September 29, 2016

“Prime Minister Selfie” took a photo with a suspected terrorist. Is anyone surprised?

Rebel Staff

A scoop in the Montreal newspaper La Presse today: Justin Trudeau posed for a selfie with a suspected terrorist under investigation by the RCMP.

Obviously, a prime minister meets thousands of people, most of whom he doesn’t know. I'm not implying that Trudeau knew he was posing for a picture with a terror suspect.

But how can someone who is currently under investigation for terrorism roam the streets and walk right up to the Prime Minister?

I don’t blame Trudeau personally for this encounter. But in a way, he has set the tone for our entire security apparatus, and our nonchalant approach to Muslim terrorism: Pulling Canada out of the war on ISIS, visiting extremist mosques, having his mother and wife pose wearing Muslim headscarves…

Thank God our prime minister was not stabbed. Hopefully things will change. But I doubt it.

What with Trudeau making Canada neutral in the war on terror, what happened with that selfie isn’t actually newsy at all...

Tonight's guests: National Post columnist Barbara Kay, and InfoWars correspondent Paul Joseph Watson.

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