August 09, 2018

“A placebo:” Leftists remove statue of “racist” prime minister — “but won't do anything real about today’s Aboriginal issues”

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

I want to talk about the attack on our history, our national symbols, on the things that unite us as Canadians.

I’ve never seen it so bad as in this story:

City of Victoria to remove John A. Macdonald statue from front steps of city hall

John A. Macdonald. As in the founding father of Confederation. Our first prime minister. The one who forged this country, and then who built a railroad to make sure it stayed forged.

The city says the statue is being removed because of "his role as 'a leader of violence against Indigenous peoples.'”

But this stunt is really just a placebo for doing anything real about Aboriginal issues.

The Indian Act gives rights and takes away rights from Aboriginal people based on race. It treats Aboriginal people as children. That’s why Indians on a reserves aren’t allowed to have property rights to their own homes. The Indian Act even bans Indians from making a last will and testament without meddling from the government.

But which is easier for liberal white virtue-signally politicians to do? Get jobs for actual Indians today, who suffer from high unemployment? Or tear down a statue, like it’s some sort of cursed idol or something.

Was Canada racist 150 years ago? Well, we were the world’s refuge for runaway slaves. We were part of the British Empire whose navy eradicated the slave trade. There was slavery on every single continent in the world. The Haida Indians captured slaves. If you read the stories of the conquistadors, they encountered murderous slavers in central America. Africa still has slavery. So does Asia.

To pretend that we were evil then is a laugh; and it’s a placebo to distract from our real challenges now, but it’s really just a way to attack Canada and to pull us down.

It’s the same as Trudeau changing our national anthem. It’s the same as liberals opposing the Lord’s Prayer.

It’s them hating Canada.

Hating you...

NEXT: Toronto Sun columnist Anthony Furey comes on to talk about the diplomatic showdown between Canada and Saudi Arabia.

THEN: Our own David Menzies is covering the Doug Ford "buck-a-beer" beat, and joins me to talk about the hypocritical craft breweries who are against it.

FINALLY: Your messages to me!

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commented 2018-08-15 18:25:43 -0400
John A orchestrated Residential Schools to teach illiterate Stone Aged Indians how to read and write. Every Indian should have a statue in front of their homes thanking our first Prime Minister for caring about Indians and bringing them into the modern world. I might add my collection of Inuit art is quite nice. My favorite piece is, “Learning” by Benjamin Chee Chee.
commented 2018-08-11 00:29:19 -0400
Well, how about TEARING down a few of those islamic mosques – where the satatnic imams preachIn hate & Death? How about the next $10. bill have a pic of that basted son of Fidel Castro’s – TruDope hanging from a gallows? – right alongside those demonic islamist ISIS killers? – and a few of those islamic terrorists? islamists are a bunch of bald faced LIARS! Their Taqiyya is getting loathsome! Note to goat humpers everywhere – most Canadians are on to your BS and will fight you to the death! Gpo back to your Schiff-holes!
commented 2018-08-10 17:43:35 -0400

I would also prefer to transform the CBC into a conservative broadcaster, but it would be difficult because there would likely be a massive walkout that would shut the whole network down. But assuming it could be done, I would still want to privatize it in any case. I think Canadians would accept that when they saw a savings of $1.5 billion every year going toward health care or debt reduction or tax reduction.
commented 2018-08-10 13:50:25 -0400
- The removal of the statue is an act of virtue signaling. It has nothing to do with Aboriginal issues. Leftist could care less about people, they use people to get what they want – power. When they don’t need a people they ignore or dispose of them.

- Dealing with the Saudis is pretty easy when you think of it. Fast track all the oil pipelines, encourage energy development from coast to coast, join up with the US to form an energy block & put the Saudis out of business. Oh, but the Liberals are in power. None of those things will happen. I expect Trudeau to grovel before them.

- Ford is lowering the minimum cost for beer from $1.25 to $1.00. This is clearly racist. I’m sure it will cause global warming or something. Time to get government out of the booze business. No subsidies, no control board nonsense, let the markets decide. The timing on this is great. Let the leftists melt down over what should be a non-issue so later on when actual issues come up they will just be noise. When everything is a crisis nothing is a crisis.
commented 2018-08-10 12:09:21 -0400
HYACINTH commented 1 hour ago
You can get more details of the incident from other sources rather than from Canadian MSM sources. Compare:

Hyacinth, actually I picked this news item up from Sky News UK at 12.30 GMT (7.30 am Canadian Eastern Time) I agree with you, Sky News is a far left MSM BS propaganda machine but to give them their due, they are very good on reporting on Terrorism. When, a while ago, some Terrorist in the south of France drove a large truck along the sea front, whacking out 50 or more people, Sky News covered the incident live from a Drone Cam that was flying along just above the truck. They were picking up a feed from French TV. I tend to trust them when they report on Terrorism.
commented 2018-08-10 11:03:46 -0400
In the USA back in those days there was a group called “the friends of the Indians” who wanted to try and save the Indians from disappearing. They realized that education was the only way to help them deal with the fast encroaching civilization. Even Chief Sitting Bull sent his children to these schools with this understanding.This was the thinking back then. Remember this was a time before electricity and automobiles and modern medicine etc.we cannot judge the people from that time by today’s standards. We are more enlightened now.Sir John A. Macdonald only did what he thought best with the knowledge of those times. The history of mankind shows that there was always expansion and war and immigration all over the planet. Europe is a good example.The situation here with the native peoples is not unique. It was inevitable.The native people here also took over territories of other native tribes and they fought wars with each other. The city of Victoria might be well meaning but they have no real justification for removing this statue. It is an ignorant and racist move.
commented 2018-08-10 11:02:48 -0400
11.00 AM EST. Fredricton NB. Person who was arrested is in hospital with serious injury’s.
commented 2018-08-10 10:28:18 -0400
10.15 CET Shooting in Fredricton is no longer considered as active. One person in Custody.
My opinion.
Should this shooting be proven to be Terrorist activity, then PM Trudeau is as guilty as if he pulled the trigger himself. Two innocent Canadian Citizens and two Police Officers lay dead Mr Trudeau, as a direct result of your policies. I hope You are proud of what You have done……Watch the cover up unfold.
commented 2018-08-10 09:42:45 -0400
09.40 am CET Fredricton shooting. Two of the four dead are Police Officers and the shooting is still being classified as active.
commented 2018-08-10 09:02:51 -0400
Fredricton NB CA Update, At lease four dead and one person arrested in ongoing shooting. 09.00 ESTime.
commented 2018-08-10 08:41:08 -0400
Fredricton NB CA, update. Police say ’At least four killed in on going shooting. 08.40 CET
commented 2018-08-10 08:38:31 -0400
Ted Tadright said, " … it must transform or dismantle the CBC and rid it of leftist traitors."

As much as I despise and deeply loathe the CBC and wish its’ demise, dismantling the CBC would do no good whatsoever.

What it would do is ensure that the Conservatives serve only one term and the next left wing federal government that comes in would just reinstate the CBC with even more than the current 1.5 billion they get now.

The CBC has to be changed from the top brass down, infiltration with conservative thinkers. That is the only way to get rid of the current lying uber-socialist/anti-Conservative CBC.
commented 2018-08-10 08:27:25 -0400
OK, then let’s erase racism. Start with the Democratic party of the USA. 1)13th Amendment: abolished slavery. 100% Republican support, 23% Democratic support. 2) 14th Amendment: gave citizenship to freed slaves. 94% Republican support, 0% Democratic support. 3) 15th Amendment: right to vote for all. 100% Republican support, 0% Democratic support. 4) Creation of the KKK. It was created by Southern civil war officers, aka Democrats. The Democratic party of the USA, and their auxiliary, the Liberal party of Canada, is a racist establishment and must cease to exist.
commented 2018-08-10 08:14:55 -0400
I’m pretty sure Queen Victoria was the reigning monarch at the time Johnny MacDonald was PM, so I’d say she is equally responsible for the same regrettable racism.

Shouldn’t city council also be considering dropping the name of their city from Victoria to something else?
commented 2018-08-10 08:14:55 -0400
Fredricton NB CA . Sky News UK Latest, Multiple Shootings. Public have been told to stay in their homes and lock the doors. 08.15 EST
commented 2018-08-10 07:59:55 -0400
Helps must get help.
commented 2018-08-10 07:52:20 -0400
Four dead in shooting in Fredricton CA. 08.45am EST
commented 2018-08-10 07:46:21 -0400
Sky News UK reporting multiple shooting in Fredricton CA. Breaking News.
commented 2018-08-10 07:15:06 -0400
When are patriotic Canadians going to put a stop to this idiocy called SJWs or LOONY LIEBERALs??
commented 2018-08-10 06:40:12 -0400
JANIE JONES commented 4 hours ago
Erasing history is now a liberal thing. This particular govt. needs to be erased from history as well.
My thoughts exactly, Janie. Just like dumping Lauren, Gavin, and Alex. Nacht und nebel.
commented 2018-08-10 05:50:09 -0400
All people (including Indians) who don’t understand what what a "gift " reservation land is, is frightfully ignorant of the hard facts.!!!
Whoever said they don’t have property rights doesn’t understand the special arrangement granted to them permanently by the crown… it’s a little something called “allodial title”. (Anybody here ever heard of allodial title??)
Allodial title grants you absolute ownership to the piece of land that has been attached to you… yes… attached to you.!!! Ask any white man who has been taxed off his land by kings, queens or any elected gov’t thugs when it suits them.!!! This allodial arraignment entitles them to more land rights than what could be thru time reasonably addressed here up to and including burying your dead on your own land.!!
Indians at the age of 90 don’t have to go back to work to pay a land tax or get booted off their land without compensation.!! They may build a house or other structures and even turn a profit without anybody in their pockets given they have the ambition…
All rez’s are equivalent to nation’s within a state not unlike the “the city of London” or the Vatican where even the RCMP or anyone else needs permission to enter and could be denied without just cause or reason in fact they could demand their own currency for trade and commerce.! Wow.. When I grow up I want to be an Indian and have land entitlements where I don’t have to worry how I am going to pay land taxes in my old age on fixed incomes.!!
They all want traditional rights and what we have in our modern society but somehow feel they should not have to lift a finger to acquire what everybody else must work and sacrifice for. ( Not all of them ) but if you want something work for it.!!
As far as water on the Rez goes, we pay for our infrastructures every where else why should the Rez be any different.. I drilled my own well, installed the pressure system and payed for it, not the best water but I am not bitching… One well could serve many many families and drinking water can be purchased, made from well water (reverse osmosis system) or used straight from the well like I do. Many many reservations have their own lakes and the entitlements for which water and food are included.
They are lucky their agreements don’t let them sell trade or barter their land and that’s because they all have equal ownership now and in the future. Want city services move to the city.. I prefer the country life ( and obviously so do the Indians because many of them in fact most of them do not leave the reservation and they are not bound to live there ) and accept the fact my services are somewhat different than city living but well within the parameters of dignified human living.. infact I think they are better and that is why I and they choose to stay.
Sure wish I had land that I could develop on waterfront, live there for multiple generations and work off the Rez while never paying GST PST or real estate taxes and knowing full well as an old person I will never be booted off my land when I am on a fixed income.. EVER
Nobody hates the white man like the white man…
commented 2018-08-10 04:49:46 -0400
I don’t think this should surprise anyone, when Lisa Helps, the mayor, was being sworn in, she refused to pledge allegiance to the queen, along with the rest of her left wing LGBT council Members. I guess it was only a matter of time before they got J.A. Mc Donald off the front steps.
commented 2018-08-10 03:37:06 -0400
How long before the leftists try to level Mount Rushmore in order to protest the presidents?
commented 2018-08-10 02:08:44 -0400
Erasing history is now a liberal thing. This particular govt. needs to be erased from history as well.
commented 2018-08-10 02:06:00 -0400
How come no left wing outrage over the Liberals and the Oka crisis? That was liberal greed and bigotry at its finest. And of course they used the military against other Canadians.
commented 2018-08-10 02:03:55 -0400
To set the record straight… Lisa “Helpless” was elected by a small majority and had been spiralling Victoria on a downward path ever since… This removal of Macdonald’s statue was almost an overnight hatchet job before electors even got wind of it… Now too late!… As for the “noble red brothers” instigating this distortion of Canadian history, they are not about to acknowledge their own history of keeping slaves; burying slaves to dedicate lodge pole placements, or launching and “blessing” their offshore boats over the bodies of slaves… The whole thing is a distortion of history at some many levels, typical of the dope-smoking Left Coast…
commented 2018-08-10 01:50:28 -0400
Ted, When Tommy was released last time, he was released on bail pending another court hearing.
Tonight, on his video Ezra appeared to be surprised that Tommy would have to face another trial and said he was returning to the UK to see Tommy and his Lawyer. It is Ezra’s surprise at this that dose not seem right. Don’t get me wrong, I am not questioning Ezra’s need to return to the UK early. I am just surprised that Ezra appears to be surprised.
commented 2018-08-10 01:26:34 -0400
I do have to say, though, that the statue of Sir John A. at Victoria City Hall is about the worst likeness of him I have every seen. When the Conservatives are elected federally in 2019, they should erect a new statue of Sir John A., a good likeness about 50 feet high,on a thirty foot pedestal, right in front of the Parliament Building.