August 10, 2018

A training camp for school shooters is discovered in New Mexico — and the Media Party covers it up

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

This news story is from the CBC, but it’s the same in a hundred other places. Here's the headline:

Man says body found at New Mexico compound is his missing grandson

It goes on:

Man says body found at New Mexico compound is his missing grandson

A severely disabled Georgia boy who authorities say was kidnapped by his father and marked for an exorcism was found buried at the ramshackle compound in the New Mexico desert that has been the focus of investigators for the past week, the toddler's grandfather said Thursday.

Odd that the CBC would run a story about a grandpa in America...

The boy, Abdul-ghani Wahhaj, would have turned four on Monday.

If you’re like me, when things seem to be written to conceal the truth, you notice things — like a name:

Abdul-ghani Wahhaj. A Muslim name. Why have they named the boy, and not the dad or grandpa? Especially since the story was built around the grandpa?

Finally we get to this part:

The search for him led authorities to New Mexico, where 11 hungry children and a youngster's remains were found in recent days at a filthy compound shielded by old tires, wooden pallets and an earthen wall studded with broken glass.

The missing boy's grandfather, Siraj Wahhaj, a Muslim cleric who leads a well-known New York City mosque, told reporters he had learned from other family members that the remains were his grandson’s.

So it’s not just a "grandpa," is it? He’s a Muslim leader.

But look at this, almost at the end of the story:

In court papers, prosecutors also said Wahhaj had been training children there to carry out school shootings.

Isn't THAT the news here?

The imam's mosque has attracted a number of radicals over the years, including a man who later helped bomb the World Trade Center in 1993.

You know what they don’t put in this story?

That grandpa — the lonely soul, worried about his grandson — you know who he is?

In 1993, Muslim terrorists tried to blow up the World Trade Center with a truck bomb. It was a trial run for the 9/11 attacks eight years later.

And Siraj Wahhaj — who "defended the convicted WTC bomb plotters, called the FBI and CIA the 'real terrorists,' and said he hopes all Americans eventually become Muslim" — wasn’t convicted of terrorism. But he was a suspect.

Do you think that’s a relevant point that might have been added to that story?

There is nothing that the media obsesses about more than a school shooting. And with good reason. It’s terrifying. And it’s a way to attack firearms ownership.

And here was an entire diabolical school, that according to police, was a training camp for school shootings.

But you couldn’t get that information unless you waded through paragraphs of weirdness, where the identity of this family was hidden.

This would be an amazing, shocking story, to be lusted after by journalists — if it was a white guy.

But if it was a Muslim guy — the son of a terrorist plotter no less? Well then, let’s just not report it...

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commented 2018-08-11 22:46:38 -0400
stooge (sto͞oj) Meaning

2. One who allows oneself to be used for another’s profit or advantage; a puppet.

Who does that sound like?

trudeau you have a lot of mansplaining to do..or should I say peoplesplaining.

I think you have your people watching this site…right?
commented 2018-08-11 22:31:36 -0400
Did this ‘training camp’ have graduates? Any connections to recent school shootings? Would they tell us if they knew? Not likely.

So grandpa is now saying its all fake news and the shootings had nothing to do with Islam. Yeah okay grandpa, Sarsours ‘fav’ person.
We are not talking just any brand of Islam we are talking Wahhabi Islam (Saudi Arabia), the most fundamentalist radical form of Political Islam there is.

From Rons link:
“The 40-year-old Wahhaj Jr. is the son of Siraj Wahhaj Sr., 68, a black Muslim convert who went on to become a well-known and politically-connected Saudi-trained imam. Wahhaj Sr. was an honored guest at the Clinton State Department and the Obama White House. He was the first Muslim to lead prayer at the U.S. House of Representatives in 1991. He once predicted in a widely available sermon that U.S. democracy would “crumble” and be conquered from within by Islam, and also said it is “our duty as Muslims to replace the U.S. Constitution with the Quran.”’
commented 2018-08-11 19:57:42 -0400
Good to see that the whole “exercising discernment” lesson is being laid on our “spinster.”
commented 2018-08-11 15:39:20 -0400
Absolutely disgusting You cannot place 21st century SJW values on 19 th century actions
commented 2018-08-11 15:14:54 -0400
liza rosie commented: “I’m sure there are Lloyd, and we are funding them.”

The “education” provisions of M 103 make it possible. Follow the (taxpayer) money…….
commented 2018-08-11 11:05:52 -0400
I’m sure there are Lloyd, and we are funding them.
commented 2018-08-11 10:50:46 -0400
Its just so silly how the west simply refuses to accept the truth about Islam. If you listen to Grandpa’s speeches in Mosque, he makes Islam’s intent for North America pretty clear. Why hasn’t the U.S. thrown him out decades ago. For the same reason they don’t throw Linda Sarsour out. They are American citizens but there isn’t an Islamic country that wouldn’t love to have them. Strip them of their citizenship and put them on a plane.
commented 2018-08-11 09:29:52 -0400
Training compounds in the Canadian desert , probably lots of them .
commented 2018-08-11 03:40:51 -0400
The lying media deserves to be victims of the scum they protect.
commented 2018-08-11 03:39:13 -0400
Amy Lynn he said it was a Muslim name. Sorry try again liar.
commented 2018-08-11 03:08:54 -0400
Oops, I just read … Liza said it better in her comment.
commented 2018-08-11 03:06:52 -0400
Amy Lynn asked Ezra, "Ezra, how do you know the boy was Muslim? … "

Those children born to Muslim parents are considered to be Muslim. Being a Muslim is seldom a choice, but what most people are born in to. Christianity must necessarily by its’ doctrine be a choice, but not Islam.
commented 2018-08-11 01:17:47 -0400
By the way…I was speaking as a Conservative…
commented 2018-08-11 01:10:57 -0400
You cannot take or remove history away…There is a whole lot of People who do not agree with your agenda.
Live with it …move forward and have common hard..move forward..and most of all..don’t let anyone take advantage of you..and take away your words of opinion…
commented 2018-08-11 01:02:11 -0400
commented 2018-08-11 01:02:00 -0400
This is for all you liberalist globalist goofballs..
commented 2018-08-10 23:48:38 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 35,826 Attacks, 232,324 Killed, 312,115 Injured that we know of
commented 2018-08-10 23:45:07 -0400
Off topic.
Did anybody hear anymore about the shooting this morning in New Brunswick? Last I heard was four dead, two of them Police Officers and the shooter was in hospital with serious wounds. That was 7.30 am ET up until 12.30 pm. This from a UK news channel who did no follow up.
commented 2018-08-10 22:59:01 -0400
RON JOSEPH commented 22 mins ago.

I never saw Divorce in Sharia Law or the Quran.
The Quran states that for a Muslim to divorce his wife he must repeat to her three times the words’
“I divorce thee”. Once he has done this he is considered divorced, Though he has to inform the local Imam within 24 hours.
commented 2018-08-10 22:37:06 -0400
If you keep erasing history,how can you learn by it?
commented 2018-08-10 22:36:07 -0400
‘Muslim’ isn’t a race or a religion Amy, it describes the followers of Islam. Islam isn’t even a religion, its a theocracy. Its Islamic political, social, cultural agenda. All colours all stripes. No specific race involved, stop with that baseless accusation. As Keith says, “pull your finger out maybe”.
commented 2018-08-10 22:33:25 -0400
They forget the history of when they were trying to kill us. They have no indigenous rights, they never established a nation.
commented 2018-08-10 22:30:28 -0400
Thanks for not letting up. You’re in the top ten journalists. You mentioned standard oil. I believe Standard Oil New York is SONY
commented 2018-08-10 22:24:31 -0400
Ezra: That was brilliant the way you broke down the story to get to the real story. Brilliant.
commented 2018-08-10 22:21:49 -0400
More proof that the CBC Censors Canadians. We rarely receive the true story unless a White Person is accused of a crime, then they are all of a sudden efficient at their job. The worst part of that is we are forced to pay for CBC’s Rubbish.

Re, an offshoot of the Muslim compound story. Did you ever notice that North American Muslims usually insist on following the Quran and or Sharia Law. The Muslim wife of the Terrorist leader filed for Divorce; I never saw Divorce in Sharia Law or the Quran, I guess they pick and choose what laws North America has for their benefit. Hypocrites !!