September 29, 2016

“Prime Minister Selfie” took a photo with a suspected terrorist. Is anyone surprised?

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

A scoop in the Montreal newspaper La Presse today: Justin Trudeau posed for a selfie with a suspected terrorist under investigation by the RCMP.

Obviously, a prime minister meets thousands of people, most of whom he doesn’t know. I'm not implying that Trudeau knew he was posing for a picture with a terror suspect.

But how can someone who is currently under investigation for terrorism roam the streets and walk right up to the Prime Minister?

I don’t blame Trudeau personally for this encounter. But in a way, he has set the tone for our entire security apparatus, and our nonchalant approach to Muslim terrorism: Pulling Canada out of the war on ISIS, visiting extremist mosques, having his mother and wife pose wearing Muslim headscarves…

Thank God our prime minister was not stabbed. Hopefully things will change. But I doubt it.

What with Trudeau making Canada neutral in the war on terror, what happened with that selfie isn’t actually newsy at all...

Tonight's guests: National Post columnist Barbara Kay, and InfoWars correspondent Paul Joseph Watson.

(Photo credit: Facebook)

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commented 2016-10-09 02:02:14 -0400
I’m not Liberal. I’m Libertarian. And I prefer Justin Trudeau over any of the other politicians in the last election. I in no way think he is dangerous and so far think he’s doing well even though on some things like bring in the amount of refugees without screening them seems a little off putting. I do not believe we should have gotten involved with the war on ISIS (and he is no where near a terrorist in any way or form as at least one of you say (like he would get an ISIS Medal of Honour) and I can only hope (and agree on taking chances) that becoming neutral now would mean we’d be spared as a target for ISIS as opposed to keep fighting and stay a target.

I think Stephen Harper was the worst PM we had in recent years. From talking to people in Ottawa, it seems as the people here are very Liberal in General or at least prefer Trudeau. Again, I’m not a fan of Trudeau but I find him as neutral PM as he just got started but so far think he is doing well as PM. For some reason, Ottawa locals (and eastern Canada as it looked like in the election results) are Liberal and hate Conservatives as much as Central and Western Canada hates Liberals or Justin Trudeau. Oddly, some have said they don’t like Trudeau but support the Liberals regardless. There have been cases with those I know or knew that just vote Liberal every single election not caring what the Liberals goals were (and so far when asked never regretted their decision).

All well. I doubt I’ll vote again any time soon and I voted Libertarian the last election but only because someone I know was running. That was the only reason.
commented 2016-10-03 15:45:38 -0400
@jerry Crossman " I just can’t stand a hipicrate (sic)". Too funny.
commented 2016-10-02 17:03:05 -0400
D.H. Chiasson:

Because that’s what these wacko cons believe. They are all about freedom of speech as long as it is THEIR speech. And it’s not just speech, they don’t believe we should be able to marry who we want, or make decisions about our own bodies. The most hypocritical issues is guns. They want to restrict all these freedoms in society but it’s ok to carry a gun. Seriously, the more you think about it, the more mentally ill these people seem. Oh well, at least they are a fringe minority and don’t actually have any say in our society. They are just a fly who is trying to land on your steak dinner, just swat them away, they usually fly away like cowards.
commented 2016-10-02 10:09:35 -0400
Let’s look at some facts do you disagree isreal has AIPAC lobbies in Canada ?? Do you disagree Canada has the united Church on a hate group list for anti isreal speech ?? Do you disagree isreal takes land from the palistinians?? Do you disagree that isreal will not allow palistine too rebuild or even give then the necessities of books or equipment to build homes ?? Do you disagree that isreal are just as racist as a palistinian I don’t have a dog in this fight I just can’t stand a hipicrate
commented 2016-10-01 12:31:03 -0400
Could you give your explanation another try Jerry Crossman, you’re not making yourself clear. Go ahead, extrapolate.
commented 2016-10-01 10:41:17 -0400
My comment are not about this article they are about Ezra and his infraction of isreal AIPAC can lobby in some other country and Ezra can stop kissing there a$$
commented 2016-10-01 02:05:51 -0400
Sandra’s list of questions was indeed terrific. I can wait a bit to hear them answered, but we need to get answers to all of them. Straight answers, no subterfuge politician speak.
commented 2016-10-01 02:01:16 -0400
Who is paying you Chaisson and why can’t you get a real job?
Loser. You wear a man bun?
You and Jerry Crossman need to get with the program. There are never comments on any petition page. Hasn’t been for any of the petitions.
Crossman, “your race” ?? what race are you, that you think that comment is acceptable? I defend your right to make skewed comments including your “Jew” comment and the slander of Isreal, but what you say is bull crap.
commented 2016-10-01 00:45:48 -0400
DH he never did any such thing loser. The CBC does that , they are scared of free speech like all left wing losers. And now i am even more sure you are that fat slob Gordo.
commented 2016-09-30 18:25:44 -0400
Remember when Ezra used to remove comment options from his Sun articles. He’s starting to do it again. Came across the first Rebel article to do so on his BDS rant. Good ol’ Ezra hiding from discourse and critique once again. #freedomhatingcoward
commented 2016-09-30 14:48:55 -0400
- It wouldn’t surprise me if he went ahead with the selfie even if he knew the guy was a suspected terrorist. Nothing much surprises me when it comes to this sheltered trust fund man-child.

- Canada as a whole should adopt Quebec’s stand on the face covering issue. There are plenty of countries that practice the sharia traditions that they value so much – let them go live there (& that their “progressive” enablers with them.)

- Trump could have done better in the first debate but he didn’t lose any support because of it either. He’s a lot smarter than a lot of people give him credit for. Round one may have been a setup for round two. Questions that I walked away with: How long can they keep pumping Hillary full of anti-seizure medication before there are serious (& visible) consequences? Most American’s didn’t trust the mainstream media going into the debate so will even fewer trust them now? Has Trump simply positioned himself to take the gloves off & go after Hillary without coming off as a bully & go after the mainstream media without looking like a conspiracy nut? I’m looking forward to round two.
commented 2016-09-30 13:48:44 -0400
Turdo is 100% safe and immune from terror attack. He is the greatest ally of these scumbags. That would truly be killing the goose that laid the golden egg. He basically walks around with a personal forcefield on when it comes to the invaders.
commented 2016-09-30 12:31:52 -0400
Interesting show, Ezra. Paul Watson is always excellent but I liked hearing Barbara Kay’s perspective on things as well. As you and she mentioned, English Canada certainly can learn a thing or two from Québec’s position with regard to Islam, and issues such as the niqab. It’s tempting to think that Québecers feel typically feel a stronger sense of identity and culture than English Canadians … but that’s just my hunch.
commented 2016-09-30 11:33:33 -0400
Jerry and DH are just trolling. The best response my fellow rebellers is quite simple…no response.
commented 2016-09-30 10:53:00 -0400
If the scum needs to hone his stabbing or throat slicing skills he could get some good practice in with the likes of Jerry Crossman and DH Chaisson.

DJBT and the rest
commented 2016-09-30 10:51:54 -0400
Jerry Crossman – you didn’t watch the interview did you. You really have no idea what was said or what the issues are because like all loud mouthed leftards you can’t afford to use the paywall unless you use someone else’s money.

Pathetic, obsessed, deranged – yapping off about things you never heard or read
commented 2016-09-30 10:47:34 -0400
I see it take one article on Israel to bring the hate brigade leftards crawing out
commented 2016-09-30 10:46:47 -0400
Trudeau is completely safe from Islamists. They need their useful idiot for some time yet.
commented 2016-09-30 10:04:16 -0400
So EZRA I see you took your comments down from your jew article what a PATHETIC attempt of censorship isreal is no better then any other country you preach freedom and democracy as long as it serves your purpose so why have you taken down your comments on your jew article is it because you don’t want the public to know or have the rite to know what a bunch of PATHETIC politically correct race baiters your race are ??? Isreal has no innocence like you profess nor does America or palistine until olive branches are offered the violence will continue so grab your butt cheeks and push real hard you may just find your head
commented 2016-09-30 08:42:43 -0400
For those thinking that the suspected Muslim terrorist could have stabbed Trudeau … yes, but not yet because Trudeau is still a useful idiot for them. They will keep him around until not useful anymore.
commented 2016-09-30 08:26:23 -0400
Does anyone really thing that Radical Islamists would harm a fellow traveller like The Prime Moron Trudeau?
commented 2016-09-30 06:10:32 -0400
Hide under your beds, little boys and girls; Ezra’s hysteria has you right where he wants you. #Cheap8DollarSubscribingWhores
commented 2016-09-30 03:38:17 -0400
“We have hidden his identity because he hasn’t been charged,” Adrienne Arsenault said yesterday on CBC’s “The National.” Good grief! As Adrienne well knows, everyone can see the man with the red cap in the background, in this Radio-Canada video: Just forward the vid to 33:40-33-44 (on the left side of the screen); 34:05-34:20 and 34:23-34:29 (on the right); 39:17-39:23 (on the left); 41:22-41:25 (in the middle, with his cellphone); 42:06-42:13 (between Trudeau and interviewer Patrice Roy); 42:36-42:40 (on the left); 42:41-42:45 (between Trudeau and Roy).

By the way, the guy has been praising Trudeau on his Facebook page. Just as Seddique Mateen, the father of Orlando killer Omar Mateen and himself an avowed supporter of the Afghan Taliban, got invited to a Clinton campaign rally. Interesting.
commented 2016-09-30 02:46:47 -0400
I sure hope the idiot keeps this up , even after he is useful.
commented 2016-09-30 00:58:11 -0400
Ezra I think you are being way to nice with your comments of thinking Trudeau hasn’t became a Muslim and Joined a Mosque. With all the good choices our Prime Minister has made since he has been in office, it wouldn’t surprise me to learn he is practicing Islam. He thinks we should let Terrorists keep the Canadian Citizenship. Maybe he is being radicalized and now worried he may be kicked out of Canada and sent to Saudi Arabia. Justin Trudeau brags about being so Transparent and Feminist. I just wonder how well he’d do in Saudi Arabia with his Sunny, Transparent,Feminist ways.
commented 2016-09-30 00:23:15 -0400
I bet the RCMP security detail are shocked by tater tot’s disregard for security.
commented 2016-09-29 23:32:03 -0400
If you meet more than a dozen Muslims, you’re likely to run into a terrorist. That figure drops to about one in three when you’re talking about Muslim activists.
commented 2016-09-29 23:21:24 -0400
Instead of a Selfie Trudie could have ended up getting a Stabbie. Under the circumstances it would be poetic justice for a member of his chosen evil horde to attack him instead of one of our beloved soldiers.
I would have no sympathy for our Liberal Dictator, the sooner he is just an unpleasant distant memory the better off this country will be. Like his anti Canadian father he will continue to bring this country to its knees, I look at him and cannot understand how this bonehead of a traitor got this job. The fact he is PM I feel very unsafe and unsure of our future. Harper was the best PM I have seen in my lifetime, he was certainly a patriot and a man, something Little Trudie will never be.
commented 2016-09-29 23:16:43 -0400
Every time I see Justin in the media I think he looks like he is slightly retarded. How he became PM is beyond me. How can people think what he says actually makes sense?

“Thank God our prime minister was not stabbed. Hopefully things will change. But I doubt it.”

Yes hopefully things will change and he gets stabbed so these stupid Libtards can wake up to the reality that this world really isn’t all that safe all the time. Start taking Canada and Canadian citizen’s safety seriously.
commented 2016-09-29 23:02:30 -0400
It would be poetic justice if JT got stabbed by one of these guys!!