September 27, 2016

Here’s what Trump should have said during last night’s debate

Rebel Staff

Last night was the U.S. presidential debate. Donald Trump represented the Republicans, Hillary Clinton represented the Democratic Party, and Lester Holt represented the Media Party. Lester Holt won.

He interrupted Trump 41 times and only interrupted Clinton seven times. Six of those interruptions of Trump were to “correct” him: To step in as a surrogate for Clinton.

Why would Lester Holt ask Trump about Iraq — but not Hillary Clinton, who voted for the invasion as a senator? Even last night’s “no-cheering, no-laughing” rule was only enforced against Republicans. (I’ll show you.)

Trump missed so many opportunities, for example, letting Hillary Clinton, of all people, pontificate about “cybersecurity.”

Clinton won on points.

Or maybe I should say, Lester Holt and Hillary Clinton won as a team.

But one thing we know about Trump is that he learns. I predict he’ll want to be much better prepared for the next two debates. And when Donald Trump wants things, he tends to get them.

I wouldn’t bet against him just yet...

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