September 21, 2016

More layoffs at Canadian solar company? Time for another taxpayer bailout!

Rebel Staff

Ontario has the highest power prices in North America, even though we have a surplus of some of the cheapest power on earth, thanks in part to the hundred year old dams at Niagara Falls.

But Ontarians aren’t allowed to use that power. Because the last Liberal premier, Dalton McGuinty, and his policy guru, Gerald Butts, passed the Green Energy Act.

That means that if there is a solar power station somewhere, or a wind turbine somewhere, the government power company signed contracts to buy their power first — at up to 80 cents per kilowatt hour. (The average cost of hydroelectric power in North America is about one cent.)

But what about all those wonderful “green” jobs building solar panels and wind turbines, like the 500 jobs at Canadian Solar Inc? The company started up in 2010, which great fanfare from politicians.

But by the next year, it was laying off staff. Well, no problem! Just give it more money, like a $3 million government grant. (Not a loan, a grant...)

But now there have been 130 more lay-offs at Canadian Solar.

Real companies driven out to lower-cost jurisdictions. Fake companies, succeeding through crony capitalism, lobbying and hand-outs. Politicians mugging for the cameras at the happy announcements and hiding when the disasters come to fruition. And all the while, ordinary Canadians paying the highest power prices in history.

All thanks to the Liberals...

NEXT: Joe Oliver, the former Minister of Finance and Minister of Natural Resources, is my guest to talk about these dysfunctional climate (and fiscal) policies.

THEN: Amber Ruddy, Alberta Director of Provincial Affairs for the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, joins me to discuss Alberta's minimum wage hike, and breaking down its tragic cost to small businesses in the province.

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