April 25, 2018

University of Alberta learns that not all of its donors love David Suzuki

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

David Suzuki is a bit of a con man.

He lectures the rest of us on how big our carbon footprint is. He rails against capitalism.

But the man owns literally five houses. In Canada and even in Australia.

It's not even like he’s a great entrepreneur. He’s a “grantrepreneur”: He’s gamed the system.

But he condemns those of us who want to work for our wealth, and be able to keep it.

Now the University of Alberta, in the heart of the oilsands province, wants to give him an honorary degree.

Bringing in a huckster like Suzuki would be bad on any given year. But this year — in the midst of the final assault on Alberta jobs, when that very pipeline is the key item in the news — imagine how corrupted the U of A has become.

The dean of Engineering at U of A posted a public dissent against it, and that sentiment is growing: A law firm is cancelling their $100,000 donation pledge to the U of A, saying they’ll give it to students in other ways.

Naturally, the CBC has been on a massive PR campaign to support his honorary degree — without acknowledging their obvious conflict of interest: He works for them.

Oh, and he also runs an anti-oil lobby group, with registered lobbyists, at the David Suzuki Foundation, all campaigning against oil and gas.

On a related note, the bank HSBC has announced that it will stop lending money to the oilsands.

HSBC was also the key money-launderer for Mexican drug cartels. 

Those are the people who won’t lend money to hard-working, honest citizens working in the oil patch?

If you do any banking with HSBC, have some self-respect. If they don’t want your business — don’t give it to them.

Shut down your bank account with them and move to another bank, I don’t care which.

Just one that doesn’t value drug dealers, or David Suzuki, more than law-abiding, honest Canadians...

NEXT: Writer and filmmaker Phelim McAleer (FrackNation, The Gosnell Movie) comes on to talk about his latest project:

The $18-Billion Prize is a play revealing how environmentalists almost got away with the world’s biggest fraud. (For more, including ways to donate to this crowdfunded project, visit ChevronPlay.com)

THEN: National Post columnist Barbara Kay joins me to discuss her provocative new column, about the Toronto van attack.

FINALLY: Your messages to me!

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commented 2018-04-26 19:36:43 -0400
Just a question for Ezra and Barbara: What is a Christian? How in the world can you sit there and identify this lunatic who ran the people over in Toronto as a Christian when you know nothing about him? I do not deny that a Christian could do something like this, but your criteria for labeling him a Christian needs a radical revamping!!
Please pay attention, both of you and anyone else who falls into the same trap. You will read it here, and from now on you have no excuse for being ignorant and looking and sounding foolish and uninformed. By the way – I really like both of you, so this is just a firm, friendly correction:)
Here is what DOES NOT make a person a Christian: one’s name; one’s birthplace; going to a Christian church; being baptized; putting money in an offering plate; living a moral life; praying; wearing a cross; owning/reading a Bible, etc., etc.!
Here is what makes a person a Christian: Being born again of the Holy Spirit!! What brings that on is confession of and repentance for one’s sin and faith in Jesus Christ.
I know that a non-Christian does not get this, because it is totally different from other religions, like Judaism and Islam, which simply demand conformity to the norms and decrees of the religion. Conversion to Christianity is a spiritual experience, one that only a person who has actually experienced it can comprehend.
So please stop this identification stuff because of a name, or country. We will find out more about this guy as time goes on – then we will be able to determine his religion, or lack thereof!
commented 2018-04-26 13:26:32 -0400
Robert McClelland, as you say, only the police and military should have assault vehicles, but why stop there? We know that all vehicles have no other use than killing people, so why not limit all vehicles to the police and military? There is no Second Amendment in Canada giving Canadians the right to own these dangerous devices that mow down our citizens. I say ban them for ordinary people who clearly have no legitimate need for them.
commented 2018-04-26 12:30:10 -0400
- So fake climate scientist Suzuki (he’s a geneticist), who made his name pushing the pseudoscience of man made global cooling/warming/climate change, gets awarded an honorary degree from a University in the middle of the oil industry he want’s to see shut down & if donors to the university pull out the CBC attacks them. Because the CBC represents the Liberal government & Suzuki represents his ego & bank account. I’ve never dealt with HSBC & never will.

- I’ve heard of FrackNation & The Gosnell Movie. Actors are scared of working in any project that goes against the Hollywood hive mind & the blacklist they may end up in. If Hollywood hates it it must be good.

- So we still have lots of questions & very few answers when it comes to the Toronto van attack. Rather this turns out to be an Islamic attack or not, Islamic attacks are coming to Canada as we follow the same rout as Europe. We just had that attack in Edmonton back in September. If this had something to do with a celibacy group shouldn’t we have already seen attacks from Catholic priests? Buzzfeed is trash.
commented 2018-04-26 10:17:23 -0400
Robert Morewood….I see all one of you have signed the petition, nicely done. One should not come home from a night of cocktails and then get fired up and start a petition. It is your right, but it is my right also to suggest that you stop drinking the look-aid that someone else tells you to.
commented 2018-04-26 09:55:43 -0400
Suzuki would argue that when he gives a speech or lecture , the audience is so profoundly influenced by his words that they immediately put their SUVs up for sale and turn down their home thermostats to save the planet from imminent destruction.Their reduction in carbon footprint therefore more than compensates for his own personal profligate use of hydrocarbons.
This is how the Uber Socialist Liberals think. The masses must learn to live on crumbs while we , the elite intellectuals inside the castles eat the bounty of your labours.
commented 2018-04-26 08:38:03 -0400
Tad, nobody needs an assault van. Only police and the military should have them.
commented 2018-04-26 08:22:16 -0400
Morewood, Suzuki’s a shill for globalists. He jets around the world yapping about how we have these great big carbon footprints yet he says nothing of his own great big carbon footprint. He’s a hypocrite of the highest order.
commented 2018-04-26 01:58:26 -0400
I agree with the people here that have strange feelings about the Toronto Van murders.
For example doesn’t History tell us that Armenians were forced to convert to Islam under the threat of death? This killer knew a lot about Islam as almost all of his actions were identical to what a Muslim Jihadi would do to be rewarded in Paradise beside Allah.
Is Trudeau covering up for his friends again? He took the terrorism away from the Edmonton Policeman hit by a car with a ISIS Flag inside, then stabbed in the neck. Then the Muslim Terrorist took a U-Haul and ran into 4 people on a sidewalk. That is not terrorism?
Many times Canada would be safer if Trudeau was somewhere else in the world doing his dancing.
commented 2018-04-26 01:49:09 -0400
Peter Babich they deserve it. You should see how homeless are ignored around the area and instantly removed by cops on Whyte Ave. I have seen the so called caring progressives go out of their way to avoid a homeless person that does pop up now and then. They are such hypocrites.
commented 2018-04-26 00:20:18 -0400
I’m glad there’s push back against Suzuki getting an honory degree from the U of A. Let’s hope money talks and the degree is recalled from that hypocritical activist. Maybe people will also switch to other institutes of higher learning for their courses.
commented 2018-04-25 23:31:31 -0400
We did it? The U of A has to find a safe space. Serves them right. Right on. Righteous. Read them their rights. Right to life. Right right right
commented 2018-04-25 22:54:45 -0400
I had a disturbing thought while listening to you say an ex NDP MLA will also be getting an honorary degree. Also who are the other honourees and what connection do they have to the NDP?
The largest funder of UofA is the government. Is it possible that Notley is sending a message to the eco(nomic)-terrorists that she is still on side despite what she is saying publicly? It would be of interest if you could find a university senator to confirm if there was any government arm twisting. Did Notley send over a list with the message that these people will get degrees or we will look at funding again. Now, normally I wouldn’t doubt that a university senate could be composed of academic fools, that is almost a given, but again I don’t trust Notley not to thumb her nose at us unenlightened, uncomprehending peons and put one over on us.
The UofA senate should also remember that after next year there will be another government determining funding and senate appointments.
commented 2018-04-25 22:45:54 -0400
Robert, you took the words right out of my mouth. But should only ‘assault vans’ be banned, or all motor vehicles? After all, as you say, motor vehicles kill. We all know it isn’t the driver that’s the problem, but the vehicle.

Ezra, thanks for the interview with Kay. When one subscribes to an MSM outlet, it’s easy to become jaded, thinking it’s all bad (confession) and it’s a good reminder that there are a few good people left in the MSM.

And thanks for the interview with Phelim MacAleer. I’m a big fan of his and this new play he is doing is right up his usual alley, namely exposing what the leftist majority in the MSM don’t want us to know: the ugly truth. In this case, how an oil company was railroaded for $18 BILLION. I look forward to your report from ’Frisco.
commented 2018-04-25 22:18:36 -0400
Looks like Islamist styled terrorist attacks will be committed by Caucasian looking Christians in Trudeau’s Canada. Never mind that eye witnesses stated that the TWO men who entered the Quebec mosque shouted “Allahu Akbar” before opening fire, or that Alex Minassian doesn’t even resemble the man arrested in Toronto, nor the court sketches. Islamophobia is the real problem in Canada, right Trudeau?
commented 2018-04-25 21:17:12 -0400
The Minister of Public Peril, Ralphy Boy Goodale, needs to get on banning “assault vans”, after all Ralph Nader always said that motor vehicles were designed to kill people.
commented 2018-04-25 21:01:39 -0400
Yep, Suzuki is a maggot through and through.

Former FBI Director James Comey was board member of HSBC – Clinton Foundation & Drug Cartel bank of choice. He seems to gravitate toward shady dealings!

There is more to this attack than what is being reported. The person who was publicly arrested doesn’t look like the person who appeared in court (sketches) or the photo released to the press. Look at the timeline, the condition of the van, and, the interrupted footage uploaded and circulated. Things just don’t add up.
commented 2018-04-25 20:48:34 -0400
The UofA has been working against Albertan’s for a long time, and should be shut down until it can be cleaned out by getting all of the leftists out of it.
commented 2018-04-25 20:23:34 -0400
I love these David Suzuki stories on the rebel.