April 27, 2018

North Korea’s tyrant visits South Korea to talk peace — and South Koreans credit Trump

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

It's something that’s never been seen before:

Kim Jung-Un — the dictator for life of North Korea, son of a dictator, grandson of a dictator — walking into South Korea, meeting the democratically elected president, Moon Jae-In, to talk peace.

A lot of talk about mutual cooperation and humanitarian relief. Which is another way of saying: South Korea will bail out North Korea, and try to alleviate the devastation the dictatorship has done to its own people.

We need to be skeptical. 

Yet this, so far, is unprecedented.

And Donald Trump is unprecedented. That’s why it’s happening.

Don’t take it from me. That's what the Foreign Minister of South Korea said.

Do you think it was Barack Obama? He picked up the Nobel Peace Prize eight months after his inauguration, but the committee made their decision literally weeks after he was elected, "for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.”

Yeah, except that didn’t work.

Then all the fancy people said Trump was a fool — especially when he engaged in “Twitter diplomacy”, showing Kim Jong-Un who was the real tough guy. 

But that strategy that just worked.

So far, at least.

Donald Trump will not win the Nobel Prize, even if this deal is real.

But if it works, 50 million free South Koreans, and 25 million imprisoned North Koreans, will know who broke the 65-year-stalemate. And so will Donald Trump.

And so will the left, though they will never admit it, even grudgingly...

TONIGHT'S GUESTS: Conservative MP Brad Trost and I discuss illegal immigration; then I'm joined by Matthew Schrier, who tells the fascinating and harrowing true story of his time in a Syrian prison

FINALLY: Your messages to me!

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commented 2018-04-29 15:11:23 -0400
Doctors in the Clinic that were treating Alfie, would never have let Alfie go for alternative treatment, if they had and the alternative treatment had been successful, then, the original Doctors reputations would have been ruined. That is how things go, in this day and age.
Alfie had very brave parents.
commented 2018-04-29 14:54:49 -0400
Beware the Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing. Do not trust the North Korean tyrant. How long will it be before they start to have joint military exorcises and how long will it be before one of these exorcises involves North Korea heading south. Will all the blank ammunition they have been using, suddenly become live. How long before North Korea say’s…. “We won”
commented 2018-04-28 21:57:37 -0400
Alfie just wasn’t born into the right family.
commented 2018-04-28 16:52:45 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 35,196 Attacks, 228,310 Killed, 308,259 Injured that we know of.
commented 2018-04-28 16:22:04 -0400
My heart goes out to the Evans family, my deepest condolences.

NHS horrific treatment of this child and his parents is unconscionable. There should be a coroner’s inquest.
commented 2018-04-28 15:30:49 -0400
R.I.P. Alfie! You have been carried on the wings of angels to the presence of God. True justice will be metted on judgement day to those who denied you the right to life! I pray that your family can heal now and treasure the memories of having you in their lives, even for such a brief time. You were and are a blessing to them!

This is going to happen in Canada too. Trudeau is bringing in all the world’s sick refugees, that would never qualify otherwise, and they will refuse treatment to those of us who are paying for the health care system. Our own citzens don’t get to jump to the front of line, but we are expected to burden the system to the point of risking the lives of those who already live here, and are waiting for treatment, sometimes for years.
commented 2018-04-28 13:36:06 -0400
Shame, Shame, Shame on the Gov’t of the UK. You have now confirmed your contempt of the citizens, although, I’m sure somewhere, Islamists are celebrating the death of another “infidel”!
commented 2018-04-28 13:17:17 -0400
Rest In Peace little Alfie. My heart goes out to his parents.

Britain’s shame. Shame. shame on any government that would allow this to happen for the sake of control. It is unbelievably, distasteful, disgraceful and inhuman. I am ashamed for Britain and disgusted.
….and they call themselves a civilized society.
commented 2018-04-28 13:06:52 -0400
Alfie Evans dies 10am Sat. UK time.
commented 2018-04-28 13:01:01 -0400
I am dumbfounded every time I see video of the “irregular immigrants”. Packing I pads & I phones, brand name clothing, high end luggage, and obviously very fit and able. Some have so much bling around their necks and wrists, they look to me more like some showy multi-millionaire NFL player or rich rapper. It appears the only ones fooled by these individuals are the Liberal government and the law enforcement officials.
commented 2018-04-28 11:20:23 -0400
By the way Hussen, what about my medical care and dental? I can’t find a doctor and I have to pay out of pocket for my own teeth.
commented 2018-04-28 11:18:25 -0400
That is monumental news about North and South Korea. Watching with interest. I hope this is doable.
commented 2018-04-28 11:16:29 -0400
Hussen has no respect for the Canada he came to as a youth. He has only worked to change it into something it was never meant to be. If he had any respect for this country or its founding fathers, the Canada which took him in, he would not be turning Canadians into doormats for the third world to wipe their feet on as they come in and displace newcomers who entered the right way. He puts these people first, ahead of his responsibility to Canadians. I resent this very much as do many Canadians, the ones who used to be welcoming but aren’t ‘so open minded that their brains fell out’. In my opinion he is a threat to the important cohesion which is essential in any society. We have had successful multiculturalism in the past. I think most Canadians were fine with it in moderation, but this is a travesty and borderlines on an invasion and a treasonous act. Hussen has proven himself unfit to be immigration minister of Canada.

I appreciate all the MP’s who are doing their best to counter this,but as Trost pointed out the Liberal way is to screw it up fast and furious so that its hard to keep up. It is intentional fkery.
commented 2018-04-28 01:43:03 -0400
This was a great show. Really liked your interview with Brad Trost. He is a very ethical and smart man. Hope to see him again in the future. Only one point that I can not agree with and that is what trudeau and hussan are doing. This is a planned invasion to throw Canada into chaos. . All the changes that they are making and not following the rule of law are just part of the agenda set out by George Soros. Great interview with Matthew Schrier. perhaps now that Donald Trump is cleaning up the swamp he will get some closure. Totally agree with you on the N and S Korea meeting and I am sure Trump is also aware. Prayers for the Humboldt tragedy, Alfie as well as for our very troubled Country/world and for people like you Ezra.
commented 2018-04-28 01:14:46 -0400
So glad to see Mr. Brad Trost on the Rebel.
Welcome sir. You are one of the very few Conservatives that I like and trust, I sincerely hope that one day the party will wake up and put strong, real conservatives like you in positions of power. I actually hope that you eventually become the conservative leader.
You have my vote now.
commented 2018-04-28 00:55:20 -0400
Ezra, you seem to have forgotten that Faith Goldy reported for The Rebel, when she went to the illegal crossing in Quebec, she reported that many illegals directly came from outside of the U.S.. They take a flight to New York, then a bus and a cab. There was an office on the U.S. side arranging the transport to the crossing, giving instructions to the illegals and charging a fee.
commented 2018-04-28 00:54:08 -0400
BRAD TROST never say I need to take time from your commitment to politics. We pay your wage. If your concern’s are not a total commitment to your job. Then do it on your time not the tax payer. Part time politician is not what I want. Commit or leave
commented 2018-04-28 00:40:14 -0400
Ha refugees The lottery for parents and grandparents, to Canadian Citizens is 4 years. They are still processing applications from 2014. Yet some flow in with support ????. Need an answer from the Immigration Minister
commented 2018-04-27 23:57:15 -0400
I believe we here need to nominate POTUS Trump for the Noble Peace Prize for his foreign relation’s mandate on the formal end of the Korean War.
commented 2018-04-27 23:52:03 -0400
The simple fact that it is happening can be contributed to one man,his tweets,and don’t fuck with me.I will work with you ,but don’t screw around Come to the table or I’ll bury you. The business of GOVERNMENT.
commented 2018-04-27 22:17:23 -0400
I think President Trump will be the best president the United States of America has ever had, bar none.

I also think that tyranny has already come to Canada. It’s already in the health care system.
commented 2018-04-27 22:11:02 -0400
Good to see Brad Trost on the Rebel. He is one of the few real conservatives in the Conservative party. Too bad he lost his nomination in Saskatoon.
commented 2018-04-27 21:59:07 -0400
Deborah, I think that’s a very workable theory. I had similar thoughts when he was interviewed on Declassified.
commented 2018-04-27 21:49:50 -0400
Thanks for being here on Rebel, Brad Trost! Great to see you and LOVE that tie!
commented 2018-04-27 21:29:07 -0400
Good to see conservative politicians come back onto the rebel.
commented 2018-04-27 21:28:43 -0400
- The mainstream media is trying their best to downplay these historic events in Korea. They’re trying to downplay Trump’s roll in making this happen. Oh, it’s all because of China – because China would have made this happen anyway just because. It’s all quite pathetic. If Trump discovered the cure for cancel they would be downplaying his roll in doing so & warning about the dangers of curing cancer. Nothing may still come out of this. I wouldn’t expect reunification to happen anytime soon. I do expect something positive to come out of it or Trump wouldn’t we wasting his time with this. What that something is I won’t speculate on at this point.

- This illegal border crossing mess seems to have put the Liberals in a difficult place. It’s undermining their own base. It’s coming down to making a choice between admitting they made a mistake & doing something about it or pretending the coming disaster isn’t a real thing. Given the disconnect from reality with Trudeau & his inner circle I’m not hopeful. This seems to be their “let them eat cake” moment.

- I saw Mat Schrier’s interview on John Cardillo’s show. Fascinating story. And we see another terrorist link to Trudeau. Something that’s, sadly, not surprising at this point.
commented 2018-04-27 21:20:12 -0400
1 Canadian politician like Donald Trump is not a lot to ask for . Yet no one in sight .
I think we are only 2 years behind England . Hope I’m wrong .
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