult.

Maurice Potvin great comment, the left wing idiots who love to use that excuse falsely for their narrative do not realize that it is very true for some people. They have nothing to take from you that they haven’t already stolen.

Ron Christensen i wholeheartedly agree. I will not bow to this crap.
commented 2017-09-19 00:48:13 -0400
I see this motion M103 and its whole-of-gov’t approach as a first knife attack done by my gov’t to eventually kill me. My gov’t is siding with islamists to remove any defence I may have had. Eliminating my right to speak or to denounce an ideology that wants to annihilate everything, what is left after? I will never submit. I am a Canadian, a Westerner, an educated career woman, whose sense of freedom and liberty will never be subjugated.
commented 2017-09-19 00:38:50 -0400
Live on my knees ! F ing auto correct !
commented 2017-09-19 00:36:55 -0400
I would rather die on my feet than lives on my knees .
commented 2017-09-19 00:06:36 -0400
The PC-MSM invented word “Islamophobia” isn’t caused by bigots engaged in “hate speech” it’s caused by jihadists killing people all over the world in the name of Islam….something that Zoolander idiot Trudeau and his cabnet-Muslim mafia gang are in denial of……….could things be more Orwellian ?
commented 2017-09-18 23:39:54 -0400
Canadian Mongrel, Mark was referring to the Politicians that vote in favor of M-103, telling them if they vote against Free Speech, their right to wear a poppy is gone.
commented 2017-09-18 23:38:57 -0400
The weaponizing of M-103 won’t make a damned bit of difference to me. I’ll still continue to speak the truth as I see it…. and apologize when I’m proven wrong (which can happen). That’s one of the advantages to being old and poor as a church mouse. If the government/courts/police can’t take anything away from you, they have no leverage.
commented 2017-09-18 23:36:02 -0400
Elitist Laurentien trust fund baby globalist puke “bin Zoolander” Trudeau never stops working for his muslim mafia cabal and globalist islam against the West and free speech
commented 2017-09-18 23:27:57 -0400
“speak hands for me”…….William Shakespeare
commented 2017-09-18 23:27:11 -0400
Now that m-103 is about to be discussed by Parliament, the Prime Ministers Office should be telling the Justice System to start the trial of the White guy that apparently killed 6 Muslims. This will make the whole Parliament feel guilty and therefore pass the motion without hesitation.
It is quite suspicious how the PMOs Office has been interfering with this case starting 2 hours after it happened. This is not their mandate.
commented 2017-09-18 22:49:01 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 34,059 Attacks, 219,582 Killed, 300,654 Injured that we know of

“Christians are the worst part of Canadian Society”, Justin Trudeau, Debate Post, March 28, 2017
commented 2017-09-18 22:09:03 -0400
Get ready to go to jail for saying anything bad about the evil cult of islam.

Even the true stuff will get you jailed.

That is their goal.
commented 2017-09-18 21:47:39 -0400
A voice from the past, a little off topic.
Brian Mulroney Mon, Sep 18, 2017 at 1:09 PM
To: Keith Barnes
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Ontario PC


Yesterday was a special day for me, and I wanted to share it with you. On September 17th, thirty-three years ago, I was sworn in as Prime Minister of Canada.

During my time in office, I’m proud of what our Progressive Conservatives accomplished. We built a stronger economy and created a cleaner, healthier environment for Canadians to live in. And I’m especially proud we did both at the same time.

You see, the economy and the environment aren’t mutually exclusive. Good economic policy and good environmental policy go hand-in-hand. Many believe this can’t be the case. Yet my government brought in a free trade agreement and an acid rain treaty with the United States. The former is a reason why Canada is now among the most prosperous nations on Earth, the latter is a reason why I was voted Canada’s greenest prime minister in history.

This is what’s possible when our leaders have vision. It brings to mind a quote from Theodore Sorenson, Senior Advisor to President Kennedy: “Once in office those who wish to stand up and stand out and leave something enduring behind must build new institutions, not new images. They must look to the next generation, not merely the next election. They must talk in terms of fundamental values, not merely costs. They must appeal to our hopes as well as our needs, to what we long to be and what we know is right. That’s leadership.”

This is the kind of leadership Ontario needs, the kind that Patrick Brown is ready to deliver. Patrick shares my vision for pragmatic, progressive conservatism. It’s why I’m proud to support him in his mission to form a PC Government in 2018. I’m asking you to support him too.

I can think of no better way to celebrate this special anniversary than by donating to the PC campaign. Can you chip in, Keith? I would greatly appreciate it. Click one of the buttons below. Every dollar will help bring new leadership for Ontario in 2018.
commented 2017-09-18 21:45:58 -0400
This has nothing to do with “islamophobia” (whatever the hell that means, and it will mean whatever the degenerate Liberals want it to mean). It’s about a dissolute globalist government cutting itself a blank cheque to use any tyranny it wants against Canadians who openly dissent to its un-Canadian, bigoted policies. The Libranos have had a Fascist reflex ever since Mackenzie King incarcerated Japanese Canadians and mowed down unemployed veterans and protesters. This morbidly authoritarian Laurentian elitist wants to criminalize political dissent, nothing more lofty than that.

Fire this empty headed 1%er Puke.
commented 2017-09-18 21:34:30 -0400
When a Bill is put forward following the sham study, we must vigorously defend our right to free speech and beleaguer elected officials to reject the Bill. Making it illegal to criticize an ideology is only the first step among many that will erode all of our rights & freedom.

Our war dead and veterans deserve a coordinated response to this lunacy!
commented 2017-09-18 21:33:56 -0400
Sorry Mark, I do not follow the logic.

I will remember a fallen uncle, and honour father and uncle who saw WWII service.

I will honour a son who saw Afghan service, and remember his buds who fell.

I will stand for one minute of remembrance of the fallen, but will sit the second minute that honours the government. Maybe that is what you actually mean?
commented 2017-09-18 21:27:38 -0400
Trudeau will ram M103 through Parliament and make it law as soon as possible. We will then witness the beginning of the great Genocide, the Genocide of Christians and Jews. Ezra is right Islam is not a religion, it is the Dogma of racism and hate, created by Bandits. Not Muhammad, he dose not appear in Middle Eastern history until sixty years after the Quaran says that he died. The, so called Mecca is not in Saudi Arabia, only the newer Mosque’s point to Mecca. All of the original Mosque’s point to Petra. Ask a Muslim to explain that discrepancy. Islam is a nothing but a falsehood.

Justin Trudeau is mentally unbalanced, he needs help. Help to enable him to go and claim his 72 Virgins.

Is there anybody left who still believes there will be another election in Canada?
commented 2017-09-18 21:22:15 -0400
Any SOB that supports M-103s a traitor to Canada . Do not wear a poppy on November 11 if you vote for this anti free speech BS . It is a insult to any one that died for this country So you dam hypocrites don’t insult our war dead this includes Trudeau and Andy Pandy .
commented 2017-09-18 21:21:11 -0400
Still trying to recover from the 60s. John Lennon said "we’re more popular than Jesus Christ "
It wasn’t out of arrogance, he was being condescending.
All those to the left will be damned
Pray for peace. It works for me.
BUT. Carry the sword
God love you
commented 2017-09-18 21:19:31 -0400
Separate thought. I am trying to imagine October, 1970 and Papa Doc striking a committee to study FLQ-phobia as opposed to dealing with the terrorism. Or apologizing to Rose for Rose’s terrorist act and giving him $10.5 M, instead of exile.

Maybe Baby Doc did not fall so close to the tree after all…except for crippling debt.
commented 2017-09-18 21:13:33 -0400
I don’t know about Senators. I am not aware of a one appointed by Harper who has had the morality to stand by the gentleman agreement of an eight year term made on appointment. But if one can be found with that morality, then maybe that Senator will have the morality to stand by free speech.

Failing that, I would seriously look at Brazeau. Sounds counter intuitive, but I have the feeling he has turned a corner. A total belief with no data I admit, but just have that gut feeling.

Certainly, Brazeau is heads and shoulders above my current Alberta ‘Conservative’ MP. I think he is in an invisibility competition with my current New Demoncratic MLA regarding the representation of constituents over party leader.
commented 2017-09-18 21:03:22 -0400
John Cardillo made some excellent points.

Ezra, I am looking forward to your announcement of who will be joining the Rebel team!
commented 2017-09-18 20:47:53 -0400
Iqra Khalid is an infiltrator, consumed with advancing Islamist agenda in Canada; she has a lot of help in LPC caucus, add to that her fervent networking within Muslim organizations, since her university days!

Excellent article – Canada’s New Blasphemy Laws March 8/17

Ezra, great interview with Gregg Roman. Not sure if his stats are correct, when it comes to 10% being funneled to terrorists organizations. I think it’s more!

I plan to research Conservative Senator Denise Batters to look at her position on free speech, and what she has said about M-103.
commented 2017-09-18 20:21:12 -0400
I think the Heritage Committee tasked with the study of “Islamophobia” in Canada resulting from M-103 should open hearings everyday with the video below.
Canadian Victims of Islamic Terror

Melanie Jolie couldn’t define it, how is her Ministry & Hedy Fry going to study something that hasn’t been defined outside of OIC who have been pushing blasphemy laws using the corrupt UN for decades/